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Understanding layer types

You can create a layer by using any of the following options:

* **Background:** A background is a layer or group of layers that hold the photo or graphic that you want to keep when you make changes to other layers. You can create a new background layer by using one of the background colors in the Layers palette. Background layers automatically become the active layer, but you can change which layer is active by using the Channels palette.
* **Layer:** A layer is a spot at which you place an image, text, or other object you create. (See the “Creating a Layer” section, later in this chapter, for more about this process.) Layers have a number of attributes, such as color, transparency, and blend mode. A layer can have as many or as few components as you want.

You can move a layer object anywhere on the canvas by using the Move tool, but if you want to edit its placement or replace it with another layer, you must use the layer’s Edit menu.

Layers are one of the most important tools for editing. You use layers to perform tasks like adding transparency and effects, cropping, creating textures, creating collages, and creating new images.

* **Layer group:** A layer group is a container of one or more layers that you can layer together. Layer groups are an excellent way to group images, layers, or elements so that you can apply color or other effects to those elements and then separate them when you’re done. You can open or close a layer group by using the Layer menu or the Layer button on the Layers palette.

All layers are placed in a specific kind of layer group (a master layer group), so the layers in a master layer group are grouped together into a master group. You can open the Layers palette to view the layers in a master group. From there, you can change the name of a group by clicking its name and then typing a new name in the dialog box.

* **Group:** A _group_ or _master layer group_ is a container that holds all the layers that you place on your canvas. Groups enable you to organize and view layers and their characteristics. You can control what layers are visible and select

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If you want to save money while you’re going through the learning process of a new program, you’re not in the wrong place. We’ll show you how to get the most out of Photoshop Elements 10.

But first, what is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a web design, photography and graphic design program created by Adobe. You can use it to create and edit images, or create web graphics from scratch. It is designed to be used by home and hobbyists while the professional version of Photoshop is typically used by photographers and graphic designers.

Photoshop Elements is capable of editing RAW images as well as JPEG images. Some professionals may prefer to use Photoshop over Photoshop Elements but, for most people, Photoshop Elements is the better alternative. If you are interested in using Photoshop Elements exclusively, check out our full review of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.

It is important to note that the price of Photoshop Elements will vary based on several different factors, including the version you want to buy. The price of the full version of Photoshop Elements can range from £61 to £89 depending on the version you’d like to purchase.

However, the cheaper version of Photoshop Elements, the entry-level version, only starts at £33. You should always consider the price of each program before purchasing it because, while Photoshop Elements may start at a lower price, the features you’re getting for that price are less than half the size of those in the full version of Photoshop.

For example, Photoshop Elements’s Design and Photography features are limited compared to the professional version but the software is very useful nonetheless. In fact, even the more advanced features of Photoshop Elements are actually better than a number of professional programs.

The main features of Photoshop Elements are:

Create, edit and share graphics with the Smart Stuff feature

Create and edit photos, including RAW photos (in very limited editing)

Create, edit and share videos

Organise photos by stacking them, or using themes and groups

A number of built-in filters that can be used to create unique photos

A fully featured web and layout design tool

You can use Photoshop Elements to create and edit photos, videos and graphics without purchasing a £100 program. If you are just using the program to edit images, you could save a lot of money by using Photoshop Elements.

If you want professional features, you will have to use the full

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SELECT data from multiple tables

I have a question regarding how to select data from multiple tables. I have the following scenario: I have a table named ‘table1’ that has 3 columns. Each column has a foreign key connecting it to another table ‘table2’, and it also has a 1:M relation with table ‘table3’. How can I select from the primary key of table1, and the foreign key from table2, but also the ID from table3? I think that I need to use three separate joins, but I can’t figure out how to combine them.


You can do:
select * from table1 join table2 on left join table3 on


Sockets and concurrency

I’m currently working on an application which has to handle socket connections. This means that I have to implement a service, and a client interface. I’m trying to follow the SOLID approach.
My current service looks as follows:
[ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.Single, ConcurrencyMode = ConcurrencyMode.Multiple)]
public class SocketService : ISocketService
private readonly IWorkQueue workQueue;

public SocketService(IWorkQueue workQueue)
this.workQueue = workQueue;

public void ProcessWorkItem(SocketConnection socketConnection)

I’ve also implemented my work queue, it looks like this:
public interface IWorkQueue
Task EnqueueWorkItem(SocketConnection socketConnection);
Task DequeueWorkItem(SocketConnection socketConnection);
Task TryDequeueWorkItem(SocketConnection socketConnection);
Task RunQueue();

It contains methods for registering a task, to run on a specified thread, and for running the queue.
My client looks like this:
public class SocketClient
private readonly SocketService _socketService;
private readonly IWorkQueue _workQueue;

What’s New in the?

Dwight Howard scored seven of his 18 points in the final 7:27 of the game. Rodney Stuckey hit a three-pointer with 2:34 to go to put the Pistons up 114-113.

Rodney Stuckey’s 3-pointer with 2:34 left gave the Pistons a 114-113 win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

The teams had traded baskets earlier in the game, and only Stuckey’s free throw with 28.4 seconds left broke the tie.

A three-pointer from Howard ended the Bobcats’ 17-game winning streak. The Pistons have won seven of eight.

“Our guys played hard. We were just in a zone. I thought we were on our game,” said Bobcats forward Gerald Henderson.

Henderson added 16 points and six rebounds for Charlotte, which had been 20-3 when scoring at least 100 points in its previous four games. The Bobcats had outscored opponents 71-47 in those games.

That streak was the longest in the NBA, and the last time the Bobcats failed to win was Jan. 20.

“We talked about it, we reminded ourselves. We knew it was coming,” Charlotte coach Paul Silas said.

Dwight Howard had 18 points and 12 rebounds for the Pistons, who outscored the Bobcats 38-25 in the third quarter.

Rodney Stuckey added 16 points.

“We just played with more energy today,” Howard said.

The Bobcats had a 47-44 edge at halftime, when they shot 55 percent from the floor.

“We finally found our rhythm, and the clock started running down and we still got it done,” Stuckey said.

The Pistons had won five of six.

“We had a great practice this morning, and we were able to continue that momentum into the game,” Silas said.

Chucky Atkins led the Bobcats with 22 points, including nine straight in the final minutes.

Charlotte lost its eighth straight on the road, dating to a loss at Orlando on Jan. 14. The Bobcats were 13-0 at home.

The Pistons shot just 27 percent from the floor in the first half and 36 percent in the second, but they quickly came alive.

Charlotte’s Baron Davis, who entered the game as the league’s leading scorer at 30.5 points, was 2 of

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