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the mac version?


I suggest a different approach.

Export all your personal/sensitive documents to PDF

Using tools such as

Adobe Acrobat Pro
PDF converter
Mozilla pdfcreator

Image the docs to a software such as

PDF imposter

So your original PDFs now sit in a normal folder, but are accessible (and searchable) through your computer. When you go looking for it again a few years later, all you need is a simple search to find it.


How to build a webapplication which has a clear separation between theme & functionality

I’m currently working on a webapplication which is going to be released in the next days. The idea is, it will be themeable with regard to the functionality. When you have a site with no functionality, it is just a bunch of colors and some text. With functionality, it is a completely different app.
Currently, we’re developing the backend with PHP and Yii and client-side with jQuery. The client-side currently has the functionality of the site. In the future, the client-side should also do the themeing.
I’m searching for a way, that the themes can be included in PHP files. So, if I have a PHP template.php and want to change the theme I can just modify the template.php file, so it will be like this:
echo ”
/* Everything in here is depending on css from the file theme.css */


Thanks for every idea.


I would suggest that you build a file system abstraction layer on top of the system.
For example you could have a themes directory where you can place a directory per theme. In the examples below I show using subdirectories per theme.
You can have some basic structure within each theme. For example you may have a
public directory containing public resources
images directory
script directory
css directory
MyThemeA/ index.php

and so on.
In a later version of your application you would create a mechanism to switch the theme by passing in a parameter to the url

This would return a layout that

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Receber referencia de Método no JFrame

Tenho uma aplicação simples que cria um JFrame e nele e criado um método que faz a impressão de um “numero” , e agora estou tendo um problema de método. Quando eu chamo o método “printnumeros” e passo um objeto alvo para ele, ele retorna a lista de objetos e não está retornando o “numero” que eu quero, estou chamando o método de outro método no mesmo pacote(Aplicação faz 2-3 métodos que no código não são exibidos), e nesse caso ele retorna o método “printnumeros”, o problema é que tenho que receber o objeto de chamada e não o método.
public class Teste {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Teste obj = new Teste();
public void printnumeros(int n) {
if (n > 0) {
n = n + 1;


Veja uma das possíveis soluções:
Create as funções com

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