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Name Elden Ring
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Supporting Online Play
The game will support online play, so that you can enjoy the same shared world as others. This will allow you to interact with others from around the world, and to freely establish your own destiny together with your friends.

The Online Element
Along with the support for online play, the game will also support a very unique asynchronous online element. This will allow you to feel the presence of others. You will be able to see other players in your world, and you will be able to communicate with them via a chat app.

The very unique asynchronous element is in the near future coming to the foreground. In the near future, we will be demonstrating the online element in an app.

Key Features

> Discover and Follow Your Destiny
The Land Between is the land of the Elden Lords. An era where an enormous difference lies in the fact that creatures can possess the strength of gods. In this setting, it is a land where the strength of the gods has been awakened and the land has been separated into two worlds.

A vast world full of excitement awaits you, where the Land Between’s three different worlds are connected. An adventurer who follows their destiny and discovers the depths of the Lands Between is a new fantasy action RPG.

■ Monsters — A Big World Full of Excitement
As you travel the Lands Between, you will encounter a vast variety of monsters. The Lands Between is a vast world, and monsters appear out of nowhere at all times.

■ Unique RPG of Fantasy of Today
The Land Between is a fantasy RPG of today and you can freely customize your own character according to your play style. You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic, and you can evolve your character by equipping a variety of equipment.

■ Adventure — a New Dimension of Fantasy Action
A vastly open world where the secrets of the past and the future exist is always before your eyes. You will freely journey around a vast world, exploring in any direction, and you can fight as you wish. Since the Lands Between are a fantasy fantasy world, you will come across an enormous variety of creatures and items.

■ New Level of Action — Tarnished, a New Quest
A new character level has been added. As a new character level, you can directly change the character’s equipment through quests. You can also easily enjoy a different gameplay by changing the level of your character’s equipment.

■ A Fine Fantasy


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The once-and-future Dragon Tongue
  • A VR experience where the world around you is different thanks to a streaming technique called Augmented Reality
  • Mysterious Skills and Abilities
  • A deep story setting
  • Timelapse Beta Demo

    Click to show the video!

    Timelapse Demo

    How to get Key

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    Obsidian Steve made an update to E1 on Steam.


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    ■You can freely customize the appearance of your character. ■Equip equipment at weapon stations, armors and accessories at armor stations, and magic items at magic stattions.
    ■Create your own character and take your place in the Lands Between.
    ■Compete to be a champion by gaining achievements and completing various quests.
    ■Not only does it have an in-depth network function, but it also supports asynchronous online play.
    ■Players connect to the game without network fees.
    ■You can enjoy multiple storylines and enjoy other people’s characters through this connected experience. ■
    Players with low-level characters can challenge veteran characters and earn great rewards. ■
    Players can enjoy the unrestricted freedom to create their own character. ■
    Players can freely develop their characters according to their play style. ■
    Players can enjoy an unprecedented excitement that allows them to freely switch between the offline and online modes. ■
    Players can enjoy an entirely new fantasy-themed combat system that creates an interconnected story. ■
    Be a glutton for punishment. There is no shortage of enemies. Find out where they are to defeat them.
    Content of the game content
    ■A large, sprawling world where the various situations and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected. ■
    Huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs made to challenge the most experienced adventurers. ■
    A land with a variety of exciting objects and surprises. ■
    A world where the presence of other players is always felt. ■
    [A detailed introduction of the game] ■
    The chaos of the Lands Between. A world whose place and time have been forgotten by the past. An ancient, mysterious country whose people live in the sky and animals rule the land. The peaceful skies above the windswept plains and the mysterious lands beneath the earth are where the fighting spirit, courage, and ruthless power of the Nations of Glory thrive.
    ◆ The Legend of the Elden Ring Crack Free Download
    War against the enemies began shortly after the Elden Ring Torrent Download was forged. Because of an unknown means of power, the powers that had shaped the world created a war that they could not win. The lands were plunged into a full-scale war that destroyed the lands and the sky, and the cities and the land of men was leveled.
    Amid the chaos, the man-like beings who had previously ruled the world were about to overthrow the Elden Ring. But at a time when the world was on the brink of extinction, a new, obscure possibility caused


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    The Story and Characters

    The game uses an original story where a group of heroes known as the Elden Ring cross paths to fight against an ancient evil. In order to stop the evil, the heroes must hunt down and destroy the godly treasure, the Amulet of Grýn.

