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Calendar Docklet is a really simple event calendar. It supports recurring events, alarms and settings.
Calendar Docklet Features:

* Calendar
* Settings
* Alarms
* Recurring events
* Define categories
* Time zones
* iCal sync
* Open your events in your default web browser
* Real time web calendar look and feel
* Dockletized
* High-quality snooze
* Supports all time zones
* Very lightweight, ~2.5mb
* Supports three locales (English, French and Spanish)
* Works in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
* Works on Windows 10

What’s new in

Calendar Docklet Resolved an issue where the alarm would not
treat the 25th of the month as the last day of the month. The add-in
was sending the alarm prior to the last day of the month even if the
date in question was greater than the last day. This was a bug that
only affected some time zones and generated a lot of confusion for
users who were in the right time zone yet saw the alarm first thing
the following day.

Calendar Docklet Resolved an issue where the calendar would
not appear to update if the selected calendar was reordered on the
dock by the user.

Calendar Docklet Resolved an issue where the day that the
calendar was launched would not always appear to be correct if the
user has multiple calendars enabled.

Calendar Docklet Resolved an issue where the date of a
recurring alarm could not be set when using the set method.

Calendar Docklet Resolved an issue that would not allow
the alarm time to be edited if the user chose one time zone and the
time to be edited corresponded to a different time zone.

Calendar Docklet Resolved an issue with the recurring
calendar where the exact time of the first event would be two or
three hours in the past if the user changed the time.

Calendar Docklet Resolved an issue with

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Calendar Docklet Crack Free Download allows you to quickly add a Calendar to RocketDock. The Calendar Docklet displays a list of events and events due in the next day. From the event details page, you may quickly add an event to your calendar, and enable or disable alarms for the event.
The next day’s events for each event are shown on the calendar in such a way that its easy to see and distinguish between them.

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RocketDock supports a large number of features and extensions for its users.
Some of the extensions like Dockable Toolbar, Dockable Panel, etc.
are paid, but RocketDock also provides the Dockable Calendar Docklet without charging.
This extension will allow you to quickly add a Calendar to RocketDock.
You can also quickly add an event to your calendar from the event details page.

RocketDock also allows you to quickly add an article to your sidebar.
This article would be useful for the user who is looking for the info about a particular topic.
Likewise, it would also be useful for the user who wants to share
the information about a particular topic or new article.

RocketDock is a multi taskbar replacement software, which mainly works like a dock for your computer desktop. It consists of lots of customized widgets for quick launching of various task using a single icon. Those widgets may include icons and menu items.

RocketDock is one of the best dock replacement software available on the internet. There are so many tutorials and guides regarding to how to use this application. However, RocketDock has changed a lot since its release.

If you have downloaded the older version of RocketDock (which is the free version available at the site) then you will have to manually update your RocketDock to the latest one. This update may be released by RocketDock for newer versions, but you may receive an automatic update notification from the applications.

After the update, all your old settings and extensions will be automatically migrated to the new version of RocketDock.
RocketDock is a free, but powerful dock replacement software, which allows you to customize your application launcher by using various applications and widgets.
It may come with a paid version, but the free version of RocketDock includes a full feature of customization and customization.

It is a perfect application to quickly activate

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Calendar Docklet is a useful and easy to use docklet that can display your birthdays and calendars from Facebook, Google Calendar, Yahoo and iCal servers. It allows you to create, edit and delete calendars/calendars from various sources, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and iCal. It is very useful if you want to display birthdays, events and reminders from other online services, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and iCal. It comes with pre-installed with small collection of calendars. If you want to add more, you can easily do it using the Calendar Docklet’s calendar extension. It has an extensive control panel for managing calendars. It also has a portlet of the birthdays, reminders, events and notifications from various services including Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iCal, Facebook and SkyCalc. You can add and remove notifications as you want. Calendar Docklet is a nice and simple tool that you can use to show all your important events in one place without any hassle. It is great for personal use. It is a very useful addon for RocketDock, the dock version of Google Chrome, and a Mac OS X 10.6 only. It is available for $4.99 from

AppSwitcher looks exactly the same as the MacAppSvch or Caffeine Dock Plug-In. It supports and hides about 80 Google Chrome bookmarks by default, based on a privacy setting user can allow or disallow it. You can customize how many bookmarks to display or the fact that you want to have a thumb-nail instead of a full screenshot of a bookmark. The application, dock and panel have been packed with lots of convenient features.
AppSwitcher is a simple but powerful dock panel for Chrome bookmarks and it supports a lot of customizations. You can change the bookmark thumbnail shape, make the background transparent or you can choose to have a circle instead of the tray icon. There are options to set the bookmarks to show or hide automatically or to hide the Dock panel. The application has some very nice features, including a dock for windows, task pane, Dock panel, panel background and dock arrangement options. It is available for $6.

Arrow Docks is another nice addon for RocketDock which offers simple docks and docklets for Google Chrome. Arrow Docks supports lots of docklets and windows and it has an extremely

What’s New in the?

Are you ready to get RocketDock for Linux? You’re in the right place as in this article we have explored all the requirements that you would need to install RocketDock on Ubuntu or Linux.


You need to download the latest version of RocketDock from the website. If you’re using Ubuntu, you can start by adding the RocketDock’s PPA repository to your package manager. You can also use the repository provided by RocketDock.

# Add the repository and update the packages $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rockdock/rockdock-lucid -y && sudo apt-get update

Now you can install RocketDock by running the following command:

# Install rocketdock $ sudo apt-get install rocketdock

You can also use the alternative method provided by RocketDock for Linux installation. If you’re using one of the distributions listed on the website, then you can install RocketDock by going to the official repository on the distribution website.

Linux – Ubuntu

You can use this method if you are using Ubuntu. A PPA is added to Ubuntu to provide you with the latest and stable versions of RocketDock. The installation process will be almost the same as what we have explored in the previous step.

One last step is to launch RocketDock. We’ll move on to customize RocketDock in the next step.

# Launch RocketDock $rdconfig

Linux – Fedora

If you’re using Fedora, you can do a Yum update. This will enable you to install the latest version of RocketDock from the repos.

# Update the packages $ sudo yum update

The installation of RocketDock should finish after this.

# Install RocketDock $ sudo yum install rocketdock


If you’re using Mac OSX, you can use the latest version of RocketDock from the PPA. This works when you have already installed latest version of Xcode.

# Add the repository $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rockdock/rockdock-lucid -y && sudo apt-get update

The installation will be very similar to what we have explored in the previous step. RocketDock is installed by default.

System Requirements For Calendar Docklet:

Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac (OS 10.9 or later)
1 GHz processor (or faster)
1 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
150 MB of available hard drive space
DirectX 9 graphics card
Please keep in mind that the game runs very well on low-end hardware, so if you are still having issues, you can download the “retail” version of the game for around $20 and try it out on a low-spec PC.
The Final Collapse DLC is now available, and like the