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With iXDim you can change your plain dimensions into real architectural dimensions – with just one click. All settings of yor dimension style remain and dimensions stay associative, only the dimension texts will be overwritten.
In addition, users can easily restore the initial dimensions when editing a drawing.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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– Use in combination with iXDim style – the dimensions will stay associative
– When dimensions are created associative, they can be easily edited by user
– Change dimension styles with one click, you will have access to all dimension styles
– Revert iXDim back to plain old dimensions
– Dimensions stay associative, if you change your edit setting, it will not be overwritten by the new setting
– In iXDim the user can set a new style with one click
– In iXDim the user can restore the initial dimensions settings
– Can be used to export dimension styles from iXDim into your own style library
– An unique feature is that iXDim can create one dimension style with multiple attributes
– Export dimension styles into eXcel spreadsheet

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All dimensions become architectural dimensions, with click on the iXDim Activation Code button or press CTRL+KM while adding dimensions or editing them. The old styles are kept associative (except for a few texts which are overwritten). After the restart of your drawing the initial dimensions are restored.
Keyboard shortcut:

How to use

Click on the iXDim Crack For Windows button
Click on the Apply button

A small window shows you the current settings

Click on the “Apply button”.
The changes are made

The old style stays


iXDim: Structural Dimensions Style


iXDim allows you to change your plain dimensions into architectural dimensions. All settings of yor dimension style remain and dimensions stay associative, only the dimension texts will be overwritten.


You can use the following basic dimensions types:


PLAIN – Plain non-structural or architectural dimensions.


ARCHITECTURAL – Architectural dimensions, you can use the iXAddArrow or iXText button to change them into arrow or text dimensions.


CIRCLE – A circle dimension, useful for graphic elements such as text.


POLYLINE – This dimension type is useful for splines and for CAD objects, like splines, chords, etc.


SOLID LINE – A solid line dimension, which is useful to visualize or for representing different elements such as for example, linear elements or electrical wiring.


TRANSPARENT – This is the default value for most of the dimension settings, unless you select “No Transparency”, when you can see the objects behind the dimension.


EDITORIAL – This setting type is mainly for drafting purposes. It helps users to change a dimension type into another.


DESIGN – For the users who want to change their dimensions only in the editor of the feature.


STATUS – Dimension types are classified in status, for more details, see this link.


You can configure this feature to help you to choose which type of dimension you

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• Integrate into Microsoft Office-with one click users can change plain dimensions into real architectural dimensions – with just one click. All settings of your dimension style remain and dimensions stay associative, only the dimension texts will be overwritten.
• Build accurately structured references for each dimension, in a single click you can easily restore the initial dimensions when editing a drawing.
• Create quickly architecturally relevant objects by reusing dimension styles.
• YOu can save and restore settings.
• Your dimensions are compatible with AutoCAD.
• Help file and video tutorials.


Version 4.0


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What’s New in the?

iXDim is the small office software for cad architects and designers. It was developed to allow architects and designers to control the dimensions of CAD drawings using the “old” MS Office style.

iXDim offers a complete range of functions, ranging from renaming and merging dimension text, dimension filling and the definition of the “architectural” dimension and “structure” text, to image copying, dimension color modifications and text modifications.

New Dimension Text Styles:

Users can easily and quickly change the dimension text style.

Dimension Text Modification:

Users can modify the font of all dimension texts.

Dimension Filling:

Users can define the “architectural” dimension and “structure” text, which will appear automatically in drawings. The dimension text appears automatically in the right position and in the right style.

Dimension Color:

Users can change the color of all dimensions.

3D Copy and Paste:

3D shapes can be copied from one drawing to another.

New Naming Mode:

The main purpose of the name mode is that users can rename any name, dimension or text on the screen.

Dimension Merging:

Users can merge all the dimensions of a single drawing into a single dimension, which is automatically sorted and associated.

Dimension Color:

Users can change the color of all dimensions.

Dimension Text:

Users can change the text of all dimensions.

Dimension Re-Definition:

Users can define the font and color of the “architectural” dimension and “structure” text in a drawing, so that the original font and color are automatically preserved.

Find/Replace Text:

Users can find or replace text in a drawing by name or dimension.

Dimension Rename:

Users can rename the dimension texts.

Dimension Rename and Merge:

Users can rename and merge dimension texts in one click.

New Architectural Dimensions:

Users can easily define the “architectural” dimension and “structure” text in a drawing, so that the original font and color are automatically preserved.

Dims with Image Copy:

Users can copy a drawing with images or a 3D model to another drawing.

2D Copy:

Users can copy a drawing with the 2D items to another drawing.

Copy Items by Text:

Users can copy objects from one drawing to another by their dimensions or texts.

Edit Text Style:

Users can change the font style of all dimension texts.

Image Segmentation:

Users can cut out an image from a picture using the dimension texts.

Create 3D Objects:

Users can create 3D elements, images, lines, circles and

System Requirements For IXDim:

Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Dual-Core CPU or AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE or higher
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Processor: Intel Quad-Core CPU or AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE or higher
PlayStation 3