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From the list of files automatically created for this post we can confirm that 7zip archives and EXE files are definitely malicious.The technical explanation is below:7zip archives contain some files that are compressed using the LZMA algorithm. These files are unreadable without an authentication key. In the past, malware authors used 7zip archives when they wanted to steal someone’s credentials.7zip archives can only be opened using the authenticity certificate of the author of the archive. The certificate is digitally signed which means it must be verified with the certificate authority. The Certificate Authority (CA) is usually a company like VeriSign, EMC, Symantec, Comodo etc. They provide a public key that is used as the “authenticity certificate” of the author of the archive.Without a valid authenticity certificate, it is impossible to open a 7zip archive. In the past, 7zip archives contained an authentication key that was used to decrypt the data inside. The problem here is that the original owner of the.7z is often not the author of the archive. The author of the archive will generally have a personal website to publish his work. This personal website will usually contain the authentication certificate. It is common that the webmaster of the site only get one certificate per site. This one certificate is generally an anonymous one. Therefore, even if a user has the authentication key for the original website, they can not open the archive because it doesn’t contain the authentication certificate that is used to open it.Now, we have to take the EXE files into account. These files are executable files that can be executed directly on the Windows system. In the past, malware authors used EXE files to distribute their malicious software.There are two types of EXE files : “autorun” files and “updater” files. Autorun files can be used to start a program that launches an executable file. Updater files are generally used to make sure that the current version of the program is always installed.The autorun files come in two flavors : primary and helper. Primary files are used to start other autorun files (like.exe files that open a 7zip archive). Helper files are used to start their parent program.In the past, malware authors used autorun files to execute their main malicious EXE file. For example, in case of a Ransomware, the main.exe will start several autorun files. The autorun file that starts the main.exe is
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Luxembourg has decided to sell all its gold reserves in 2016, even though the country ranks as the world’s sixth-largest gold producer and its reserves have a market value of some $32 billion, Reuters reports.

In a government policy document published Thursday, Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy and Public Finance said the sale will include the deposits its state-owned Société Générale (SGBS) Bank holds in the form of gold in cash in offshore vault accounts, as well as gold deposits in various European countries.

Luxembourg’s $32 billion gold reserves are worth about $1.6 billion at their current market price, and SGBS is one of the world’s biggest depositors in bullion, holding some 11 percent of the global gold market, according to the industry website

The banking group declined to comment on the sell-down, which is likely to take place this year.

The Belgian-based SGBS has been a gold bullion market leader for decades€/