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A new free-to-play, more robust in-game, Matchday Manager Mode, that allows for more contextual and flexible management of players and tactics, provides a deeper layer of player management and coaching experience. Interactive highlights and player data are also featured, as well as enhanced pre-match briefings.

New stadiums with different visual tweaks, features, amenities and play styles

New, more customizable, kits for over 50 real-life clubs

Special editions at five major international tournaments, including the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala and New York City – presented in partnership with EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 – Paris 2024 and a forthcoming FIFA Classic World Cup.

FIFA 20 is a standalone game that features enhanced Player Intelligence, new animation, advanced ball physics and a modernized presentation.

FIFA 20 is available for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC and is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.



Unlock the FIFA Ultimate Team™ Team of the Year for iOS and get exclusive rewards, including new FUT Team of the Year cards available in-game starting on 23rd March.

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FIFA 19 Pocket Edition for Windows Phone brings the timeless game to phones with the new My Career mode and FIFA Ultimate Team™.


– Customise the Ultimate Team™ roster to your choice – Choose your own starting XI or form a team by selecting 11 players from a squad – Get into the action with the new camera mode and Track the ball – Earn bonus points for Ultimate Team™ matches – Build your own FUT Team


– Create, share and manage your very own FUT Team – Unlock different kits for your team – Play along with immersive commentary of all the world’s top leagues from RTL and La Liga – Get behind the action with the new camera mode and Track the ball – Predict your next move with the new ATTACK / DASH / TURBO meter – Experience the emotion of the World’s Best leagues in an enhanced My Soccer Life mode



Features Key:

  • Exclusive, Authentic Feel and Re-Create a Career
  • Customise the World Cup kits and tune your team’s playing style
  • More passing options and intelligent interactive teammates
  • Ability to play as both Manager and Player at the same time
  • Stunning visuals
  • Detailed touches that deliver the authentic atmosphere
  • New Jumping system
  • Highly detailed kits and club crests
  • Personalise your player to represent your favourite team across the world
  • FIFPro-certified goalkeepers
  • Play as a Customisable Manager
  • FIFA Pro Clubs
  • Challenge your friends via online play
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Realism never looked so good with Dynamic Visual Adjustments
  • Hundreds of goals, out-of-pitch moments and added authenticity
  • The FIFA Series
  • Ten global leagues, more than 2,500 international and domestic players, and 1,100 licensed club crests.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 18 brings the beautiful game into a new era of innovation and player-first gameplay. This FIFA game is designed to nurture and empower players on the pitch, and to deliver the most realistic and authentic sports game ever.
EA SPORTS FIFA 18 brings the beautiful game into a new era of innovation and player-first gameplay. This FIFA game is designed to nurture and empower players on the pitch, and to deliver the most realistic and authentic sports game ever.

What are the new features in FIFA 18?

Real Player Motion is tuned to feel more like the way the real world moves, with all the subtlety of real-world football.

Defender Intelligence automatically tracks opponents, adapting its defensive strategy based on the role of the player, as well as the quality of the opposition.

The new goalkeeper AI can make spectacular saves, pass accurately, and react intelligently to the actions of the opposition.

All Impact Locations can now be customized to perfectly affect the game: choose a defensive Impact Location to spoil goals, an offensive Impact Location to score, or choose the exact Surface type and weather, or both, to catch your opponent off-guard.

50 Player Languages include Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, and more.

What are the new features in Madden NFL 18?

Madden NFL 19 is all about how you play, and how you perform on the field. From the ability to play like never before with innovative Edge Case Play and feel like a new generation of football player, to delivering a deeper brand of Madden football, this is the Madden football you’ll love.

Brand new “Edge Case” Play. An evolution of on-field animations and movement, as well as new Edge Case Play ability, makes Madden NFL 18 more dynamic, and more intuitive, than ever before.

New Player Feel. Players like never before, with new feints and new feel to block and tackle.

New Infused Playbooks. Long heralded by fans, “Infused Playbooks” come to the game’s most popular franchise for the first time. New playbooks are now available to create a unique feel for your player.

New Defenses. Don’t miss the action and join the “new” defense in Madden NFL 18. Embraced by more than 50% of all players, defenses are the core component of the new Madden game.

What are the new features in NHL 18?



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The deepest and most dynamic player acquisition system in any sports game delivers a brand new way to play. An all-new My Team Create & Share feature unlocks endless combinations of players and team styles. The new Trading Card feature not only lets you exchange packs for cards but also provides you with an opportunity to set the odds in your favor.

FIFA Dynamic Tactics –
The all-new online live chat features allow you to play alongside your friends and debate strategy. The new “Practice” mode lets you test your tactical skills in a simulation of a single match.


