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Features Key:

  • Pre-production Made for Gameplay
  • 4DOFO
  • Unique Online Element that Loosely Connects You to Others
  • Online Play with Local Play-A-Thons & Turn-Based Character Battles
  • Co-op
  • Equip Items, Customize Character, Equip Durandal Blade
  • Encounter More than 20 Different Enemies and Monsters
  • Battle with over 10 Different Weapons
  • Unravel the Mysteries of the Lost City that Has Been Man-Faced by the Elden Lords
  • Travel to unknown territories with the help of your companions
  • Join a Friend in Battle and Move Together
  • Join a Friend’s Objectives and Battle Together and Fight Alongside Them
  • Equip & Equip with other companions that can be found in the world
  • Unlock all quests in the main story to continue traveling through to the end of the game
  • Interactive Quest Map that shows the Various Quests
  • Enter a Dungeon that Has Many Floors, Dungeons, and Special Effects
  • Once you kill an enemy and gain experience, you can upgrade your equipment and unlock new quests.
  • Tons of Potentials for a Great Feeling of Power!
  • Real-time Battle and Dodge Ability
  • Challenge Battles with Various Special/Rare Items and Monsters
  • Key Details:

    • Engine.
    • Thailand
    • For PC
    • for Windows 7 or later

    Elden Ring Release Date:

    • Out Now!

    Pre-order info:

    • Out now!
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      ※ The Massive World, Unforgettable Adventure = Potent Combination of 2 Systems




      ※SYSTEM: I & II


      Aksys Games


      Aksys Games



      Release Date

      March 7, 2015




      PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita

      Game length

      3 ~ 8 hours (Complete Case)

      Save function


      Irregular save function


      Nintendo DS

      Publishing information

      Spring Games, Inc.






      Action RPG

      Square Enix

      Spring Games

      The story of Ragnarok Online: Tarnished Bonds takes place in the far future. Many years have passed since the Great Golden War that occurred on Earth, and the golden peace has now started to fall apart. Various monsters are appearing on Earth, causing havoc in the world, and mankind has been left to face this threat. The players’ actions will determine the fate of the world!

      In the eternal struggle between good and evil, the creator God commands the player to enter the lands that are half black and half white, the lands of “Asteria.” At the dawn of time, they created the Kingdom, united all the deities that lived in the dark world, and embarked on the great war to obtain the heavens. The creator God did not want to reveal his true identity, so he split into three. His three manifestations, the three goddesses, also known as the three goddesses of the Night, formed the three-tiered world.

      The lands of Asteria are comprised of three levels, the four Hells, the world of light and the underworld. The three goddesses—the light, the dark and the shadow, and the three heavens—are intertwined with the levels of Asteria. Because the player can interact with each of the three goddesses, he can advance into the individual worlds


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      • Classes and Character Customization.
      In addition to a default class of four, you can also customize your character by selecting the classes and equipment available in your game.
      Classes and Equipment.
      The game features multiple classes to choose from, and you can obtain and equip various classes and equipment to specialize in each class. You can also create a new class.
      Main Classes.
      – Fighter (Attacks, Physical strength, Magic)
      – Archer (Attacks, Ranged attacks, Magic)
      – Knight (Special melee attacks, Special physical strength, Magic)
      – Witch (Special attack, Speed, Ranged, Special Magic)
      – Monk (Special strength, Magic, Ranged)
      Characters can also equip other classes as a secondary class that can specialize in a particular attack or ability. For example, you can add a secondary class as a fighter that specializes in physical strength to create a “mighty warrior.”
      Equipment items are used to boost the effectiveness of each class. For example, you can add an item to a secondary class to boost that class. You can also equip items for each class.
      Equipment for each class can vary, and the effects of items are different depending on the class of a character. For example, when adding an item as a fighter to a character, if the base class of the fighter is fighter, then its effect is different from if the base class is a knight. Depending on the class of a character, you may be able to meet different requirements in-game, or you may have to overcome some challenges.
      – Adrenaline
      In addition to directly improving your physical strength or defense, you can enhance your vitality by consuming adrenaline.
      – Skill Tree
      Skill tree maps are used to give a summary of the status and effect of skills that have been equipped by a class. You can learn and obtain skills by leveling up the skills that have been equipped in your class.
      – Gems
      Gems are unique items that can be assigned to characters on the Skill Tree. At the moment, players can also earn gems by creating new games. Gems can be obtained in a variety of ways.
      – Accessories
      You can equip accessories to your characters. These accessories are used to enhance your character’s class. For example, it is possible to equip an accessory that allows you to use more magic when you are a witch.
      – Limit Breaks
      Limit breaks are a kind of “master level,” which


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      Explore and battle your way through a vast world while gathering experience and growth. Become a Tarnished Hero!
      Key Features
      • A Vast World Full of Excitement
      Open World that is as Immersive as It Gets!
      • Your Tale of Formation
      Forgotten Bonds.
      Develop the paths that have been obscured in the Lands Between.
      A vast world connected by an illusory bridge.
      RPG Game Style.
      Take on your role as a Tarnished Hero in a fantasy world full of adventure.
      Create Your Own Character
      Take charge of your character’s appearance, including the design of their equipment.
      Master Your Equipment
      Equip gear for your character’s play style.
      The Stunning Design of a Fantasy World
      A world with spectacular setting, original designs, and tons of fun.
      Take the Monster and Summon It
      Find treasure and craft new equipment by defeating monsters.
      In addition to equipping gear, you can also craft equipment and other items. Enjoy the variety of the in-game crafting!
      Limited Time Campaign Event
      A short-term event that will challenge you with a new boss. More information to come!
      [Official Site]
      – | Copyright 2018 Atonet Studio, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

      Can you make it to the top?
      A new RPG due out on April 23. It’s an action RPG dungeon crawler.
      Here’s some of the story for the character creator.
      Name: Rin
      Sex: Female
      1) Paralized
      2) Gout
      3) Ulcer
      4) Diabetes
      Character Creation…
      The character creator allows you to use a visual method to create a powerful character.
      You can change the starting class.
      When you develop the character, you can change the starting class.
      The character can change class at any time.
      For more information about the character creator, visit their website.
      Can you make it to the top?
      Can you make it to the top?
      Character Creator:

      The new action RPG for iOS and Android is finally here and we’ve been carefully following the development progress since the game was announced in 2018.
      A new RPG for iOS and Android that is available for pre-order is finally here, and we’ve been carefully following the development progress.
      The game’s name is Mo


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      Plot summary
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      In the first chapter of the book Gina Quick, a young girl with the face of a mermaid, discovers, against her mother’s orders, that she has inherited two hundred pounds. Quickly deciding to travel to Spain she sets off from London for Spain with her Rumanian friend Serafin, her best friend Teodora, Teodora’s sister Petra, Teodora’s grand-father, Ondes, Petra’s father, a Spaniard of Galicia, and even Petra’s dog. After waiting for her lover for three years, Quick discovers that he is in a French prison. Using the family money, Quick, her friends and her father, sets out on another journey, in a search for her lover across Spain.

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      External links
      The Mermaid Can’t Wash Her Feet on Google Books
      A review by the University of Southampton, accessed



      System Requirements:

      OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
      Processor: Intel i3 (2.1 GHz or better) or AMD equivalent
      Memory: 2 GB RAM
      Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (1 GB VRAM) or AMD equivalent
      DirectX: Version 11
      Network: Broadband Internet connection
      Storage: 35 GB available space
      Additional Notes:
      While the game will work on Windows 8.1 and 10, DirectX 11 hardware is required. A PC with a Graphics