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◆Basic Features◆
– A Role-Playing Game in the Open World of Tarnished
Explore the vast Lands Between by traveling alone or in a party, and choose from a multitude of paths in a vast world. Investigate the world with customized character portraits and a logbook which provides details about the latest events and challenges you have overcome.
– Multiplayer RPG Online
A seamless online element of the game allows you to enjoy a variety of multiplayer options, such as large-scale PVP battles and PVE events. You can directly connect with other players anywhere in the world and travel together.
– Create Your Own Character
In addition to customizable character appearances, you can combine a variety of weapons, armor, and magic. Development of your character can be optimized according to your playstyle, such as increasing your muscle strength to make you a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
– Go Forward With Your Own Destiny
A multilayered story, with an epic theme and a unique treatment of the Lands Between, unfolds as you make your way forward from a gritty fantasy world into an epic saga of forbidden romance.

◆Basic Features◆
A Role-Playing Game in a World Under Attack
Explore the vast country of Arcadia through a novel sense of scale. A land divided by war where monsters attack and humans scramble desperately for survival. Experience the emotions of being trapped in the middle of a massive battle, and view the world through the eyes of the protagonist.
– A World Under Attack
Explore Arcadia, the country of the title, as well as the surrounding lands and dungeons. Explore with the freedom of a solo player, or explore the depths of the dungeons while playing as a member of a party.
– A Novel Sense of Scale
A wide world where harsh natural conditions and hostile creatures that threaten life have melded together to create a sense of scale and danger unlike that of the normal RPG.
– Choose Your Battle Style
You can freely combine the equipment and abilities of three unique characters – a warrior, a mage, and a magical beast.
– A World of Adventure
Don’t know what to do? Explore with the freedom of a solo player or fight alongside the rest of your party in a PVP environment. Battles that require no knowledge of map placement or PVP techniques are a breeze to fight in, and they’re more enjoyable when played with a partner.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Connect to others online.
    Lines of text written in contactless prose let you feel like a separate entity, but at the same time you can feel the presence of others and feel how you connect to and communicate with people. Participate in an epic story with others.

  • Create a vast world.
    A vast world that opens and connects to other worlds beyond. With various situations in the world, you can freely enjoy the various situations as your main quest, or take on the variety of optional quests that are scattered around the world.

  • Immersive combat system.
    Huge dungeons are filled with a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) characters and strong enemies. With characters that all have their own story, item drops that are appropriate for each character, and the unique combat system, the engagement is more exciting than in typical RPGs. Feel the overwhelming power of a large boss.

  • Unprecedented gameplay options.
    Customize your character and dungeon layouts to easily create the battles you want to play. Set the regular encounter rate or increase your strength to unlock special content.

  • Various equipment and weapons – including a wide range of items unique to the Elden Ring.
    Changing the equipment gives you freedom to freely choose, and equipping magic adds a new dimension to the gameplay. The difficulty of game, equipment, and magic can be altered to your liking.

  • Spells and Attacks
    Highly unique spells and attacks that have been equipped with the memories of the greatest mages and novices that have passed on to present you with an environment rich in fantasy and danger. These spells will only be accessible until the last moment and will be the only source of danger, so be careful!

  • Well-drawn maps that provide rich descriptions.
    You can take breathtaking navigation as you traverse an amazing world of a vast area that is filled with dangers. From a reassuring map, we want to convey that the most powerful game is just one step away.

  • All-new graphics.
    All-new graphics draw players in with a magical landscape and vividly


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    ESRB: PEGI: 18

    When we think of the “Kingdom of Elden”, we don’t always think of a place
    where the laws and worship of Men live side-by-side with supernatural beings.
    But such a place exists, and it’s the setting for the new fantasy action
    RPG, Elden Ring. Set in the Lands Between, you’ll play as a Tarnished, a fallen
    Elden who has been cast away from his people and, in addition to the help of
    his spiritual guide, a cat named Zed, must embark on a journey to revive his
    passion for the Elden.
    – As you explore the wide Lands Between, you’ll find yourself immersed in a
    rich world, where quests that put your strength and wisdom to test are at
    every turn. It’s up to you to choose your path, and the answers to all of your
    questions may rest in the vastness of this enchanting place.
    – Overcome all the challenges that stand between you and your goal of becoming
    an Elden Lord. Take the realm by force or lead it into a revolution. With
    aspects such as Trading, Faith, Magic, Clan Domains, and a powerful Auto
    Battle System, you have control over every aspect of your world, from the
    details to the grand scale.
    – Cross the Lands Between with up to three other players online. Once a
    connection has been made, you can visit each other’s towns, show off your
    new gear, chat in real-time, or even invite one of your friends to travel with
    you. But if you’re a shy person, you can talk to your friends even while
    – Brandish the power of the Elden Ring and transform into one of the six
    powerful Tarnished.
    – Equip a variety of weapon and armor types to suit your play style. Equipping
    weapons and armor, while making your character appear heroic and distinguished,
    will also alter your stats and influence in battle.
    – Make use of special effects, buffs, and signature attacks as you master the
    ancient and mystical systems of the Elden Ring.
    – Take part in fearsome, fast-paced Auto Battle as one of the four Tarnished.
    The deep Auto Battle System will test your wits while keeping


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    – Enhanced difficulty
    – Increased HP and Magic
    – Minigames (Arcade and… Room!)
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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Please note that due to the features of the Nintendo Switch™ system, the additional contents mentioned in the “extra contents” are parts of the game that cannot be purchased separately. See the official product page of “The World Ends With You: Solo Remix” for more information on the product features and bonus contents.

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    Read more… Let’s is doing ok-ish as far as first impressions go, but there have been more than enough initial impressions of the game that a wishlist for more would be helpful.tag:www.destructoid.com,2015:992781Play Bonk the multiplayer beat-em-up with music


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