Releasing in December, our brand new Peppee Gangstas gets a date with a bag of hot sizzle. Head to the streets to battle for control of each of the four neighborhoods. Once you’ve collected enough moolah, start a banger war against the rivals to take over the entire hood, dominate the street, and get rapped in clubs, or even grab the fences of the neighbouring buildings in a last ditch effort to retain control. There are 19 glitzy clubs in the game – so grab the clothes, the tunes, and the gang attitude.

It’s a strong entry in EA’s simulation franchise with more than 100 street-ready customisations, 3D models and plenty of attitude. You won’t be alone either – your friends can help you with the heavy lifting, both online and off. So it’s a race to the top for the all-new Peppee Gangstas.


As players progress through the game they will earn FIFA Points – currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Points are used for the creation of players, kits, and other special items. Additionally players will earn trophies, which when collected can be redeemed to unlock additional items within the game.


Matches can be played in various different ways; as a local or online match, in popular leagues or from FUT Draft.

Balanced Difficulty

The game has been made easier for players of all abilities to play on. A low skill player will experience a high skill level, and vice versa.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FUT, is our most experienced football management system yet, offering an unprecedented amount of freedom, depth and strategy. With improved Player Discover and improved FUT Draft Mode, you can now create your own club and shape your


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Be a part of your favourite National team’s legend
  • Authentic street football on the street – Retake the most awkward second-chance shots with the ‘Kick & Shoot’ camera angle
  • Play with authentic goalkeepers delivering shots
  • Introducing the ‘Lockscreen Shot-Share’ feature. Invite your friends and urge them to send the best shot with the ‘Shoot & Share’ camera button on the lower-right corner of the screen
  • Introducing the ‘Pick-Up Screen’ feature. Picking up the ball from the half-space and sending it to the opponent attacking corner is now made easier
  • Introducing the new penalty shootout. Detect the ball and take your penalty kick. Follow the crossbar with the touchline until it snaps back at your goal.
  • FlyFreely. Enjoy an all-encompassing, 3D, out-of-this-world flight control technique. Deliver precise ball control with a slick flight panel.
  • Optimise your passing. Using the most up to date input parameters, the ball will respond best to your passing style.
  • Introducing the new SkyHUD feature, further streamlining overhead views.
  • Greater freedom to select your favourite ball type. Now you can select your ball from the starting positions
  • Introducing the dynamic weather system with more fine-grained weather effects. Exotic weather will take over the game and affect gameplay


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In FIFA, football is played on a variety of surfaces with a variety of athletes doing different movements using either an analogue stick or a series of buttons.

A deep combination of the latest game engine and powerful AI creates the most authentic football experience available.

For the first time, Ultimate Team includes unique Footballers – Ultimate Edition players that you can trade for in FIFA Ultimate Team modes.

Powered by Football

In FIFA, more of the game’s iconic moments are included with a greater focus on the details of the world’s most famous sport. Referee movements, fans cheering, the feel of a new ball and a new animation system all animate the game with more detail than ever before.

Add in all the new, improved broadcast graphics and improved ball physics and this is the most eye-catching football game you’ll ever play.

Updated play calling routines and behaviours – move from player to player, pass and shoot.

A true-to-life physics engine now changes the game

Global online features and competitions, including the use of Ultimate Team and off the pitch modes

Unique animations on the pitch to add to the authenticity

Sharing of Ultimate Team builds has been improved to be even smoother.

Sporting uniforms – Are your Player of the Season wearing a jersey with the correct crest and names? Now it’s a reality!

Brand new Crowd sounds that will enhance the atmosphere on the pitch

Live motion capture – Smack the ball down with your head, high, low and with a new spinning effect

Enhanced ball physics – Take control with the damper system or choose the most realistic of collisions – you decide

New Goalscoring animations – Clips designed for the motion capture technology

New goals and new team celebration animations have been added to the game

New Motocross track gameplay – Jump and slide along dirt tracks and fences to the finishing line!

New Player builds – Create the next top class player with a new technology that will ensure success in the game

New Tactics – Discover new ways to play on the pitch and get your tactics on the test with a new coaching tutorial

New Player Education – Learn and be more knowledgeable about football with new player education sessions

New Website – Where you can find the latest news and content from the makers of FIFA

New Game Engine – FIFA 22 introduces a new engine that was built from scratch from the ground up


How To Crack Fifa 22:

  • close all running applications
  • open the folder where you downloaded file.exe or copy and paste the file to your desktop
  • replace original files with the cracked files you have just downloaded
  • open/run files on your pc and enjoy

How To Activate Crack Fifa 22:

  • open/run file on your computer and then follow the instructions in game as they come up on screen
  • make sure your FIFA account is registered and you have entered the code online


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Requires 2GB RAM
Processor 2GHz
Hard Drive 2GB free space
Requires a web browser
Requires a microSD card of minimum 4GB
Requires a SIM card (3G)
Requires a wireless internet connection
Requires a camera (preferably front-facing)
Requires Android 4.3 or higher
Requires Google Play Services
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