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indzara Personal Finance Manager is a useful tool for the users who need to keep track of their personal accounts. The utility takes advantage of the Excel processing power in order to create a transaction database and to generate reports.
You can personalize the template by entering the name of your accounts and expense categories. It can also handle cash, cards and transaction subcategories.







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Indzara Personal Finance Manager

This program is a good tool for individuals to keep track of their personal account, and you can send reports by email. For Windows users, you can save your transaction database so you can load it up whenever you need to refresh your accounts.

indzara Personal Finance Manager Screenshot

Install indzara Personal Finance Manager

Begin by clicking the “Download indzara Personal Finance Manager” button below. Once the zip file is finished downloading, unzip it.

Next, run the setup program, choosing the “Run” option.

When the setup is finished, check out the “Settings” program that has been installed on your computer. From there, you can find and change the application’s properties. The program’s main settings include the options to open the program, exit it or to show the program’s help content.

If you prefer the “Help” content instead, you can run the “help” file from the “Help” menu.

Helpful Resources

Indzara Personal Finance Manager Features

The main features of indzara Personal Finance Manager are listed below:

You can send and receive financial transactions by email.

The program has its own built-in database of transactions.

You can use indzara Personal Finance Manager in offline mode.

You can choose the program’s output format. You can choose between Microsoft Excel, PDF or HTML output.

You can set the dates for the date and currency fields.

You can show the data in a compact or a detailed mode.

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What’s New in the?

Main Features:
[X] Create Transactions and Expenses Database.
[X] Currency Conversions.
[X] Perform Total Reconciliation of Accounts.
[X] Set Default Currency.
[X] View and Modify Receipts and Expenses.
[X] Monitor Accounts Balance over Time.
[X] Print Transactions / Expenses Lists.
[X] Sort Receipts and Expenses Lists.
[X] Search Receipts and Expenses Lists.
[X] Add Debit / Credit Transaction to Receipts and Expenses Lists.
[X] Change Owner of Accounts.
[X] Add Cash, Cards, or Transactions Sub-categories.
[X] Add Cash for Transaction Add-Ons.
[X] Add Receive Account as Transaction Sub-Category.
[X] Add Credit Card to Transaction Sub-category.
[X] Add Transactions to Card Sub-category.
[X] Change Owner of Transactions.
[X] Set Active Transaction Account as Receipt / Expenses Sub-category.
[X] Set Inactive Transaction Account as Receipt / Expenses Sub-category.
[X] Open Transactions / Expenses List.
[X] Categorize Transactions / Expenses Lists.
[X] Add / Edit / Delete Receipt / Expense Categories.
[X] Split Categories.
[X] Modify Filter Values.
[X] Modify Sort Order.
[X] Restore Transactions / Expenses Database.
[X] Enable / Disable Transactions / Expenses.
[X] Change Budget Mode.
[X] Set Default budget Mode.
[X] Change Default Budget Amount.
[X] Change Automatic Budget Date.
[X] Change Automatic Budget Date Format.
[X] Modify Budget Date.
[X] Modify Account Budget Date.
[X] Modify Default Budget Amount.
[X] Modify Automatic Budget Amount.
[X] Modify Automatic Budget Date.
[X] Modify Budget Date.
[X] Set Daily Account Budget Amount.
[X] Modify Account Budget Date.
[X] Modify Budget Date.
[X] Modify Account Billing Period.
[X] Modify Default Budget Amount.
[X] Modify Automatic Budget Amount.
[X] Modify Automatic Budget Date.

System Requirements For Indzara Personal Finance Manager:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz
Memory: 8GB
Hard Drive: 1.5GB
DirectX: Version 11
Media: DVD-ROM
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