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The new motion capture technology has been fully integrated into a new, highly-detailed and accurate player animation system. Movement occurs with greater accuracy, replicating the way we see players move in real life on the pitch and has been designed to enhance the game’s authenticity.

FIFA is the most-played club soccer video game series in the world, with millions of players in more than 160 countries.

The game features the most players and clubs in the franchise, more variety of gameplay styles and tactics, heightened controls and refined gameplay, while maintaining the integrity of the core aspects that have made the series a fan favorite since the very beginning.

The most-anticipated features from FIFA 19 include:

Premier League: NEW

Premier League: NEW A.I. innovations:

Fully-Improved A.I. Tuning: New actions & improvements for A.I.

Improved AI Plan of Play: New tactics & improved use of A.I. tactical input

Adjustable A.I. Coaching: New ways to coach & train the A.I.

AI Improvements: New player A.I., A.I. passing, and player engine

Victory Conditions: New V.C. training, training for EA Sports 2019 EAS Pro Clubs Cup, Arena Mode Training, AI Improvements, etc.

EAS Pro Clubs Cup Training: New V.C. training, training for EA Pro Clubs Cup Team

Arena Mode Training: New V.C. training, training for 1v1, 4v4, etc.

FIFA 20 introduced two innovative features, “The Dribbling System” and “Pitch Physics,” the latter of which revolutionized the way players interact with the ball. FIFA 21 also made significant advancements in the way players move and interact with the ball, providing a more accurate reflection of the way the sport is played in real life.It’s no surprise that FIFA 20 was crowned our Readers’ Choice Game of the Year in the FIFA Player’s Choice Awards, as well as being ranked #1 in the nation on Amazon’s Top 10 Best-Selling Sports Games, according to NPD. Next year’s iteration promises to continue the EA Sports tradition of delivering the best football video game experience.While FIFA 20 was the highest selling sports game ever on the Xbox


Features Key:

  • Novices and hardcore gamers will find a wide assortment of player faces and styles thanks to the brand new M-Pong Pro Player Creation technology which lets you bring your favourite players into the game.
  • Ability to host your own private servers (OSRS). Now whenever you host a game on one of your friends’ private servers, you can invite your friends to play. They could even host their games with you, and if they do, you will earn 100% of the coin of your game.
  • Speed Ratings – Studying all the small details of a player’s profile and measuring each statistic to calculate your players’ speed ratings. You can now use Speed Ratings to perform defensive, offensive, and all-round ratings of players in front of your goals or in midfield.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Easiest way to share your game online with your friends and the most rewarding way to share your passion with other players. You can also broadcast your FIFA Ultimate Team games as a streamed video on your Twitter. Details will follow soon.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons – The Ultimate Way to Compete in Online Seasons. Win the playoffs, win the league and get the rewards along the way. Play online seasons with your friends in this FIFA 22 mode.


Fifa 22 Free Download 2022 [New]

FIFA® is a brand of Electronic Arts. It is the biggest selling sports franchise of all time, and is the No.1 sports title for the last 24 years running.

With over 100 million players in over 180 countries and territories around the world, FIFA has a universal appeal to the millions of fans around the world.

The most accurate and authentic sports simulation on the market, FIFA includes many gameplay innovations and gameplay modes that are unique and provide a deeper level of interaction than ever before.

In FIFA, you have the power to score, set up and experience the thrills of every game like never before.


Improved Player Intelligence

AI controlled opponents will now read the game better and react more intelligently. New animations will give you a closer look at all the player’s movements and footwork, which gives you the feeling that you’re actually playing with them in a stadium, not just controlling them on a computer screen.

Impact Control

Defending is back. Impact plays are now more of a way to go about building your attack. Impact plays occur with more frequency and utilise the momentum that is created by a player’s skill to make attacking chances. Impact play is influenced by your own brilliance or that of your players’, either giving you the opportunity to take matters into your own hands or capitalize on unforced errors. A new defending model and Matchday manipulation tools allow you to progress defence and control the progress of the game as well as manually adjusting certain moments throughout the match.

Three New Ways to Score

No Goal

Can’t Get No…

For the first time ever, players can choose to allow opponents to score in a four-on-four-halves match, where there is a clear danger of goals being scored. The ball will be marked and any players not in possession of the ball will be considered offside. Managers can use this option to maintain their control when they are being overwhelmed by a rival team or simply to prolong the possession.

For the first time ever, players can choose to allow opponents to score in a four-on-four-halves match, where there is a clear danger of goals being scored. The ball will be marked and any players not in possession of the ball will be considered offside. Managers can use this option to maintain their control when they are being overwhelmed by a rival team or


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Build your dream team from over 350 players from around the globe, then compete in The Journey, a single-player campaign that mixes management and gameplay for an emotional tale of redemption.

Showdown –
Create your dream team or face off against your friends online in FIFA Showdown. Enter The Championship (formerly Pro-Am) where you’ll be able to play against other fan-made teams to see who is the best in your chosen sport. Or take your team and challenge the world in the FIFA Showdown World Tour where you’ll compete in live events for prizes including a trip to the FIFA 19 World Cup in Brazil.

Training Mode –
Get tips on training the right way and unlock new players, balls and kits as you improve your team’s performance in this in-depth Mode that takes you through the full process of assembling a squad.

Coaching –
Get tips on coaching your team the right way and develop your own coaching profile, test your tactics against the AI and unlock 5 club badges.

Champions Cup –
In FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, compete in one of the World Cup qualifiers to earn a place in the Champions Cup. Play your way through knockout stages to become the champion of the world!

Online Communities –
All online modes, such as vs AI, Ranked, Showdowns and more, are joined by dynamic online communities with a dedicated section for clubs around the world.

General Director


It’s the dream of everyone playing FIFA, to be part of a team and the rivalry between teams and personalities. We will make Football the number one sports game in the world and we can do it thanks to your support. This year we will have a special feature on every release of FIFA 25 and I hope that you will enjoy it!

This week my brother, the director of FIFA, Robert Mac is attending the UEFA Best Player in the World Celebration in Paris. He and all at EA have done more than ever to make the game the favourite sports game on the planet. Thank you for helping us and for all your effort. Looking forward to see you in Paris.

If you haven’t already checked out our latest Let’s Plays, the latest one is on For The People with the directors of FIFA, Patrice and Robert. As always, if you would like to leave comments and feedback let us know.


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