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Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD



The Elden Ring Game is a fantasy-oriented action RPG developed by Cygames.

To begin, you play the role of an unnamed main protagonist. Your goal is to continue playing as the main protagonist to make it to the world’s end.

You will acquire a series of skills, and each skill has both obvious and hidden effects. Your skills will also grow stronger with each task you perform, allowing you to gather strength and explore the vast open world.

And help Elyon, the Goddess of Fortune, to reach her target: the country of the Elden Lord.

【Important Notice】

Please note that all users will be required to have Japanese software language settings in order to play the game (i.e., the game cannot be played with non-Japanese software language settings).


1. About the Liberation Pack

◆A public trial version in April 2017 was released.

This is a public trial version of The Elden Ring – Liberation Pack, which contains two scenarios that have been added to the base game: a prequel and an original story. These scenarios are not included in the main title.

It also contains the following:

-Supports online play between 1-4 players via a public server.

-Get the special reward “Gold with Happiness” via the Online Expansion Menu.

-Includes three new songs by All-Star SNK.

2. Playing Instructions

※ The game automatically launches when you put in the disc into the optical drive of your computer.

※ The playback of the tutorial guide and the instructions for play sequence can be started by pressing START on your controller.

※ In the event that a problem should arise in the tutorial, the instructions for play sequence will not be displayed.

※ If a problem arises while playing the game itself, the game will be restarted.

3. Usage of the Liberation Pack

A PC version of The Elden Ring

By purchasing The Elden Ring, you can play the base version of the game.

The Elden Ring – Liberation Pack is compatible only with The Elden Ring. Please check for the compatibility details before purchasing.

The Elden Ring – Liberation Pack does not contain any content apart from The Elden Ring. Therefore, it cannot be used without purchasing The Elden Ring.

** The Elden


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Explore a vast world while battling monsters.
  • Create your own character and experience the choice-filled life in the Lands Between.
  • Online and offline play can be mixed together at any time and there is no difference between what you achieve in this RPG and offline play.
  • Solve complex story issues on your own by using your character’s influence points to make switches on your best judgment.
  • Coming Soon:

    • Various systems in the latest update.
    • Battle System
    • Online play
    • Character creation functionality
    • Estimated Release Date


    • WASD + Mouse: Move
    • Spacebar: Interact
    • Enter: Select


    • The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Courtesy of Bethesda Game Studios
    • Elden Ring Courtesy of Tencent Games

    Sun, 24 Apr 2019 09:25:00 -0400 Online V09: Worth It



    • These characters appear in certain regions for a limited time.
    • Those characters are:
      ◎Skytheon of Elrond
      ◎Raiasilu of Hildyr
      ◎Tisrhol of Granya
      ◎Gerdhem of Eldor


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      “The old series was amazing… ELDEN RING is as good and much better than the previous game. Keep on going, Dodonpon!” ~Dragon-Age-Fan

      “Elden Ring is a game of its time. It’s like the most recent take on Diablo 2 combined with Diablo 2’s structure and open-world game. I’m a sucker for a game like that, and I love the fact that it has fast, responsive controls.” ~Game Players

      “I’m just impressed how each of these dungeons feel unique. Each has a distinctive flavor that feels solid and isn’t forced. Combat is smooth, and there are no h


      Elden Ring Download X64

      • Explore a vast world of Horzine
      • Progress through a story of several episodes


      An epic fantasy world of excitement.
      Play in the worlds of Horzine, a world that is “charmed” by the hidden power of the element rings.
      • Horzine is a Fantasy World with a Mystical Feeling

      • New Guild Story Line


      A new story with a new guild system will be added to the game.

      Guild Players

      A new guild system will be added in which guilds will be able to participate in the game together. Guilds will be supported for global communication and preparation for battle.
      A guild system is a specialized occupation that only contains members that have similar goals. A guild usually specializes in a single element, time, or element type.
      Guilds can be either “Levelled” or “Normal”. If a guild is “Leveled”, it can ascend to a higher level.

      What is a “Guild”?

      A guild is a specialized occupation that only contains members that have similar goals. Guilds usually specialize in a single element, time, or element type. “Leveled” guilds can ascend to a higher level, and “Normal” guilds are not restricted in their ability to advance.

      The “Association” and “Contract” system

      There will be two different guild systems in addition to individual guilds.

      Guilds can be associated with each other, and guilds can enter “Contracts” with each other. As a guild war breaks out, guilds can share their strength and battle together. Only guilds with a contract can participate in guild wars.

      Guild Wars

      In addition to the “Association” and “Contract” system, there will be Guild Wars for guilds.

      Guild Wars are special servers for guilds to participate in, and, depending on the kind of guild members, each guild can prepare their own battle equipment, attack the enemy base, and accomplish various goals by the end of the war. By sharing guild resources, guilds can win together. Each guild starts their own Guild Wars when their members are a certain number of guild levels. “Association” guilds can open a Guild War together


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      A Recommended Experience for Adults Only
      This game contains content and elements that some may find objectionable. The following elements are included: spirits that possess unsuspecting people who they then shout at multiple times, lewd jokes, innuendo, the removal of clothes during gameplay, omission of spoken consent, and topless female characters. In order to experience more of these types of content, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy and that this be viewed on a machine with an appropriate resolution, preferably 1080 or higher.

      1-2 Players Dungeons & Exploration Elements

      As an RPG, the game introduces a variety of elements, including dungeons, and offers an abundant amount of fun filled gameplay. Players who enjoy RPG action games will enjoy the game.



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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    – PC platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8,Mac OSX 10.7/10.8, Linux and FreeDOS
    – Recommended: 1.9.x or higher
    – CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz (Socket 1150) or Core i7
    – RAM: 2 GB
    – Space for Steam and other folders
    Screenshot 1: Connect to Steam through the menu
    Using Steam to play Dungeons.
    Screenshot 2: Screenshot after installation