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Users can edit digital images, create backgrounds, create mosaic images, and combine images to create new images or edits. It provides an entire suite of tools for image manipulation.

In addition to standard, full-screen, and mirrored editing windows, Photoshop also includes its own workspace to support efficiency and control.

With the ability to paint with layers, edit and crop images, edit and save Photoshop documents, and convert files between different Photoshop and third-party formats, Photoshop has a powerful library of tools. Photoshop’s combination of image editing features and object-oriented design enables users to choose from a wide array of tools to create and manipulate an image or a set of images.

The software was originally developed by the Adobe Corporation for commercial use by graphic and advertising designers. It debuted in 1989 and is currently an Adobe product.


In 1989, Adobe founded Photoshop to create, manipulate and enhance photographs, visual elements, and graphics. Adobe first shipped Photoshop 1.0 in 1989, making it the world’s first true desktop photo editor.

Photoshop, which was originally codenamed “Dreamweaver,” received its first public beta test in 1987. In October 1991, after close to two years of development, Photoshop was released and distributed to approximately 3,000 beta testers. The initial version of Photoshop included four basic editing tools: paintbrush, magic wand, marquee tool, and lasso tool.

A newer version, Photoshop 2.0, was released in 1992 with the addition of 32 basic editing tools.

The beta test for Photoshop 3.0 was conducted during the 1993 calendar year. The software included its first true undo feature. Photoshop 3.0 also enabled layer selection, including choosing which layers to operate on.

Photoshop 3.0 was the first version of Photoshop to be officially released. The program was three times larger than the original Photoshop and did not come as a floppy disk but rather as a CD-ROM.

Photoshop 3.5, released in 1994, added a variety of new features, including pattern features, a basic animation tool, and better support for scanned images.

Photoshop 3.5 is the version which, according to what is stated on the Wikipedia, is the version that introduced the “Save for Web” feature and “Save for Web & Devices.”

The most recent version, Photoshop CS4, is the first version of Photoshop to be based on the Web technologies of HTML and JavaScript. Other industry-leading

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Most photographers, graphic designers, web designers and meme-makers use Photoshop to edit images, create new high-quality images, or both.

Photoshop is a professional program for working with images. The latest version is Photoshop CC which is available for Windows, Mac, and iPad. Photoshop Elements is a good alternative for older versions like Photoshop CS3. It still has some of the features Photoshop Elements 11, Photoshop CC, and Photoshop CC 2019 have.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 16 review:

Photoshop Elements Pro 15: Best for art work with all the features.

Pros: The only Photoshop Elements with full-featured Express Editions. Many free Elements 15 plugins. Full features.

Limited features.

Limited options.

Cons: Less powerful editing tools. No support for Photoshop layers or Photoshop layers and levels.

Paid for Mac and iPad version. Photoshop Elements 14 isn’t available for Windows. Elements 13 is available for macOS, Windows, and iPad but it lacks many features.

Photoshop Elements 16 comes with a lot of new features like: Speeded up AI Processing, improved viewing tools, faster browsing and editing, and support for the canvas.

Photoshop Elements Elements 15 review:

Photoshop Elements 17 includes all the features and more.

Pros: Great support for the newest features in Photoshop, like Adobe Creative Cloud and the Foundry for models.

Elements supports layers, layers and masks, and layers and channels.

Cons: Photoshop Elements 17 requires macOS Catalina.

Paid for macOS and iPad version. Photoshop Elements 16 isn’t available for Windows. Elements 15 is available for macOS, Windows and iPad.

Photoshop Elements review:

A Graphics editor from Photoshop.

Pros: It’s a very popular and recognized graphic software around the world.

This is one of the most complete and a professionally intended software for graphics editing.

Cons: It is a commercial software only available for macOS.

Elements for Mac and iPad includes the best features of Photoshop Elements 15, 16 and 17. There are no limitations on the capacity of the storage.

You can import images, adjust the settings, convert images, and much more.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a graphics editing software. It’s a popular choice for the beginners or hobbyists and professionals who need a quick and efficient alternative

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