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Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG developed by NABISCO Corporation and currently in development. It is set to release for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2020.
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NABISCO Corporation is one of the leading game developers in Japan, delivering game experiences with high quality and excitement.
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Welcome to the kingdom of Sauron, a world of brutal, chaotic war and ruthless, bloodthirsty Orc-kind, where a great evil has returned from the darkness to conquer the lands of men. Your fate is in your hands and the powers and magic of the Elven race are at your fingertips. Join a fearless hero on an epic journey of courage, danger, and an epic adventure.
Face the Empire of Sauron in intense warfare where your battle strategies will be tested, challenges will arise to defeat! As you fight through epic battles and defeat enemies in four different worlds, you will rise through the ranks of four different Elven castes and become a powerful Elven Lord. Using a variety of weapons and Magic, as you fight deadly monsters, Orcas, and more.
– 4 game worlds with each having its own personality and feel.
– Fully dynamic and responsive combat system that allows for strategy and skill.
– 20+ hours of gameplay with in-depth and constantly evolving story.
The Elven castes of the world you are playing in are completely determined by the choices you make.
1. Elven – Choose your military path to rise in the ranks.
2. Warrior – Fight for the survival of the Elven race.
3. Monk – Explore the land and heal the sick and wounded.
4. Lore-Master –


Features Key:

  • Leave friends behind and forge your own path as you seek to become an Elden Lord!

  • Customize your own character in 9 classes, including warriors, wizards, and magicians, making your own unique play style.

  • Unlock as you uncover the dramatic storyline of the Lands Between, lying in the vanishing wilds between the Holy Lands and Eredane.

  • Gather the “living” scattered around Eredane to form guilds that will support you along your journey towards becoming an Elden Lord.

  • Create your own “friends” as you find your own companions in the “Trading Post” function.

  • Draw your own Magic Flute as you expand your own talents.

  • Live as you play! You can run the online chat function while playing at the same time, leaving players waiting for your response.

  • Assemble a party to fight together during battle and share the joy of exploring the world.

    – By Nexon



    Junji Ito and production director Greg Yabsley of the upcoming new fantasy action RPG, shared visual data and screenshots for those who are still waiting for a rakugaki of their choosing

    [Via Otakorpix]

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    By Tomohisa Morikawa, イメージアップ版

    Hello, this is Tomohisa Morikawa with Ascii Media Works. I am showing the main character from the game above. That is the player, Rin Okumura.

    With combat settings on Easy, I will be playing as Rin.

    I was testing out a strange opponent.

    He stood in front of me and punched with his sword.

    So I was surprised when he stabbed me with his sword.

    My first thought was that this was a trap and I would have to be ready.

    I was looking around.

    Since his attack was a side attack it was possible that he was trying to flank me.

    In this situation I would have to start by retreating, and then counter with a ranged attack on his flank.

    There was a time skip and I had no idea where I was.

    I was trying to remember what happened before this battle started.

    If I wanted to challenge him I would have to find him first.

    But I also realized I had no safe spot to attack him from.

    I could retreat, attack, retreat, attack, but he could always kill me after I ran away.

    Eventually I saw an opening.

    He was blocking the door, but he had also left his sword next to the door.

    If I could grab it, I could use it like a weapon.

    I tried. I couldn’t get a hold of it.

    I couldn’t have it now.

    He ran through the door.

    He ran down the stairs.

    The shopkeeper shouted.

    I did some thinking about how to use this sword.

    I realized that if I used it like this, the sword would be too heavy.

    I would have to swing it properly so that I could take advantage of the weight.

    I was watching the character’s action closely.

    He was approaching the boss.

    He had an octopus.

    It was a boss.

    The boss’s attack was too heavy for me to deal with.

    If I wasn’t careful, I would be defeated.

    I noticed the boss had a big mouth.

    So I decided to attack from the back.

    I looked at the sword and it felt heavy.


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    ▲ Explore a vast world in an all-new battle system that combines real-time action and RPG turn-based battles.
    ▲ Real-time action in battle places emphasis on the actions of the individual.
    ▲ Move forward or back, use abilities, and turn your position by holding the D-Pad.
    ▲ You can freely move around the battlefield by shifting your character’s movement points to the left or right.
    ▲ Reduce the damage taken from attacks by blocking with the shield or enemy attack patterns.
    ▲ When you block an enemy’s attack, your character will shift to a guard position and block the next attack.
    ▲ Attack patterns that differ from game to game, as well as unique abilities and powerful moves available in battle, are displayed on the bottom screen.
    ▲ Attacks can be composed by combining the exclusive skills or special attacks that are accessed with the D-Pad while in guard position.
    ▲ Under the sea, at night, in the mountains, and everywhere.
    A vast world is fully realized as a 3D environment. – Resolution and Field of View have been improved.
    A wide variety of character customization items have been added. – From the simple to the complex, various hair and face customization items are available for free. You can even change your face to that of another character.
    Stat increases and decreases have been added for each of the character’s 11 attributes as well as for each of the item’s properties. – With these new methods of obtaining attribute increases and decreases, it will be even easier to play the game as you wish.
    – Stat increases and decreases have been added to each of the character’s 11 attributes as well as to each of the item’s properties.
    – It is now possible to play the game and battle with 10 people on the same PSP system.
    (10 players can be supported on the PSP system using the capabilities of the PSP Link Cable, however.)
    – Various game modes are available, including a battle mode, a multiplayer battle mode, and a duel/party mode.
    – Various locations have been added, including a village, town, battlefield, sea, mountains, and dungeons.
    – Battle, trade, and battle type-based quests have been added to the game.
    – Battle, trade, and battle type-based quests have been added to the game.
    ▲ The Cut Magic perk uses your EXP earned during battle to weaken or eliminate monsters.
    ▲ The Brutal Combo


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Elden Quest
    Elden QuestElden Quest<img src="" alt="Elden Quest" width="


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    For PlayStation®4
    *Oculus Rift (Kit
    For VR system
    *Oculus Rift (Kit


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