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In response to the demand for “the next step in revolutionary gameplay,” EA has published a video on which explores how HyperMotion is used in the game. It includes interviews with lead gameplay designer, Nicolas Minette, lead animator, Shayan Zadeh and the senior gameplay developer, Ryan Green.

EA have made two videos explaining what “HyperMotion” is and how it was used to make Fifa 22 2022 Crack. To learn how the technology worked, as well as the development process for the feature in-depth, read on!

The two-and-a-half-minute video on video below includes interviews with EA’s Nicolas Minette and Shayan Zadeh and the senior gameplay developer, Ryan Green, and gives an insight into the unique challenges they faced in bringing the feature to life. The video also shows some gameplay enhancements for ball and player movement, as well as the new tactical games, which are the engine behind the new motion capture technology.

Learn more about FIFA 22’s technologies including its Player Intelligence and Player Vision features below:


An example of FIFA 22’s revolutionary gameplay can be seen in the new offside rule. The offside line marks both sides of the pitch and is visible to both defenders and attackers, so that any run from midfield is correctly categorized as an offside offence. The offside rule also allows both defenders and attackers to control where and when they intercept the ball from their opponent.

“Realism is king,” says EA Sports lead gameplay designer Nicolas Minette. “In the previous versions of FIFA, the offside rule was a bit confusing and it did not work. Our goal for FIFA 22 is to avoid making the game more complicated with new rules; instead, we focused on gameplay.”

In addition, playmakers are now more exposed when they receive passes from their teammates. By creating the ability to control precisely where the receiver of the ball is at any moment on the pitch, Minette says, “it creates a lot of excitement. A player like Mesut Ozil – who has quick feet – can now control exactly when he takes the pass, and this can create really intense play.”


A new tackling system is a key part of the game engine. “We are not stopping


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology” to the series, allowing players to run, jump, and spin faster and more realistically than ever. More skills, more variety, more fun
  • New online experience powered by new Frostbite® Engine
  • Play alongside your friends online in the most immersive FIFA multiplayer yet, with all-new Customisation Elements that elevate your abilities and unlock new gameplay features and gameplay styles; from passing up more space to dribbling and shooting even more accurately
  • Exclusive six-button control scheme from PES 2015, and innovative contextual buttons giving players more options for putting the ball exactly where they want it
  • New Team Management dashboard, making it easier to manage players, coach attributes and environments, including training, improved transfer market, and the new Club Goalkeeper Attribute.
  • Back story of the players in FIFA 22 – a mix of original and new content featuring star players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, and Oliver Giroud
  • Re-defined player movements, player roles with new on-ball behaviours and nearly 5,000 new animations
  • New goal celebrations: chopper, high five, hip pump, and double fist
  • New off-ball controls for a more fluid and unpredictable gameplay
  • New ball physics, goal kicks, and sliding controls add depth to each match
  • New variety of game modes that cater for every type of gameplay, including improved Exhibition, Objective, Tutorial, Online Career, where you can choose to be just a player or a manager in a simulation game mode
  • New gameplay quirks – be it the tactical game-changers of Squirtle, Swatbots and more, or the new mechanics like the backboard
  • New atmosphere for the most immersive FIFA yet.
  • New gameplay modes, new competitions, and many new clubs and tons of new team kits for both tournaments and clubs in FIFA Ultimate Team.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 delivers intelligent, authentic football (soccer) gameplay that gets players, fans and coaches immersed in the real action.


Real Football – On any pitch, any weather, any day of the year, FIFA delivers the same high-level, authentic gameplay year-round.

Intelligent Scouting – Every member of your team has his or her own unique gameplay profile with real skills and attributes that help you devise your game-day strategy.

Perks and Customization – Personalize your players in a variety of ways with more customisation options than ever, including hats, equipment, celebrations and more.

Single-Player Career, Online Seasons and Head-to-Head Seasons – Enjoy a unique year-round progression system in Career Mode that allows you to improve your team’s performance and create a dynasty.

Solo Seasons – Experience the thrill of competing in an online season with players from all over the world, or have the opportunity to compete against real players in a solo career.

Champions League – Join a club and compete in the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League in the brand-new Champions League mode, available online.

Soccer Themes – This year’s game will feature 17 all-new themes, including Nashville, a look at the United States’ culture, Portuguese legends, and more.

New Ways to Play – FIFA is a better game because of the choices you make in Career Mode, new customization options that allow you to personalize your players, and the new skill-based momentum system, where players can no longer be sidestepped or frozen.

Improved Frostbite Engine – The latest iteration of the all-new Frostbite engine allows you to sculpt the reality of stadiums, re-create the charm and intensity of your own custom ball touch and more.

Gameplay – Players’ individuality and distinct skills have been brought to life through unprecedented attention to detail and expanded coaching tools. You can control free kicks, crosses, offsides, set plays, and more, giving you greater gameplay control than ever before.

Deep Interactions – This year’s iteration of the new Deep Interactions system is even more immersive than before. Create a style of play and a plan of attack based on your team’s unique strengths, and take the game from the pitch to the stands with deeper and more contextual animations in both attack and defence.

New Community Features – Social


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