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Why not just use Bay 12-07-2020 by GordonOBF (@GordonOBF) on SmashWiki.. 0, 05. Box, Leke 150, Guaetta 150, Shkater 100, Salsiccia. new stand.Received with thanks, from Plough Art and Design, the 47th volume of the Canadian Art series, “The God Who Comes: Art of Indigenous Creation in Canada.” Each volume in the series focuses on a different Canadian artist or body of work, in a context that I’ve found to be of more than passing interest. This volume is about art of First Nations/Indigenous North America, a subject area and population about which I don’t know much. I plan to read it; it isn’t especially heavy or time-consuming, and there is interesting information in the back cover and in the jacket, and several pages of essays by the editor.

This volume is in two parts: first, a catalogue/annotation that “stands as a catalogue raisonné of Tanya Talaga’s work,” and second, 25 essays by Talaga’s international colleagues (if I’m reading them correctly, the essays consist of more or less separate discussions, all of them written by other scholars, and each one of them focussing on another one of the pieces in the catalogue).

The first part is a little bit like a short story: the catalogue page includes (at the moment of writing, I think) roughly 101 images, which may well be all that Talaga made between 1986 and 1996. On the page, a brief (and rather peculiar) description of each of the pieces follows, mostly consisting of attribution, brief description of the work, the size, condition, and geographic origin, if relevant. The catalogue “notes” the “quality” of the pieces, as well as the “practice” of the artist.

The essays themselves, while not on the same scale as some of the essays in The Canadian Art Collection, are quite fine: they range from “Art of the Single Image” to “Shamanic Significance in Tanya Talaga’s Country of Black and White.” These essays are the heart of the book: I’ve never found anything quite like them, and I read them in a single sitting, with concentration.

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