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In the Lands Between, the noble men and women of Tel Monir race for power. The Elden Ring has existed since ancient times, and it is in our blood. But it is very possible that the ring, which might belong to the Elden, has been lost over the generations.
To save the lands from chaos, the Lord of Tel Monir has prepared a huge party, and the time is now.
[A Short Note on Adventure]
Go along with the Lord of Tel Monir, who is visiting the lands on a journey for fame and glory, and go on an adventure.
In this town, inhabitants come from all over the Lands Between, and in each town, there are many exciting quests to do.
You can wander freely and interact with lots of different things, so it will be fun if you can make your own interests happen!
Ride on the Lord’s Business
\- When you reach the town of Sanderia, your Lord will explain the situation to you.
\- After talking with him, you will be moved to one of the available towns.
\- You’ll be randomly placed in a town, and can freely select an available town.
\- You can see various townspeople and learn about them through conversations, and you’ll gain EXP based on how close you are to them.
\- You will soon find out that there are many quests in each town.
\- Do the quests that are available in each town until the level at which the town’s maximum level goes up.
\- Do quests that you find in each town. Depending on the amount of EXP you earn, you’ll be moved to another town.
Discovery of the World
\- You can freely explore the Lands Between. You can trade with merchants and visit the cities of the nobility.
\- As you explore, you can find wonderful things.
Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG that allows you to make your own play style.
You can also enjoy interacting with the rich and detailed world, and experience the thrill of exploring.
Next, we’ll be introducing more details about Elden Ring, including the story, quests, dungeons, characters, and so on.
Please look forward to these updates, and thank you for your continued interest in Elden Ring.
[A Longer Note on Adventure]
Starting up a town of Sanderia
(This is the start point of the adventure)
– You will be placed in a


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world
  • Customize your character
  • An unlimited amount of leveling up
  • A moveable avatar
  • Freely combine weapons and accessories
  • A strong dungeon defense system
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Oh! And, there’s more!

    Development features:

    • World Fantasy
    • Rare Game: Too much fun for a single person alone
    • Voice Acting (English version here)
    • Translation (Japanese and English)
    • Postmortem on the long lines in the bus
    • Various other little useful details

    Elden Ring will release on March 25, 2018 on both iOS and Android. I’ll be updating the site with some helpful tips and previews before it officially releases.

    Elden Ring is a collaboration between me and my boyfriend, and it’s the first time we’ve worked together on a game project. I hope you will look forward to having fun with it!