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* Command:
* Unique action commands aimed to ease the burden of gameplay.
* Various weapons, armor, and spells to provide different play styles.
* The player can form a party of characters according to his/her play style.
* Numerous benefits and synergy for the party.
* Character progress can be shared among other players in a party.
* Actions:
* Gain fame and honor by defeating monsters.
* Be rewarded with various costumes after you defeat the boss at each area.
* Clear areas by defeating monsters.
* Active Time Events:
* The concept of “Precision in the Dance of a Sword”, where you may be able to confirm various short events by allowing your actions to be used at a precise moment.
* NPC leveling up and charisma building that expand your party members, allowing them to progress in skills.
* Unique background events in each dungeon.
* Unique effects applied to each equipment.
* Unique attacks made for each character that changes in accordance with the status of each character.
* Community:
* A system that allows you to communicate with other players in the same world.
* A powerful and easy way to meet fellow friends from other regions.
* The world has a variety of languages, allowing you to meet people from different regions.

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Features Key:

  • Campaign System: A campaign system for active gameplay that allows you to enjoy the game’s story in stages and challenge stages which allows you to choose a character of your own path.
  • Unparalleled Crafting System
    Unparalleled crafting system to create unique weapons and armor at your whim.
  • Elden Ring System: Create your own organization from up to 16 members and become the leader of an Elgen League! The system allows you to easily cooperate with players from all over the world and scale down in an instant to enjoy the game’s online elements.
  • Fantasy Unparalleled World
    A fantasy world with a level of grandness that is simply unequalled in the field of fantasy.
  • Key features:

    • Fast-paced action for various play styles
      In addition to the system where you can freely wield the weapons and magic that you equip, there are also fast-paced action battling systems for the more action-oriented players.
    • Free Customization
      The appearance of your character can be freely customized, with over 100 variations of armor and weapons.
    • Multiple Multilingual Support Including Japanese, Brazilian, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, etc.
      The game supports multilingual functionality in just about every language, including English and Brazilian Portuguese.

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    Elden Ring [Latest]




    Seit einer zehn Minute spiel ich



    Bravo Elden Ring!

    by carregos from Chile, 11.11.2018 05:02:00

    I played it 3 times now on all difficulty and didn’t liked the game after the first time. In the beginning I played as a pro and still was able to defeat the enemies, after a while it’s gets harder and harder. I would like to play it again in the HD and also with the xbox controller.

    gud level of quality of art and music.

    love it.

    excellent and fun

    excelent gameplay and controls

    by GreatHaiku from Cairo, Egypt, 02.08.2018 10:25:00

    This review was posted on


    I like to play

    by GreatHaiku from Cairo, Egypt, 02.08.2018 10:25:00

    This review was posted on


    I like to play with my wife

    by Tehweet, 11.07.2018 03:22:00

    The game is based off a webmanga and I quite like it. Its just a bit difficult to judge if its good or not because the art


    Elden Ring Free Download (Updated 2022)

    ■ The Campaign Mode
    The campaign mode is a completed version of the main scenario and offers 30 hours of game play.
    ■ Battle System Elements
    Attack, block, parry, and dodge using a variety of combo attacks are the fundamentals of battle. Player movements and actions will also change depending on your character’s attack and defense techniques.
    ■ Various Classes and Skills
    In the campaign mode, you can change your class and learn new skills to play differently.
    ■ Four-person Cooperation Multiplayer
    Using a system of four people to play, four people can cooperate to complete the main scenario.
    ■ Character and Storyline Development
    Through development of your character and the story, your connection with others will deepen.
    ■ Regular Content Update
    Regular updates, including additional game features and new quests, that can be played for free.

    Combat Tarnished.
    While being led by the grace of the Elden Ring, Tarnished, you will engage in battles with a variety of opponents.
    In your journey, you will meet a variety of challengers, such as orcs, goblins, and demons, and possess the power to battle with them in different ways. You will encounter a variety of enemy opponents who have the same potential as you. In this way, you will expand your own combat experience and rise as a mighty warrior.
    Quest of Tarnished.
    Your life story serves as an important factor for the life and legend of the Lands Between. With your goal set to improve the reputation of the Elden Ring, you will come across new enemies and rise in power.
    ◆ Producer Tarnished.
    ◆ Developer DigitalLeath.
    ※12th February 2013(Wed)第1弾エイプリルフールキャンペーン期間限定!

    ◆ ELDEN RING◆ Release Date: 2015冬-2016ホリエン・ゴールドV.2―をもつ価値のあるアシスタントスタンプ販売開始!激闘


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Rule #2: Raids have to have bosses.2d4 hours ago

    Rule: All special rule bosses have to be fought only by ranged attackers, with the exception of bosses that decrease an enemy’s HP.

    Every boss in the Lands Between will have some kind of defensive vulnerability that makes it more susceptible to being killed. A boss isn’t entirely vulnerable, and sometimes the only way to kill a boss is to overcome a defensive monster. The boss decides the progression of the battle, and an unexpected change in the boss’s ability (e.g., increasing in strength, increasing in speed) makes it difficult to overcome the boss. Battle strategies vary depending on the boss, and players have free reign to decide the strategy used in a battle.

    Here are some examples of bosses:

    • A set of a few bosses can be a preparation for the fight against a powerful boss that’s yet to appear.
    • A rare boss can suddenly appear in a corner of the dungeon, making it impossible to attack the boss’s weak point.
    • A notable boss can appear, distracting all the other enemies.
    • The remaining enemies are defeated by how boring the boss is, and the boss is slain with no battle.
    • The environment remains the same, but the boss’s ability becomes increasingly tough the further into the dungeon you advance, making it increasingly difficult to defeat him.
    • </


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Linux – Requires either Mono or Java 1.6 or later.
    Windows – Requires Windows 7 or later.
    Mac OS X – Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later.
    PlayStation 3 – Windows 2000 or later.
    PlayStation 4 – Windows 2000 or later.
    Xbox One – Windows 2000 or later.
    Note: You may have to download a desktop or mobile version if you haven’t downloaded them.
    Time: Most of the game is available in single-player mode. The main mission you’


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