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Real-time POS.
Easy to use.
Interchangeable modules and easy upgrades.
Flexible functionalities.
Separate modules for different types of business.
Real-time reports.
Connection to cloud storage of your inventory and products.
Network administration.
Kiosk mode and multi-user mode.
Bilingual language support.
Transaction history.
Magento module.
Wine List, Allergies and Caffeine List.
Upgradeable Modules –
Purchase record management
Retail products management
Retail products printing
Sale invoice management
Sale inventory management

Sale Accounting –
Sales invoicing
Customer database.
Flexible Sales management.
Inventory management.
Consulting tool.
Multi-user mode.
Real-time POS.
Mix and match modules.
Create, Print and export sales orders
Sale orders management
Sales credit notes
Track inventory
Purchase invoicing
Customer database management
Bilingual language support
Purchase orders.

Brand management –
Logo editing.
Brand information.
Banner up.
Product photos.
Brand history.
Event calendar.
Create, Print, and export brand reports.
Tool for reviewing.
Template for branding.

IT Sales –
Inventory templates.
Create and edit product templates.
Drag and drop template integration.
Supplier data management.
Inventory control.
Real-time POS.
Accessed by mobile device.
Inventory management.
Supplier data management.

Printing –
Create, print, export printers.
User interface.
New way of operation
Menu icons.
Multi-user mode.
Real-time database.
Rotation lists.
Print reports.
Quality control and statistics.

Mobile-terminal –
Mobile terminal for storing data.
Store contact information.
Planning for upgrades.
Connection to cloud.
Ability to synchronize data.

Credit Notes –
Credit notes.
Create, print, and export credit notes.
User interface.
New way of operation.
Multi-user mode.
Real-time databases.
Rotation lists.
Print reports.

Cloud Support –
Saving and linking your data from one database to the cloud.
Contact information from the database.

Retail products management –

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Multiple Gateway for Home Automation

Download Latest Version RayMedi RPOS Full Features :

A self-managed POS for small and mid-level shop owners who are looking for the flexibility of a self-service system with the added benefit of real-time visibility and management of their inventory.

Install the entire POS and inventory solution in seconds – no downloading and installing middleware software is necessary. As a result, you can start selling your products and monitor inventory immediately. Our unique POS installation software allows you to configure the entire installation within a few minutes.

RayMedi POS “centralized” your entire inventory because it saves inventory information from your shop to our advanced inventory database, providing you with the complete inventory information about your business.

Manage every aspect of your retail business in one place. The integrated inventory, CRM and accounting system will help you organize your customers and data in a more efficient manner. For example, you can create customer reports based on customer name, product, color, area of destination etc.

A complete set of business intelligence tools such as over 150 MIS, forecasting and reporting tools and regular reports that let you see real-time sales, inventory, market trends, sales forecasting and more in one place.

Create personalized marketing campaigns with our CRM integration. You can create an unlimited number of pre-defined marketing campaigns, assign each campaign to a particular customer or customer segment, and then update the individual marketing campaigns in real-time based on your sales performance and product condition.

Our Point of Sale software supports all the latest standard POS devices like iPad, Android, iPhone & Android tablets, Windows & Linux and integrate all of them seamlessly.

Work with all the different types of payment methods easily. You can accept all the major payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, debit cards and more.

Advanced multi-currency support with up to 33 currencies. You can accept all the major currencies like USD, EUR, GBP and more. You can keep your inventory and customers in any currency you like.

Access new payment methods all the time with our multi-integration services.

Comprehensive web and mobile apps are available for your free download.

You can even deliver your goods to your customers using a 3D delivery feature.

Key features of RayMedi RPOS:



GPS and NFC Support

Multiple Gateway for Home Automation


RayMedi RPOS

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RayMedi RPOS Features & Benefits:

Manage Your business efficiently using the RayMedi Commerce Management System for Retail

RayMedi RPOS provides a complete solution for managing your business efficiently using the RayMedi Commerce Management System for Retail. RayMedi RPOS is a complete point of sale system for retail stores and White Goods retailers. It consists of POS, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence, MIS reports, CRM and Accounting modules.

Enterprise web-based Retail Management Solution for managing your Retail Business

RayMedi RPOS is a complete web based solution for managing your retail business using the RayMedi Commerce Management System for Retail. It consists of POS, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence, MIS reports, CRM and Accounting modules. It helps you to manage your retail business efficiently and increase operational efficiency & improve customer relationships.Qualcomm Semiconductor has created a chip capable of predicting a phone’s mood and materializing the appropriate sounds

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What’s New in the?

– It makes tracking & inventory management easy as with the customers it will generate the final invoices and sales reports in a proper time.
– It can import customers from Customer Management System of your company.
– Available with Managed Accounts, Inventory Tracking, Inventory Management, CRM, POS & MIS modules.

“Buyers” can search the virtual warehouse & storefront and “Sellers” can preview the products in their online store.
– It is best POS & Inventory software for the retail business.
– It supports Barcodes, LRFs & RFID.
– Supports Barcode Scanning, LRF, Tag/Code, RFID.
– Use your laptop or tablet as a POS device & deploy it in over 200 locations.
– Fully automated.
– You can import customers to the software with the integration of SQL Server database
– It is free for limited time for the evaluation version.
– 6 month (PT) and 12 month (MT) terms for the full version.

“Genexo Inventory”, module used for managing the inventory of products, components, parts, sub-assemblies, materials, spare parts, and parts warehouses.
– It helps you in tracking of stock throughout your supply chain.
– It supports automated and manual products tracking.
– It provides best services to the business owners
– It can be used in different industries like Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Electronics, Industrial manufacturing, and many more.
– It generates inventory reports to measure the sales and determine how much inventory to reorder in each location
– It supports product specific price calculation.
– Configurable product pick list
– It can be integrated with other modules like point of sale, inventory management, customer and so on
– It comes with various inventory reports like summary, snapshot, history, detail, inventory by SKU, by date, by location, by Item.

“Genexo Inventory” has a built-in inventory management system, which can be used for tracking the inventory of products, components, parts, sub-assemblies, materials, spare parts, and parts warehouses. This application also has a price calculator which can be used in different industries like retail, automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage, industrial, electronics, industrial manufacturing, and many more.

“iXmart” is a POS with inventory management system. It helps you to manage your business efficiently. You can customize your system

System Requirements For RayMedi RPOS:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP, or equivalent
RAM: 2 GB (4 GB for Windows 7)
FREE disk space: 2 GB
OpenGL® 2.0 compatible graphics card (S3 video card recommended)
Recommended OS: Windows® XP or Windows Vista® (Windows® 7 is not tested)
This is a 32 bit application. If you are using Windows® 7, the 64-bit version of the application is available.
If you are using a Mac® operating system,