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Atoll Rf Planning Tool Cracked

Atoll is a multi-technology radio planning and optimization software that supports wireless carriers throughout the network lifecycle. ATOLL includes the following technologies:
ATOLL SSO (Software for Structured Organization);
ATOLL LSP (Location and Service Provider);
ATOLL NDS (Network Data System);
ATOLL SMP (Software for Managed Networking);
ATOLL PRM (Portal for Mobile Radio);
ATOLL MIB (Mobilization Information Base);
ATOLL provides the ability to integrate wireless communications into all aspects of a mobile operator’s operations.
ATOLL is currently implementing projects as part of its activities in Russia:
– creation of a local wireless data network, which will provide subscribers with access to the data transmission network,
– Realization of the project of wireless broadband communication on transport (with the use of radio communication means at 900-1900 MHz frequencies),
– creation of a data traffic control system in mobile networks in order to increase the data transmission rate.
Among the advantages of wireless data transmission systems are the following:
1) In most cases, there are no limitations on cable length, which allows the use of existing or specially made optical cables;
2) Data transmission is carried out at relatively low speeds (as compared to wired systems);
3) There is no limit on the number of subscribers;
4) The possibility of organizing wireless communication between multiple subscribers in the same room;
5) The possibility of organizing wireless communication between remote subscribers located in different rooms;
6) Wireless communication allows the interaction between devices located in different parts of the same room.
Thus, for example, it is possible to transmit an image to the screen of a TV set or a video recorder or to transmit audio and video signal from a video camera to a TV screen;
7) The possibility of transmitting data over long distances – up to several thousand meters without loss of quality;
8) The ability to connect equipment for the organization of a local network in an office or group of houses.
Thus, the Internet is one of the main means of information dissemination.
Nowadays, the Internet can be used for different purposes: for data transmission, for video conferencing and video calls, for the exchange of multimedia files and, finally, for networking.
In addition, today there are special portals that provide services for the placement of information.
That is, we can say that the Internet serves as the main source for obtaining new information and the opportunity to communicate with people living in other cities of Russia and the world.
Currently, there are a huge number of different search engines.
For example, the most popular search engines in Russia are Yandex, Google and Rambler.
Yandex is one of the most popular search engines in Russia and post-Soviet countries.