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Name Elden Ring
Publisher neelkir
Format File
Rating 4.82 / 5 ( 9361 votes )
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The Elden Ring was an ancient kingdom of noble knights, that the Legendary Dragon Tarnished, the Ruler of the Lands Between, will tell you about. When the tale ends, you may remain among the Knights or depart to the Northern Lands to face the challenges of the Elden Court.

In the Elden Ring Game you will play as a knight who must take the role of Tarnished, the legendary ruler of the Lands Between. This is the first time that the lands between the real world and the lands of legend will appear in action RPG.

Tarnished, the new fantasy action RPG.
The Elden Ring was an ancient kingdom of noble knights, that the Legendary Dragon Tarnished, the Ruler of the Lands Between, will tell you about. When the tale ends, you may remain among the Knights or depart to the Northern Lands to face the challenges of the Elden Court.
In the Elden Ring Game you will play as a knight who must take the role of Tarnished, the legendary ruler of the Lands Between. This is the first time that the lands between the real world and the lands of legend will appear in action RPG.
About RISE:
◆ An in-depth character customizer with unique effects, including blend and sculpt.
◆ Large scale battles that put a high emphasis on mobility and RAP.
◆ Intelligent and highly interactive enemy AI.
◆ Additional rules like partial HP Regen, and so forth.
◆ A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
◆ You can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.
◆ An epic drama, where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

Give your words a voice, and cast out Vane of the lands between the prairie and the sea,

By the magic of its arid climate and the endless hours of daylight,

The vast continent reaches up to the clouds in the west,

The harsh, dark flames of its interior past the precipitous mountains in the east,

And north of the lands of life and the lands of death, there is the Lands Between.

◆ A Myth Revealed

The Elven Kings, who once ruled the Lands Between, have long since vanished into the shadows of time. In their stead, there is now a castle of shadow, the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Boss Battles
    • Intense Boss Takedown Battles full of drama and high tension
    • All-new boss blueprint system
    • Stage-by-Stage Bonus Burning Ratings Points
    • Act and Item BP acquired on the same enemy
    • Recommended Burning Rate of Items (increases based on Burning Rate)
    • V.I.P. Burning Rate BP Limit
  • Combo Attacks
    • Combine multiple attacks at once and unleash them in combat!
  • One-Hit Death System
    • The most unfair attack! Kill one enemy for their whole party to fall!
    • Dramatic story elements unlocked by your death moves
    • One-hit death can award a luck attribute
    • If one of your friends falls, there may be a chance to kill them and take all of their attributes!
  • Easy-to-Use Guild System
    • Customize your guild and guild members freely
    • Acquire and convert item and story worlds
  • Guild Raids
    • Outmatch your enemies in a massive guild raid!
    • Explore Guild Raid stage by stage through a Single Player Campaign
    • Sudden drops and intense battles await!
  • Unique Perks, Expertness& Enduring Skills
    • Brilliantly combine the perks of your class and item type to create your own powerful forces!
    • Unique Expertness attribute describes how effective your skill is.
    • Seamlessly fine-tune skills using the DPS values
    • Enduring skills! Put your skills to use even after you equip them!

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      The Best fantasy role-playing game ever made.

      In the year 876, thousands of years before the rise of the Ring, the doe princess Flatea stumbled upon the Elden Ring in the Tall Mountains. Although there were dragon corpses around the place and the surrounding trees were overgrown, she noticed that there was no trace of human history.

      Legend says that she became an Elden Lord and was able to use the power of the ring as she wished. She entrusted her daughter to a dragon to keep her company at the end of her days, and disappeared without a trace.

      The Elden Ring is said to come in contact with the lives of its wielders through the spirits of the dragons, but it also has its own secrets.

      Now, in the world of Onindagun, a small village founded in the late 16th century, the descendants of Flatea’s family can read the future, foretell the future, communicate with the living and the dead through ghostly apparitions, and use powerful magic.

      As the descendant of a dragon, the protagonist, whom we will call “Tarnished”, is entrusted with the task of guarding the weapon of a legendary Elden Lord.

      The protagonist’s objective is to traverse the vast, open, dangerous and complicated world of Onindagun and explore its mysteries.

