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Elden Ring is an action RPG game being developed using the Unreal Engine 4.


Tarnished is a development team that is backed by Sen no Rikyū Studio, a front company of Netmarble Games. The studio has more than 100 years of industry experience. Sen no Rikyū Studio has created dozens of game franchises, including Grandia®, Grandia II®, Sword Art Online®, Danganronpa, Harukana Reiketsu, and Nioh. The company has led the way by developing game concepts with a commitment to the best, the most polished, and the most engaging gameplay experience possible, so game developers can enjoy more immersive and exciting game worlds.

Created by SIE for PC.

Copyright ©2017 TarnishedTrout Lake (New York)

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Battle System: A free-form battle system where you can freely control your party. Level up your characters by continually battling and raise their stats so you can become a strong warrior.
  • Enemy System: The enemy system is one of the strongest fighting game features. You can attack the enemy party leader or any other members of the party, as well as execute various attacks, depending on how you set up your party.
  • Puzzle Dungeon: Battle against hordes of tough enemies in challenging dungeons. You can earn various rewards by completing dungeons. Furthermore, you can be guided by your friends via a federation system. 
  • The Days of Chaos a scenario of a cataclysmic battle:

    • ①Will you support the light and stand against the Darkness of the final battle?
      An evil force with a strong magic has started to spread.
      There will be no mercy for those who oppose, and the magic wielders must be destroyed.
      Will you be able to rise together in opposition to the Darkness?
      Or will your own strength slip away and everything becomes a dark nightmare?
    • ②Where will you go in the aftermath of the battle?
      After the confrontation, chaos will spread in the wake of conflict.
      Will you make your own place for yourself in the Chaos?
      Or will you be destroyed in the raging current of falsehood that only becomes stronger in the face of conflict?

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      Our reviewer: Shikichi Akaishi

      Q. Okay, I went ahead and bought it, and I decided to keep the name you have come up with. That’s just my bad luck, huh? It was a bit weird having to settle on a name when you have two thousand years of history.

      Q. So when are you going to work on it?

      A. The QnQ team is doing the release work as of right now. So I feel like I can’t wait any longer, but I don’t have any clear picture of how the game itself is coming along at this point.

      Q. Of course, I cannot understand the Japanese language either, so I’m sorry I haven’t been able to provide much information to you.

      Q. I got my first question in first-person perspective, but I’ll go for the second one now.

      A. This is the usual format.

      Q. I’m happy that you aren’t handing out information about the game, so I’ll show you something you’re wondering about directly.

      A. Let’s see…

      Q. To be fair, there is no way to make the level design for the battles and the dungeon level design the same. And that’s your thought for the battle part of it.

      A. Right. The level design is made in an entirely different way to accommodate for the unique mechanics of the game. So there’s also a distinct set of rules for dungeon design, and this time, it’s two sets of rules. One is a “base” and the other is a “dungeon.”

      Q. And this is a bit of a “Back to the Future” thing, but the base and dungeon settings of the game are very similar to the base and dungeon settings of an anime that started airing in 2015.

      A. It’s like a great deal of effort was put into trying to give a realistic feel to the game. You’ve guessed it! Oh, the anime is called CLANNAD.

      Q. I’m like, “Ah, I get it.” But it’s made popular by how much enthusiasm there is for it among Japanese people, and that has made it rise on the


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      It is a fantasy action RPG in the early stages of development, you will be surrounded by new characters, environments and challenging enemy dungeons in the game.

      You can decide your own battle strategy. The main character is Lv1 Elden you can make the plan to become the strongest.

      Gameplay game:
      Set in an open field. The combat system for the other players is first-person view. The player who attacks the enemy character will be sent to the offline game.

      There are a lot of areas, such as castles, castles, and forests. Land that is rich in atmosphere.

      How to play:
      1. You can make your individual adventure map.
      2. In addition to individual adventure map, you can go to a public map.
      3. You can also have many group with friends or no friends.
      4. You can enter the online mode for the other players, the battlefield is first-person view.
      5. You can choose your own character.
      6. As for the equipment, you can choose what you want to use.
      7. You can customize the appearance of your character.
      8. You can equip a wide variety of weapons and armor, and improve your character and increase in number.
      9. You can master a wide variety of magic.
      (Supports English, Japanese, and Korean.)
      ©2016 Bandai Namco Holdings, LLC. MINECO/Sabr Productions, Inc.(;CA[UTF-8]GM[1]FF[4]AP[YuanYu]


      What’s new:

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      A Tash


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      Take care for doing this.

      1. Click “Extract All” and save the files somewhere.
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      CapsuleNova_V15.zip – in Game\Capsule_V15\CapsuleNova_V15.cab
      CapsuleNova_V4.zip – in Game\Capsule_V4\CapsuleNova_V4.cab

      4. Open RPG_V15\RPGData.txt and add the file CapsuleNova_V15.cab to it.
      5. Open RPG_V4\RPGData.txt and add the file CapsuleNova_V4.cab to it.
      6. Check whether the file below exists in the same folder:
      7. If not, choose the folder where it is, and then open RPG_V4\RPGData.txt, add the file, and save.
      8. If the file is already there, select the CapsuleNova_V4.cab file.
      9. Play the game.
      10. If you were able to skip the setup, skip it by going to “Game” and then “Configuration”, and then click “Options”.
      11. If you are having trouble, go to the “Reflection” tab, and clear the “Main Menu CD-rom check” box.
      12. Play the game


      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Press BtnWindows+R to run command prompt
    • Once it has started, change directories to the following folder: “c:\program files\chroot\system32” and “c:\program files\chroot\bin
    • Enter “cd E:GamesGrandX COMDLBIN”, then enter ““perl v1.03\Install-md5.pl””, then enter ““PACKAGE=“<Game>”
    • Once the malware has completed the process, press “Enter” to continue with the installation process. Close the command prompt, then run the installer


    Elden Ring PC-INSTALLER

    Documentation of Installation Tutor: Installing add-ons such as Patch and Package

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