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Workspace customization on a computer probably starts with the background picture. However, this can greatly be enhanced by third-party components which bring more elements on the desktop, either for aesthetic purposes, entertainment, or control over different functions. A combination of all is Bookmarked, a Rainmeter skin with multiple helpful info objects.
In order to benefit from all Bookmarked has to offer, Rainmeter needs to be a part of the target Windows system. Integration takes a little while, with components to appear on the desktop selected from the general skins customization panel.
There are four elements to work with, some of which come with alternatives. For instance, the clock object can include the date in a small panel, while both the clock with and without the date can either show time in a 12, or 24 hour format.
A weather gadget can be brought up on the desktop as well. It’s configured to automatically detect location of the host PC, given there’s an active Internet connection. This gadget comes with two modes as well, one to show units in Celsius, while the other for Fahrenheit.
The system component shows real time usage of CPU, RAM, and available swap memory in a bar graph display. Last but not least, audio playback can be controlled through a dedicated gadget which reads input from a running instance of either Winamp, or iTunes.


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Bookmarked 2022

Bookmarked is a free Rainmeter skin by KewlBitz. Its primary objective is to offer information on use of a computer. User-friendly design and minimalistic style put emphasis on the subject matter rather than on a flashy show. Available info is categorized in a basic structure which requires the user to make an educated choice from over a dozen elements. The introduction to Bookmarked tutorial will walk you through the process step-by-step. If you’re looking for a Rainmeter skin that can be installed on the desktop and remain static even if the host system is upgraded, this is the skin for you.

Addons do come with Bookmarked by default. There are three of them – a clock with the ability to turn on and off, a weather gadget, and the system component. In addition, you get a desktop button and the option to configure the skin yourself from the skins customization panel.

Bookmarked used to be available free of charge but it has been changed to ask for a donation upon launch. However, the interface shown in the tutorial and demonstration video is free. If you like Bookmarked, the whole Rainmeter community appreciates it.Q:

Code Review and Product Architecture

Our team is building out a Code Review engine. This engine is part of a more extensive application that will eventually be deployed to around 10K+ users. Right now we’re looking to get our product out, so we’re more concerned about the functionality and execution of the flow and less about the aesthetics of the UI.
We’ve already implemented a very simple Code Review tool. The code that is being reviewed is in a third party library and within the review process, the library is integrated into the application. We also have a whole lot of code in our application that is specific to this application and our requirements, so it’s not in the library.
When trying to get the team to really understand the architecture, we have discovered some interesting dynamics. There are 3 layers of code in this product. As you can see from the following chart, there are lots of classes in each layer:

As you can see in the above table, there is just about 1 layer deep for almost every class. Developers love for code to be simple, so they tend to group similar classes together. However, since only one level of abstraction exists between one class and another, we end up with lots of classes within 1 layer.
Of course, there are common

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Pixel placement is the final aspect of Rainmeter skins, but it’s also one of the most important. With Bookmarked Torrent Download you can play around with every object on the desktop, and arrange them in a way you prefer.

Edit by request:

Bookmarked Version:

Rather than merely show the objects on the desktop, it then collects all of them together in a convenient area, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Bookmarked objects:


Bookmarked starts with the standard Windows wallpaper, and shows the date and time in the upper left corner.

If there’s no need for a Clock, you’re free to use other objects as your reference. A weather gadget is included in the package as well. To play around with it, all you have to do is click on the weather widget icon on the left side.

A system component is also part of the setup, which you can find under the “Appearance” section in the Rainmeter skin customization panel. This gadget checks in the information about used resources, and displays the results in the form of a bar graph on the desktop.

You can manipulate the object placement just as you would with all of the other objects. If you place a clock on your desktop, for instance, you can change the date and time format, or the time display. The same goes for the bar graph: you can position it with respect to the other objects, or change the graphic rendering settings.

Finally, the audio playback can be controlled through a third-party gadget. Any application capable of playing audio can be used, including iTunes or Winamp.



Bookmarked is available file download



Rainmeter Skin FAQ:

No, this is not the first Rainmeter skin to come out, it’s just one of the best known.

Yes, Bookmarked can be used with Rainmeter Pro. However, the setup is only simple, as the users have to place the Rainmeter skin, and the required Bookmarked objects on the desktop manually

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Bookmarked is a Rainmeter inspired skin which implements the integrated searchbar (more precisely a Google search result preview), which can be dragged to Rainmeter and filled out with your preferred search.
The current searchbar can be in two modes; normal where the statusbar is hidden, and compact where the statusbar isn’t hidden and the searchbar expands to the top with an arrow.

These modes can be changed via a skin preference option, which can be changed in the skin preferences panel.

The searchbar is a static object, it will always appear on the desktop, and won’t be resizable or movable.

The searchbar can show the custom search results of some websites such as Amazon and eBay.

What’s New
Please note that the functions present in this Rainmeter skin aren’t officially supported by Windows Live. We’re always looking out for new ways to improve the functions of this skin and will provide you with updates as soon as we find a way to make it work. However, please do not contact us here if the feature isn’t working properly.Erza, Erda and Titania videos

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What’s New in the?

Bookmarked is a Rainmeter skin with a good number of useful elements to work with. All of them could be customized and combined in many ways, creating a wide variety of desktop setups.
Besides the traditional default skin elements, Bookmarked is also a Goodie that offers a weather gadget, clock object, with and without date, and weather gadget, with two additional display modes. Topping things off, there is also a system component, and a music player gadget.
Bookmarked Installation:
Click on the Install button below to install and customize Bookmarked.
Bookmarked Creator’s Official website

This is a customized Desktop for Ubuntu 16.04. I was faced with a dilemma: Wanting to keep it simple, have a good working desktop. Can’t stand the “aura” of the default Ubuntu desktop. Then I found Hans’ wallpaper, which I changed out for DarkNet.
I switched out the panel, removed the status bar, changed out a couple of icons, then added the following icons and more I use every day:

Pantheon, the default GNOME 2 fork, is a community-driven project with a strong focus on user-friendliness. In short, I switched out the “menu bar”, to the “task bar” from the default GNOME system. The task bar is laid out much like Windows “start menu”, and even offers icons like the GNOME 3 panel, once you click the “desktop” item. It’s got a system tray, right-click menu, and a right-click-to-add-apps menu.
On a negative note: The introduction panel before the login screen is missing from this version. Installing the set of extra icons/themes as the rest of the system requires, it’s available to view.

I went for a minimalistic, yet beautiful theme for the BSD GUI environment, which of course includes the Emacs editor. Curiously, I could not get a working version of Emacs (in Mac OS X) from the terminal, though it worked fine in my Xorg (Unix) desktop. So the next best thing was to run Emacs in a window in the “desktop”, and use that as my default “desktop”.
However, the menu bar at the top was misaligned, and had no obvious icons. So I found the bsd-one-icon-theme package, and picked

System Requirements:

General information:
Region: English (US)
Date released: 1/30/2017
Gameplay Videos:
Developer: 2K
Console: PS4
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5-2400
Game Disc: Steel Battalion: A Call To Arms
D-Pad – Movement