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The “Fluid Intelligence System” (FIS) in FIFA 22 dynamically adapts to a variety of conditions — such as weather, pitch characteristics, and opponent’s play style — and makes the game experience instantly responsive to player and team tactics. The rules of the game are being tailored to reflect the demands of the sport as it is played today.

Virtually all of the standard football rules are in play in FIFA 22, including free kicks, corner kicks, goal kicks, corner flags, offside, second-to-nothing situations, and so on. The focus in FIFA 22 is on true football: from ultimate control, anticipation, and passing, to tactical brain power, setting up free kicks and giving your opponent the slip, the game mechanics of FIFA 22 make football fun and balanced.

“Our goal is to deliver the most authentic football experience on the market, regardless of whether you’re playing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or mobile devices,” said Peter Moore, senior vice president at EA. “From revamped refereeing to enhanced gameplay, this edition features the largest content update in franchise history, as we’ve worked to provide the most diverse and comprehensive football experience ever.”

PC (PC #1 via Retail)

Win 10 – The Ultimate Edition ($59.99 USD), Ultimate Edition 2K ($59.99 USD) or Standard Edition ($39.99 USD) (Which includes 3 additional players – Yaya Toure, Iván Marquez and André Schürrle – via DLC).

Existing owners of Ultimate Edition or Ultimate Edition 2K will receive an additional free physical disc of the game once it is released.

PS4 (PS4 #1 via Retail)

Win 10 – The Ultimate Edition ($59.99 USD), Ultimate Edition 2K ($59.99 USD) or Standard Edition ($39.99 USD) (Which includes 3 additional players – Yaya Toure, Iván Marquez and André Schürrle – via DLC).

Existing owners of Ultimate Edition or Ultimate Edition 2K will receive an additional free physical disc of the game once it is released.

Xbox One (Xbox One #1 via Retail)

Win 10 – The Ultimate Edition ($59.99 USD), Ultimate Edition 2K ($59.99 USD) or Standard Edition ($39.99 USD) (Which includes 3


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Revel in excellence in 16 new ways to play; whatever your style, there are new ways to be awesome, whatever your role, it’s the next step in the evolution of the FC series.
  • Play with FIFA 22’s four-stage match engine; today’s soccer moves faster than ever, and we’ve designed a new five-stage motion capture system that captures every slick, side-to-side movement, through to the most controlled and explosive finishes.
  • FIFA 22 takes you to new heights; new elite skills, techniques, and tricks; and new celebration animations for stars of the sport and football fan-favorites.
  • New gameplay that puts you in the skin of the professional; learn new tricks, dominate rival AI and master your team’s key attributes, all in a new Academy mode.
  • Experience a new kind of realism; now, you can seamlessly switch between in-game camera perspectives to suit your game play style, as well as capture, review, and share every next-generation photo and broadcast with FIFA Ultimate Team, or in the new share-view, share your match.”
  • Sneak peeks of FIFA 22 – New stadiums; new kits; new teams; and new animations.


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FIFA is the world’s leading video game franchise, offering unparalleled realism combined with a variety of authentic football gameplay.

FIFA Ultimate Team™ is a unique football trading card game, a player journey that offers fans the chance to feel every emotion from elation to despair. FIFA Ultimate Team is also the reason to play FIFA, a brand new way of experiencing the beautiful game.

The result of more than 50 years of innovation, FIFA is the perfect game for any time of day, any place, any season and any sports fan.

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Get ready for a new era of football entertainment. The FIFA World Player is the most authentic and complete sport superstar available in the EA SPORTS Football franchise. It features improved mastery, a new player model and new player traits, a brand new CasualBeef™ Matchday Experience, an all-new FIFA Ultimate Team experience, and much more.


The absolute best of the best will be competing in the FIFA Ultimate Team™ Premier League! And be prepared to be one of the highest rated players on the planet. The stars of the real world will come to life in the FIFA® Ultimate Team™ mode in FIFA 22, with new, improved gameplay and an enhanced game engine that allows for an entirely new level of gameplay and visuals. The team-based gameplay sees gamers take on the role of one of 64 players from eight teams across four divisions. Gamers play in the role of a real player and make their own decisions to influence the outcome of each game. The result is a dynamic storytelling experience that was previously only possible through computer-generated video, and with the likes of Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann and Eden Hazard, the game boasts the most star-studded line-ups in the history of the franchise.


