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• Use the same icons as your default Mail, Messaging, Networking, Prin…

Gone are the days of boring old icons being used to represent your applications. Since the Windows Vista revolution there has been a new era of application design, they need to get noticed. The problem is most people only see icons in the form of the standard icons used by Windows. That is why we created our Premium collection of fancy icons for Windows 10 to help you advertise the unique or interesting nature of your application.

The elite captain icons for Windows 10 apps are beautifully crafted; they will take your application to new heights.

Visit the most popular icon style categories:

• iPhone and Android
• Mac
• Windows
• Web and Mobile
• Windows Store apps
• Windows Phone
• Windows Desktop apps

Icon Style Categories:

• Bridge
• Check
• Color Picker
• Clock
• Countdown
• Download
• File sharing
• Forms
• Histogram
• Label
• Layers
• Menu
• Message
• Network
• Notebook
• Order
• Pointing to the Left
• Pointing to the Right
• Playing Card
• Progress
• Radio
• Ruler
• Search
• Sextant
• Set
• Sign in Green
• Sign out Green
• Slider
• Square
• Stethoscope
• Text
• Tonal Equalizer
• Tools
• Upload
• Weather

Your Windows 10 Icon Packs

Your icons will be automatically replaced with the various stock standard icons found within the software. For example, your default email icon will be replaced by the default icon for Mail found in the windows 10 operating system.

You don’t have to download our entire icon pack. We have created several distinct icon sets which are designed to be used on the web and various desktop operating systems. These icon sets include:

iPhone Icon

Mac Icon

Windows Icon

Windows Phone Icon

Windows Desktop Icon

WAC Icon (Windows App Compatibility)

Windows Store Icon

Windows Mobile Icon

Android Icon

The Packages

You can choose to download only the icons you need, or download all of them using the zip file.

Find a free icon pack:

The “Free” icon pack includes only the “Windows Desktop” icon. It is designed to be used as an alternative to your default icon.

Elite Captains Icons Crack + [Updated] 2022

– You can use this free icons for any purpose at your own risk.
– You can’t resell or share them in any way. If you want to make your own version, then please
– Contact with author.
– Don’t forget to check all previous part of this series:
– Flux Captains -The first group of icons you find in this collection
– Empire Captains – The second group of icons you find in this collection
– Alliance Captains – The third group of icons you find in this collection
– Horde Captains – The last group of icons you find in this collection
Icons Pack Description:
– The last icon in this icon set is the one you will use everytime you have a choice.
– You will use this icon to show that your Empire is a prefect team.
– You will use this icon to show that your Empire is a perfect team.
– You will use this icon to show that your Alliance is a perfect team.
– You will use this icon to show that your Alliance is a prefect team.
– You will use this icon to show that your Alliance is a prefect team.
Author: Mariel De Guzman aka. Poco
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Facebook Page: CCSDev
For all the latest on Elite Captains – The The First Group of icons you find in this collection,
go to:
Thank you for reading!
Update Log:
– 12.25.2017 Added: Empire Captains.
– 12.22.2017 Added: Alliance Captains.
– 12.22.2017 Added: Horde Captains.
– 12.17.2017 Added: Flux Captains.
– 12.13.2017 Added: You will use this icon to show that your Empire is a perfect team.
– 12.10.2017 Added: You will use this icon to show that your Alliance is a perfect team.
– 12.08.2017 Added: You will use this icon to show that your Alliance is a prefect team.
– 12.07.2017 Added: You will use this icon to show

Elite Captains Icons

Make your web site or application nicer.
Elite Captains Icons Pack More:
2 or more sets of icons Each set contains 32 icons is 27 px by 17 px.
All icons are in vector format so they can be resize without any loss of quality.
Elite Captains Icons License:
You can use this images on both personal and commercial projects.
Click the link below to download the icons you need.Q:

Pascal overloaded typep

I have a given function that is a lookup table. It takes 2 integer arguments and is supposed to return 1 of 6 possible pointers. The lookup would look like this:
function tableLookup(var T1 : PType; const X,Y : Integer): PType;
if X=Y then
Result := ObjPtr(T1);
Result := ObjPtr(T1);

However, this call to the function would be valid:
T1 : PType;
X,Y : Integer;
X := 123;
Y := 456;
T1 := tableLookup(Btn1,123,456);

Since 123 and 456 are not assignment compatible, I have tried to overload the function as such:
function tableLookup(var T1: PType; const X: Integer; Y: Integer): PType; overload;

However, VS 2010 gives an error:

Namespace ‘Type’ not found

Is it possible to get the version to accept assignment compatible arguments?


You can overload lookup and handle the implicit casts in the body of the function. In the code you’ve given, it’s not needed.
PType = ^Type;
Type = Integer;
PType_Foo = ^TFoo;
TFoo = ^Tfoo;
Tfoo = class
Foo: Integer;

function tableLookup(const X, Y: Integer; var T1: PType): PType; overload;
Result := ObjPtr(T1);

function tableLookup(var T1: PType; const X, Y: Integer): PType; overload;
Result :=

What’s New in the Elite Captains Icons?

Elite Captains Icons is a set of four, beautifully designed, handcrafted custom icons that are perfect for just about any project. The stunning custom icons, with their white backgrounds, can easily take the place of the standard system icons, to create outstanding designs. All icons are designed with specific goals in mind.

“Elite Captains” is a super team-up of an Office IT Pro and a power company IT Pro. These two IT Pros are looking for members of their group to join them to make some office or computer related services and projects work. This team features our new icon, “Keyboard PC”, which is a representation of a keyboard on a computer desktop. Click on the icons below to see all the sizes and download the FREE.PNG file for each size for use on your website.

On the left side of the toolbar, you will see “Keyboard PC” displayed which is a representation of the keyboard on a computer desktop. To the right side of the toolbar, you will see the menu for changing the app icon into all different sizes. You can use the theme for your desktop or website as an icon or you can replace the standard start menu and icons.


– The middle of the triangle icon is made of a hard stop grey or silver color.

– The little black arrow is darker than the wordline and the left side of the box is made of a hard line.

– The small numbers on the box are all the same color and are underlined.

– All the text is raised to 1px and 1px align.

Click on the icon to view a preview or if you are interested in purchasing. Note: These are icons and not photographs.

Icons are available in different formats for QuickTime, Flash, and Windows, as well as Vector EPS, GIF, SVG, and much more.

Mood Icons is a quick and easy way to change the emotion of your desktop and web design. This pack contains 20 mood icons. With the help of these icons, you can easily change the look and feel of the web pages, logos, web designs, and even social media page design.

This set has a variety of moods and each icon is unique. The mood icons are incredibly easy to use. Simply add the icon to your web design, logo, or template to give your designs a new look.

The design, colors, and icons are perfect to use

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.10GHz or later (4GB RAM is recommended)
Windows: Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Storage: 500GB+ HDD
DirectX: Version 9.0
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Other requirements:
How to install and play the game:
1. Download the game from the official page of Humble Bundle.
2. You can find the download option