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AutoCAD is used by architectural and engineering firms as well as by industrial and manufacturing companies to design and draft architectural, engineering and manufacturing drawings. For example, architects use AutoCAD to create computer-generated (CG) models of building designs as well as to plan, design, and model various parts of a building. AutoCAD is also used by mechanical and electrical engineers, nuclear engineers, and petroleum engineers to create mechanical, electrical and nuclear diagrams, as well as parts diagrams for parts of a mechanical, electrical or nuclear product or system. AutoCAD is used in the construction of manufacturing and assembly lines, architectural models, and shop floor plans.

The quality of AutoCAD is illustrated by its widespread acceptance and use by thousands of companies worldwide. AutoCAD has an application programming interface (API) that enables developers to create their own user interface extensions.


AutoCAD provides two different types of displays:

The Picture Window shows a 2-dimensional (2D) view of a drawing, such as a floor plan, using the standard feature dimensions on the drawing sheet.

shows a 2-dimensional (2D) view of a drawing, such as a floor plan, using the standard feature dimensions on the drawing sheet. The Command Window provides an expanded view of a drawing area that displays all the commands available in a particular drawing. An example of the Command Window is shown below.

The combination of the Picture Window and the Command Window is the Visual Workspace.

A typical AutoCAD installation includes the software application (AutoCAD), a host computer and a network connection (a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN)), a drawing database file, a set of drawing files (DWG), and a standard set of (DWG) files.

AutoCAD is available for all major computer operating systems.

An AutoCAD installation also includes the data that is used to create drawings. Drawing data is organized in a drawing database (DB). A drawing database file (.dbf) contains the information needed to create a drawing and the structure of that drawing. Drawing data is organized in objects, properties, and parameters. An AutoCAD drawing file (DWG) contains objects that are used to create the object layout of a drawing. DWG is a subset of DBF.

For example, a drawing database file might contain a diagram, such as an architectural,

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Send and amend

Email your drawings to colleagues. Manage and store attachments in the cloud and then send them to collaborators in a single email. (video: 1:35 min.)

To see the features in action, check out Markup Assist and Markup Import demos.

For more information, see our dedicated help pages.

Improvements to customizing:

As you customize your own environment, you can now make custom settings on a per-drawing basis. When you load a drawing, settings such as drawing scale, grid density, defaults for drawing borders, labels, fonts, and more are automatically customized for that drawing. (video: 1:19 min.)

Customize for each drawing

Drag and drop the System Setting button from the Windows Start menu on to your desktop to open the Settings app. Click the Customize Settings link to customize your settings.

Improvements in the geometry and dimensioning environment:

Precision geometry:

Introducing AutoCAD PLOT, a dynamic 2D drafting tool with many advanced plotting options. (video: 3:40 min.)

Configure it to work with your workflow.

View and work with complex drawing objects as 2D elements on the design canvas, not as 3D objects.

Draw any type of geometry. Ranges, polylines, splines, hatch patterns, circles, and more.

Break a complex object down into a variety of geometric primitives. Combine these primitives to create new objects and topologies.

Draw and edit with snap precision and a stable drawing environment.

Use geometric constraints to manage editing options, such as rotations, mirroring, repositioning, and trimming.

Set up drawing styles with just a few mouse clicks.

Lock and unlock dimensions to support measurement-based workflows.

Use decimal points in numeric values.

Change the scale of an object without recalculating.

Draw dashed lines.

Save changes to the drawing as a draft version.

Change the value of an object, without changing the object’s properties.

The Dimension and DimensionStyle tools:

The DimensionStyle tool provides an easy way to work with multiple styles of dimensioning in a single drawing. (video: 1:20 min.)

The DimensionStyle tool is especially useful when you have multiple groups of dimensions or when you work with a library of dimension styles

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