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You can view all of them by opening a browser window and typing the address xforceReCap2018keygendownloadpc in the address bar. These recorded files contain every clip from the episode and not just a few minutes of it. It’s not a live broadcast but it’s still quite useful. If your computer is in bad shape like mine, you can simply delete the file after listening to it.


I just did a quick google search (in German) for: “watch ep 24 [subtitle] dating 2014” and found this one with 236+ hits: – actually more than you ask for.
I usually don’t read the comments section of YouTube, but I assume most of them contain “thanks”, because this is very helpful. The same goes for Wikipedia.
Here’s the Dutch version of this very helpful – although still incomplete – list of websites with subtitles for TV shows:
Caveat: this list is for Dutch/German show, so it contains German subs.
Source: or maybe this one: – this lists 25 episodes.
You can click on these links to get to the website and search for the exact file you want.

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2. Description of the Related Art
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This is caused by the \r in the filenames, see this link for an explanation: Convert Windows Umlauts to A-Za-z
The solution is to replace all \r with \0 to escape the \r.


Thanks to @mikrobach as I wrote the answers from his question too. My own answer is something different that he didn’t mentioned and that can be helpful for someone who has similar problem.
Anyway, the problem was that there were two type of files which had \r in their names. One is libmp3lame.dll which is embeded in.mp3 files and another is \rrtmp-sdk-win64\lib\lame.dll which is embeded in.mp4.
So, if you face with the same problem, you must avoid to save your mp3/mp4 files with \r as the file name to avoid this situation as I faced here.

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