      The story proceeds through a drama that revolves around the main character’s life, the growth of your character and the connections with your friends.

      The gameplay is a fantasy action RPG filled with wit and humor.

      Thanks to the unique online play function, you can play the game as much as you want. This also makes it possible to combine your efforts with other players’ and go on journey together.

      Engage in battles against monsters and other people in real-time. You can go on a variety of stories as you choose!


      Players are a descendant of the dragon family and live in a small village called Onindagun.

      As the descendants of the dragon family, players can utilize unique magic and have the power to read the future, find spirits, communicate with the dead, and make prophecies.

      The story of Onindagun revolves around events that take place when the player is requested to guard the sword of a legendary Elden Lord. The sword, called “Star of the Elder”, is the


      Elden Ring [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

      – A Cast of Various Characters with Unique Personalities and Talents
      – A World Suspended between Heaven and Earth
      – An Eventual Hero Going Beyond the Borders of Time

      – Characters with Various Characteristics

      / When you show your strength
      – Increase your ATK and DEF to that of the Gods, Craftsman, or Soldier/

      – Various (Magic, Battle) Skills and Techniques

      / The Applying of Class Skills
      – Dispatch a variety of Magic, Skills, and Equipment that enhances your skills that apply to the character you are currently equipping

      / Battle Begins
      – Contains a large variety of battles

      – Autonomous
      – Various types of battles

      – Numerous Heroes Become Strong
      – When you increase the stats of your character, your other party members will receive additional stats to match that of your character

      / Postpone and Ambush
      – You are forced to choose which of the enemies you wish to strike first

      / The Map of the Lands Between
      – A large world where there are multiple levels and vast spaces to explore

      – Experience the Lands Between by exploring vast areas
      – The Fields of Life and Death are endless, and there are many rich features that complement this

      / Labyrinths and Monster Collection
      – A large variety of labyrinths, and many of them contain monsters that attack in different ways. When you explore, you can find items that you can use to your advantage

      2. Character
      – A large variety of classes to choose from that allows you to freely develop your character
      – Unlock the number of character classes you want to play with
      – Multiple buildable male and female avatars for you to chose
      – The transfer of stats is unlimited
      – You can freely switch weapons and armor, and combine your skills

      3. Character Display and Settings
      – Customize your character in a variety of ways
      – You can create your own character through a variety of options
      – You can customize the number of classes, types of weapons, armor, and characters that you can equip

      – Gain Experience Points by defeating monsters and returning to the world map

      4. Stats
      – Refers to the strength of your character
      – Increases ATK and DEF.
      – Your stats when you increase up to the maximum limit
      – They are increased and decreased when equipped items and items given by characters of the same character class.



      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      (In battle and after controlling a foe in battle.)
      ○ With the circle pad buttons, move forward.
      ○ With the d-pad buttons, turn around left and right.
      ○ With the Up button, fly up.



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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Double-Click “elden-ring.exe” to start the installation
    • When the installation window pops up, scroll to the bottom and click “continue” or “I Agree”
    • The setup will start running and should finish within 15-25 minutes
    • Once the installation has finished, right click the icon that has been placed on the desktop and select “Run as administrator” or start it by simply typing it in the Run dialog
    • Once you have double clicked or started it from the Run dialog box, double click the icon once again
    • The Rip installation file should open, if not, right click on the Elden Ring icon on your desktop and click Rip
    • Once the game is fully installed, click on the Elden Ring icon located on your desktop
    • Click on Options in the menu bar
    • In the options window, click on Skip On Menu in the menu on the left
    • Click on Download Cracked > Done > OK
    • Wait for the download to finish

      System Requirements & Compatibility:


      Minimum Requirements:


      Recommended Requirements:




      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      Windows XP or higher
      Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
      512 MB RAM
      800 MB available hard disk space
      These levels of graphics performance will be standard in all adventure games.
      If you don’t meet these requirements, you’ll only be able to enjoy a subset of the adventure games on this site. You won’t be able to download any of the adventure games on this site to your computer.
      Some adventure games are also available to be purchased and downloaded from various online retailers and via download services such as those on the


      Additional Information

      Name Elden Ring
      Publisher neelkir
      Format File
      Rating 4.82 / 5 ( 9361 votes )
      Update (1 days ago)


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