Your favorite club, your favorite player and your favorite town. With an estimated soccer base of over 2.7 million, the City of Edmonton has been a member of the Canadian soccer family for over a century. After the transfer of the NASL soccer league to Canada, the Edmonton Tornados of the North American Soccer League would become the Edmonton Drillers in the old NASL. In 1975 the team would begin playing as the Edmonton Drillers, and would win the NASL title in 1976, with the club turning professional in 1977. The Drillers would play in Edmonton until 1984 when they would move to California to become the


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Play on the brand-new ‘Innovation’ game mode for the first time in a FIFA game. Create your dream team from real-world superstars and make them even better with new FUT Draft picks, Gameweek Drafts, and other new features.

Ultimate Team Seasons –
Compete and prove your worth all over the world throughout a wide array of football competitions, including The Champions League, UEFA EUROPLAYER, and the UEFA FUT Champions League.

Console-exclusive features include:

Career Progression
Real Prozines

The new Prozine system, which will deliver a range of emotional and critical Real Prozines based on the actions and behaviour of your club’s players.

Real Prozines will vary in scope and content, depending on your club’s level of success.

Player Defined Shots

The ability to alter the type of shot selected from a preset catalogue of player defined shots, and allow you to shoot it in any direction imaginable.

Players make decisions at various points in the game, from choosing whether to hold on to a ball or attempt a cross, through deciding on a pass to a team-mate, or whether to shoot or pass.

These decisions impact on the trajectory and power of the shot, how much time is available before the game ends, and how close your team-mate is to the ball.

You can alter the trajectory and power of a shot, as well as the range at which a shot is fired and whether the player hits the ball first time or not, instantly changing the outcome of the game.

The length of time available for deciding to shoot or pass, or whether to attempt a cross or volley, will vary depending on player attributes, in-game events, and the position of the player in the game.

Real Atmospheres

New music, chants, and cheers with state-of-the-art sound and cinematic effects, delivered in Dolby Atmos and SRS ProX surround sound.

Embedded content

Over 12,000 new 3D player models.

Over 8,000 new stadium graphics.

Real Grass, as well as much improved artificial grass, Hybrid Grass, and Clay and Turf.

Over 1,000 new stadium lighting effects.

New breed of fans, with more facial expressions, crowd noise and chanting.

Improved crowd


What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 is coming in October 2018!! (Read it here!)
  • New players: Traore, Sturridge, Rashford, Mkhitaryan, Bolasie, etc.
  • FIFA 22 new features:
    • Incredible power run on MLS touches from the most complete midfielders in the world ?
    • Dynamic final third ball workflows by using Pose in FUT
    • Massive tactical adjustments like new formations and the expansion of the Ability Tree
    • Substitutions during the match and unlimited possibilities of tweaking your tactics
    • New “Emotional Intelligence” AI talent. Understanding the emotions of all your teammates and opponents; how they will handle their emotions and how they will react to you
  • FIFA 22 new in-depth features for winning:
    • Turn-based tactical play for new features like the Dynamic Pivot System, and the Tactical Player Workflow
    • Improved tackling and dribbling mechanics for attacking, midfield, and defense
    • Reverting Traits back to the original Traits model
    • Realistic Player and Team AI
    • Plus many gameplay improvements like FITS, Time To Start, and ball control
  • FIFA 22 new tweaks for matchmaking:
    • Check the preview for more information
    • Influences factors like stadium size and pitch size
  • Improved game design across the board:
    • For FIFA and FIFA 2K gamers
    • For new players
    • For returning players
    • For everyone
  • Other technical and game-mechanics improvements


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The new FIFA Seasonal Cups, new Competition Play option and new 4K patch are now live. There is also a new in-game Facebook Community tab.

New Features

Highlighted Features

Seasonal Cups

EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team and Free League

View AI tactics on the Match Day Bar

Extra Observers in Ultimate Team Leagues

Competition Play

Multi-cam Match Day view

Locate players using the HUD

Improved Game Previews

Check Match Conditions using the Hotseat button

Improvements to Player Appearance

Improved AI footwork and passing with new actions

Updated Ball physics

New ball model

New clip detection

Improved ball flight

New aspect ratio adjustments

New Ball Animation Speed


Updated commentary with more authentic dialogue

New commentator biographies

Improvements to team talk and crowd reactions

New national anthem and collective chants

Improvements to the stadium broadcast and in-match commentary

Added new commentary languages – Brazilian, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Added Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean


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