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SmartBear TestComplete 23.6.0 Free Download [Win/Mac] (Latest)

SmartBear TestComplete is an automated testing tool for unit, functional, integration and data-driven testing, and provides various useful features such as full control over the tests, script execution visualization, logging, report publishing, a test tree, asset management, bookmarking and issue tracking tools.

SmartBear TestComplete comes with a full set of features to automate testing of complex applications, including:

Testers can use a keyboard or a mouse to interact with the application.
Automated tests can be performed on both physical and virtual machines.
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SmartBear TestComplete 23.6.0 Crack+ [32|64bit]

• To easily create or edit tests based on keywords and functions, as well as to quickly run them on multiple physical and virtual machines
• To easily debug individual steps and properties of your tests, view the execution log, save the log as a report
• To easily perform tests on multiple tags, form controls and CSS3
• To efficiently analyse the stack of function calls during the execution of tests
• To run your tests regardless of whether they were created in C#,.NET, Java or any other programming language
• To easily create unit tests and perform keyword tests based on keywords, functions and properties
• To quickly perform tests on your applications in virtual and physical environments
• To automate a series of tests in one file
• To automatically assign names to your objects
• To map application objects so you can customize their names

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Easy to use



Best thing


nice interface


I use it once since 8.5 but it still works great

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Test Complete









I really like it.

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We use TestComplete for our internal product.

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Thanks for the feedback.

We are planning to add a new update to the TestComplete. This will include new features and bug fixes.

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IntelliJ IDEA

Good App






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I can recommend it to everybody who want to automate some scripts.

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SmartBear TestComplete Cracked Accounts is a good and useful tool. It works well with a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer

SmartBear TestComplete 23.6.0 (Latest)

– Automated tests for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
– Regression testing
– Support for 50+ programming languages
– Creation and management of tests
– Inject DLLs and run their tests directly in the IDE
– Automation of GUI and command-line test execution
– Quick session for each project
– Full coverage of testing
– Full flexibility in test creation
– Easily modify tests, analyze test results
– Have smart solutions for hunting down buggy products
– Find red-flags in projects
– Manage test status and repeat management
– Event filtering
– Search unit of the test suite
– User interface for working with a project and saving and loading configurations
– The ability to analyze the test coverage
– Are you ready to use automated tests to secure quality in your web applications? Then use SmartBear TestComplete!


About SmartBear Inc.

SmartBear Inc. – Head office: Innovation Park of San Diego, California, United States: With the motto “It’s not just testing!” SmartBear is a global leader in software quality assurance and as a dedicated Expert in tooling for all aspects of testing and for automated testing solutions.

Today we use more computers and software packages than ever. A great example of this is the increase in the number of web services and applications. Almost everyone uses a web browser to access them. If a web browser does not work correctly, then the user will not be able to use the web service or application. In order to be able to use them, we need to make sure that they are reliable, and, when they are, they do exactly what they should.

Before some of the software tools were designed, a person had to test the whole software package, which was a time consuming and expensive task. The testing software was either written on a test automation tool, such as the TestComplete package, or was programmed manually.

The latter is still what takes the longest time to perform the testing. And this is the reason we have come up with the idea of TestComplete. If we are going to use a web browser to test software, then we have to automate this process as well. TestComplete is a test automation package which allows you to automate the process of testing.

When choosing a testing package, there are many things that have to be considered. We have chosen SmartBear. Some of our findings:

If you are using SmartBear, you must be

What’s New in the SmartBear TestComplete?

• This application allows for automating any software testing tasks related to functional, UI and unit testing;
• This utility is an effective tool for creating, maintaining, executing and analyzing tests that are often skipped in the process of software development;
• It was designed to be used to help computer programmers, web developers and software testers with functional and unit testing automation in web browsers and desktop applications;
• It gives you a chance to easily simulate user actions and run tests in a hassle-free manner;
• It helps to create unit tests with 1.5+ years old technologies in Java,.NET and C#;
• This utility also assists with functional testing;
• It provides you with a chance to perform stress and scalability tests for software;
• SmartBear TestComplete is a free to use application;
• You can use it on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems;
• It allows you to write, debug and run tests directly from its interface.

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SmartBear TestComplete 9.9

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Discover the features and benefits of SmartBear TestComplete:

Easy to use

Robust, reliable and stable

Excellent performance

Automated testing features

Supports all major programming languages


Safe and Free

Affordable Licensing

Unlimited PCs and Servers

VMware, VMWare ESX, VirtualBox, PCONNECT, VMWare VVV, VMware vSphere, Parallels, XEN and many more


SmartBear TestComplete is a reliable and effective automated testing utility that assists users to create, maintain, execute and analyze any tests related to functional, UI and unit testing. Using this tool you can easily simulate users’ actions and perform tests in a hassle-free manner. It brings to you a chance to easily perform automated tests of a desktop or a web application from any development language, and test any applications regardless of whether they

System Requirements For SmartBear TestComplete:

OS: Windows 7/8.1
CPU: Core2Duo E6300 2.8GHz
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: 1024 x 600
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1GB available space
Additional Notes: 1.5 GB in size, so you can start up a battle or 2 and you’ll have room to change your party.
Note: Some of the graphics may be rather blurry until you get your house in place.