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• Set in the Lands Between, a vast world between the Dungeon and the Human World.
• A Unique Online RPG
As the dungeons that you explore become a stage for the dramatic story, you will have to venture into the unknown and confront the challenges therein to save the world.
• Rivalry between Two Els Will Sway the World
The two races of the Elden Ring have once again fought a war. In this war, the result is yet to be settled.



COSMO VISUALS – A New World of Fantasy


Fantastical Animated Costumes


Rising Nightmare

Vol. 6 – Pre-Production, Concept Art.

Consisted of working on the storyboard and character designs for Rising Nightmare.

The first volume of a series of illustrations of characters who appear in Rising Nightmare.

These illustrations will be included in Volume 6.

Square Enix is not going to publish Rising Nightmare, but it is part of the project.

They are also planning to distribute these illustrations in Akihabara Station.

Detailed illustrations will be included in the printed version of Volume 6.

Finally, music credits:

Shinichiro Nishio


Guitars, bass, and drums by Shinichiro Nishio (Lightning Bolt, Grave of Fireflies, Magikano)

Scenario by Masaru Kanno

Character designs by Kazuma Kaneko

Kazuma Kaneko and Hojo made the protagonist Amurath.

Storyboarding by Kenichiro Fukui (Jotaro Kujo)

Concept illustration by Hojo

Color illustrations by Saki Eda

Yuhki Harada made the heroine Amarynth.

• Kozome

Kozome – Teaser Trailer

A trailer for Rising Nightmare.

Character design by Kozome Studio

Director: Daigo Okumura

Cinematographer: Teruaki Shibuya

Storyboard: Shinichiro Nishio, Katsuhiro Matsuyama, and Kotaro Takada

Animation production: Lapin Lab

Final Cut: Sakura Matsuzaki

Music: Maxime Roy-Chapon and YouMeTekk


Features Key:

  • Play full blown RPG online with a vast game world and numerous
  • Elden Ring at the top of the sword
  • No War – No combat! Equipping the max amount of weapons and defense
    spells are all you need to make your character
  • How you play dictates your destiny
  • A massive world can be explored at your own pace
  • You can freely create your own character
  • Innovative combat system
  • Many loyalty quests that further increase the bond between
    characters and destroy enemies
  • Fantasy art and vivid fantasy characters, illustrations and
  • An immersive lore that takes the player into the Lands Between,
    with a vast world that keeps you mesmerized
  • Full freedom to choose any of the three magical schools of magic,
    one of which includes the Grasslands style of magic
  • Spells and abilities consistent with their real-world fantasy
  • Character energy system
  • Warrior Rise and Master Craft, progress on your chosen
    school, giving you a unique flow of energy for attacks and
  • Equip the best equipment to maximize your character
  • PAYDAY (2008)

    Rated R for “extreme” violence, language, drug content, some sexual content, nudity, pervasive use of the F-bomb and brief scantily clad female nudity

    Storyline: A young heiress and her crew plan a robbery of a bank which is holding their father’s ransom until a bank official can arrive to collect. And it’s an impossible-to-call-off plan of sorts as the heiress is also on the outs and needs the money to protect her father’s way of life. And as the minutes tick by and the cops come and then get kicked out by the robbers and the heat grows, things begin to unravel and some relationships are destroyed., we will not be producing any further current series/books (or stories, for that matter) which we have already spent a lot of money on and can’t afford to keep producing while the world finds out what


    Elden Ring 2022


    nintendoworld – “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda yet, and it just keeps getting better, from magnificent scenery to epic boss battles to even more memorable character development”


    natjones “I played ‘Breath of the Wild’ last night, for the first time. I saw some things I’d never seen before in any Zelda game. Visually, it looked like a completely different game. I’m also happy I kept my copy of ‘Ocarina of Time’ and ‘Majora’s Mask’. This is an amazing game.”



    And the Game Department Awards ‘Breath of the Wild’ as this month’s game of the month.

    “A great variety of characters, beautifully animated.”


    “In a week filled with other outstanding games like ‘Mario Odyssey’, ‘Wii U’, ‘Splatoon 2’, etc., I’ll be keeping ‘Breath of the Wild’ at the top of my play list.”


    “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a gorgeous and challenging open-world adventure that’s hard not to love.”


