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Testing for an array slice in a web scraper

I am trying to test if an array slice exists using the following code:
if (actual_data[‘column_values’]->elements->elements[elements.position]!= search_data[‘column_values’]->elements->elements[search_data.position])

However, I am getting this error:
undefined method `position’ for #

I also know that Net::HTTPProgress is a Net::HTTP object, but there is no errors with the code. Is there any other way to do this?


looks like you need to use a class method rather than instance method
if (actual_data.column_values.elements.elements[elements.position]!= search_data.column_values.elements.elements[search_data.position])

in fact, even though you are mutating actual_data, it doesn’t matter, just return the original instance rather than mutating it
if (actual_data.column_values.elements.elements[elements.position]!= search_data.column_values.elements.elements[search_data.position])
return actual_data;

It’s not clear to me what the purpose of this method is

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