    A Dynamic RPG Experience

    Player character customization and world-scale adventure await.
    • Enjoy Dynamic Cinematic Battles
    With melee and support magic, you can switch between two types of attacks at any time and attack with diverse skills, like an action movie!
    Combat can be challenging and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their gaming background.

    Craft, Build, and Hack

    Experience a world of magic, science, and spirituality with statistics and magic as their fulcrums.
    • Get the World Alive to Experience Magic
    Deepen your knowledge of science and technology in order to make yourself stronger, and learn about the magical force of the world in order to craft powerful items, gaining special abilities as you progress.
    Use your management abilities as a blacksmith to create unique equipment. Craft gear you could never imagine or skills you can’t learn in game.

    Possess the World with Magic

    Cast magic with a touch, and enjoy a variety of combat strategies and attacks.
    In battle, decide on which combination of skills you will use, how you will attack, and how to interrupt your enemy’s attack with skills.

    The Art of Crafting

    Use resources to create resources. Even if you don’t have any skills that use those resources, you’ll still have an advantage in battle.
    After all, magic is cool, but in a fight, you’ll have to use other skills to defeat your enemy. In order to succeed, you must use resources gathered from the battles you are about to fight.

    The Combat System

    With a system that is deeply linked to the play experience, and a battle system that conveys realistic and exciting action.
    • Combat Action
    Combat action depends on the placement of melee and support magic, which are an instant, continuous, and dynamic attack that involves enemy attacks and skill switches.
    • Skill Creation and Learning
    As a player character, you can make your own skills by gathering materials and resources in the world. You can learn new skills even if you don’t have a specific skill.

    Online Play

    Connect with others and


    What’s new:


    Rise: Tarnished is a fantasy action RPG that visually demonstrates the combat system. Players can enjoy travelling with allies and overcoming deadly monsters.

    Choose a class from five types of characters: the cliche vision of an adventurer’s hero, such as the True Dragon Slayer Knight; an actor of a story, such as the Divine Trainer; or a personality that is defined by words, such as the Tragic Soldier.


    A graphic novel-styled animation, scenes with character and effects full of depth will come to life in this story. The anime-style story will keep you gripped throughout the story, even when the battles. Players will feel the presence of others and a unique asynchronous online element will keep you experiencing the story.
    (Translator’s Note) The Frantic Tears of the Cloaker is the title of the story. In true Sword Art Online fashion, each piece (a single scene) of the animation chapter, which is divided into five chapters, will tell a different story and each chapter includes a special feature or “cloaker,” unique to the chapter.


    In the midst of a game session, you will meet people to create a party for travel. You can form alliances with these people and create a party with many strength. Or, if you are working alone, you will have the option to join other players with whom you are acquainted in an asynchronous online global game. With the global game, you can have a team-up party even when you are in different places, and you can not only battle together, but communicate with and chat to your team. The mysterious and elite characters in the global game also help you grow stronger in battle.

    * More information will be provided once the official press conference approaches.



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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the latest version of the Free Download Manager
  • Click and rename the downloaded file to “EldenRing” (without quotes)
  • Run and complete the installation without interruption
  • Once Installation is complete, Click on “Create a Registratation Code” and paste the code
  • Click Register
  • Copy the Full Path of “Elden.exe” and Paste it into Notepad
  • Double Click on the First “Elden.exe” Filename and click on “Play”
  • After Flash, the “Elden.exe” will auto-open and you are playing the game
  • Copy the Complete Full Path of Elden.exe(its appears in center top bottom)
  • Paste it inside the “C:\Program Files\Elden Ring”
  • In the right corner you will see “Elden Rings” Click on that and it will open the folder along with “Settings.ini” open it and paste the Code that you have been given by the software after serial registered
  • Now, double click on the game executable file (you must have registrated the software and game).
  • It will open the folder with “Elden.exe” double click it and the game will run
  • Enjoy!
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later (10.9 recommended)
    Intel-compatible processor (including Macs, x86-based)
    Mac OS X Server v10.8.0 or later (10.9 recommended)
    At least 2 GB of system RAM
    512 MB of system RAM recommended
    Recommended video card: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD R9 295
    2GB of system RAM and above is recommended
    A graphics adapter recommended
    A wired internet connection and Microsoft Silverlight


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