    “I, for one, am way more excited to play ‘Breath of the Wild’ than I was to play ‘Skyward Sword’. This is the new Zelda. ‘Skyward Sword’ had some cool ideas, and it was a really fun adventure. But as far as I’m concerned, Breath of the Wild blows that game out of the water.”



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    The Fate/Unlimited Blade Works series is scheduled to get a sequel in 2016, with brand new characters.
    This trailer was put together through their official page.
    The Dimensional Library is a new content in the series that can only be accessed through the Divine Gate.
    Use your newly acquired Dimensional Gate to access the Dimensional Library, and learn about all the amazing things there that can be done with your newly acquired Mastery Symbols.

    The Tachikoma bots also have a new ability. See their introduction here:

    Use your newly acquired Dimensional Gate to access the Dimensional Library, and learn about all the amazing things there that can be done with your newly acquired Mastery Symbols.

    Finally, I’m ready to share my new tattoo. You may remember that a few weeks ago I was able to get a full sleeve tattoo before going overseas to the US, and I’ve been so proud of it ever since. My Canadian friends would constantly ask about the progress of the tattoo, and it was a great feeling to be able to show them!
    That being said, I wanted to leave everyone with a piece of my heart, so I’ve decided to add an extra couple of quotes to my left hand. My tattoo artist has stuck them in the middle, so that they are visible at all times.
    I’ve never been good at preserving my thoughts, so please take this with a grain of salt, and get to know me better. I’d love to hear back from you!
    #01 Time to call it a day.
    #02 “Build real barriers to the universe


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Hello everyone,

    Roblox here with some exciting news for all of you! After much consideration, we’ve made the decision to begin accepting new game titles for a wider audience based on the expectation that they will meet the Roblox Quality Standards. We will be transitioning games or applications from the newly titled “Public Beta” system to the current Roblox Developer’s Account system.

    Games and Apps are now being accepted for the Public Beta, which is a new search box on the game and application list of the Roblox Developer’s Toolbox.

    This means that now anyone can make a game or app to submit for Public Beta status.
    To get started making a game or app, you will no longer need to be a Game Creator, Website Creator, or App Creator, but you will need to be an active Developer for as many months as your new game/app will be in the Public Beta.

    You will have lots of opportunities to get feedback on your games and apps during the Public Beta since we require you to submit images of your progress.
    While in the Public Beta, your game or app is actively monitored by our backend developers so that the community may give their honest and valuable feedback. All of that feedback is valued and becomes part of your Development Path, which helps us build your game or app into a stable application for its final release.

    So what is the Change?

    There are several differences between the Developer’s Toolbox and Public Beta:

    New Games are in a much earlier state, but they may not be as stable as the Games in the Developer’s Toolbox.

    Devs in the Public Beta are required to spend a certain amount of time every week on the games/apps they make if they want to be in the Public Beta. Once the Public Beta is official, a Dev can stop spending time on their games/apps and keep them in the Public Beta until they decide to make the game/app available to the public.

    During the Public Beta you will have 3, 7, and 14 Day Grabs to let your community preorder your game or app.

    You will be able to pick your Game ID in the Developer’s Toolbox and use it for your game or app in the Public Beta, but you must make a new Game ID for Public Beta.

    So how will these major changes help me?

    As a Developer, you


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    The other members of the Society of The Ancients are proud to present their most important experiment to date! The Seven Sages from across the world have pooled their knowledge to create a new product, The Legendary Puzzle. This is a game that challenges you to explore and find hidden elements, explore the mysteries of the game, and triumph in the heroic survival mode.

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    The first level of the game has been completed and you can complete the second and third levels if you pass it! You can also access the bonus level and improve your ability by collecting new elements and blocks for the


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    If you don’t find “The New Fantasy Action RPG – See details for specific compatibility on the internet.” in your “Installed Programs” window, then download “The New Fantasy Action RPG – See details for specific compatibility on the internet” setup file. This program has tools to detect self-running *nux.exe files

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    System Requirements:

    Other requirements:
    Please make sure that you have the latest version of the official Resident Evil® 4 (US) Steam client and Steam client game, installed on your system and that you are linked to the same account.
    Resident Evil® 4 is a registered trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd. © 2010 Capcom Co., Ltd.
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    Online Activation:
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    Download Now > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

    Download Now > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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