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82 Cal.App.2d 208 (1947)
Estate of BRUCE K. SIEGELMANN, Deceased. MARY LINCOLN, Respondent,
Civ. No. 15443.
California Court of Appeals. Second Dist., Div. One.
Nov. 5, 1947.
Solomon, Reimers & Jesson and Murray R. Silver for Appellant.
L. E. Murphey for Respondent.
From a judgment settling and approving accounts of an executor who has been ordered to file his final account and report and from orders settling the last will and testament of decedent and fixing fees, attorney’s fees and costs, this appeal is taken.
Decedent died on June 23, 1945, and letters testamentary were duly issued to appellant. No inventory had been filed and no notice to creditors had been published. By written agreement a few days before his death decedent sold *209 to respondent all of the property which he owned which had been omitted from the inventory and from which respondent was named as executrix and heir at law of the decedent.
On October 3, 1945, respondent filed her petition to probate decedent’s purported last will and testament, praying that she be appointed executor.
Appellant filed objections to such appointment, alleging that letters testamentary should not be issued to respondent because notice to creditors had not been published and that the purported will did not represent the last will and testament of decedent, as required by section 35 of the Probate Code.
Respondent filed opposition to appellant’s objections, praying that letters testamentary be issued to her.
The cause was submitted on briefs and a stipulation that “decedent did execute a will which is in his handwriting on three separate sheets of paper, each of which bears the name of the decedent and bears the date July 6, 1945. One of said three separate sheets is in the handwriting of decedent and bears the name of Etta K. Rosen as witness. The second sheet of paper is in the handwriting of decedent and bears the name of Evelyn H. Long as witness. The third sheet of paper is in the handwriting of

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