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Interscope Cases After The Beatles (2009) ddlh.in

Published on (2016-01-03)

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To add to this, we had a family member who was ill recently, and it got to the point where she was struggling to keep going. I would sit with her at night and help her to stay in the moment, and we’d talk about the little things that made her feel happy. I felt that the help we received in the moment was vital. It allowed her to feel a little more in control of her life, and supported her transition to being a palliative care patient. All of this is an adjustment for her and her partner, as it has been for me, and they’re part of the team now. On the other hand, we’ve all benefitted from the care and the services. And it has all been organised on a truly community basis, which I think is unique.

The nurse in the right to be heard

I’ve been inspired by the people who work at Landmans, and I’m very grateful to them. I’ve learned things I would have never found out without them. They’re very down to earth, and they’ve made me feel I can be a part of the team and be a valuable member. It’s a little niche, but they really care about their clients, and that shows.

I’ve learned from them how to get things done. We need to spend time talking to our clients about their wishes and about the end of life. We also need to spend time helping them stay in the present, to enjoy their time here and the things they do now. They want to enjoy their life, and they can, as long as we help them stay with the people and the things they are able to.

I’ve also learned from talking to my colleagues. But, from talking to nursing colleagues and even other professionals, I’ve come to realise that I really am a nurse, and I can be a member of the team. That’s been very enlightening, because I’ve always had