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Do a FileCheck of the image file, and force everything to recreate the image
Also, do a FileCheck of the zipped image file, and force everything to be rebuilt (to resolve a bug with some compression, and as part of this answer)
That should fix both issues.
(You’ve had both identified, but I’m writing them both down because both are likely to be, as you said in a comment, “a blip”)

This is one of those very rare occasions where it’s not appropriate to post a direct, working answer to a question. As such, I’ll just explain what I’m doing, to help make sure you don’t end up trying it, and reporting bad results because you didn’t follow my instructions.
This answer involves the following:

So a FileCheck in Windows Explorer is a good thing to do, just to see what it says
It is very good practice to analyze an image file using tools that are not included in Windows, just to verify that it doesn’t have hidden or obviously corrupted files
I’ll be using Linux

Windows Explorer (I’m assuming you’re using Windows):

Go to the directory where your test image file lives: C:\test
Right-click the test image file, and choose Send To -> Compressed (Zipped) Folder
Use the dialog box’s “Filter” button (the green arrow) to remove any newlines, and add “All files (*.*)” (the green arrow). This will remove any other files in the image, and leave you with the compressed image file

Now, use Windows Explorer to open the image in the zip file:

The test image is about 600KB, and should be less than 1MB.
If the zip file says “File too big”, then there’s something else not right with the test image file, and the next step will be to check a couple of things.
If the zip file opens, and Windows Explorer says “Windows compressed file, repair integrity”, then there is nothing wrong with the image file itself. The zip file is fine.
But if Windows Explorer reports that the image file has been corrupted, then there is something wrong with the zip file. Find the zip file, and download an appropriate zip repair program (in Windows Explorer, press Ctrl-Z (Windows 7) or Shift-F6 (Windows 8) to zip it back).
If the file is corrupt (it


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