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“In developing FIFA Ultimate Team for the new game, we’ve taken advantage of the power and innovation of the FIFA franchise and used it to give you the freedom and flexibility to build Ultimate Team your way,” said David Rutter, general manager, EA SPORTS. “Creating the most realistic soccer experience possible is what really inspired our new HyperMotion Technology and we’re delighted to offer it to players this year.”

Because of the player-friendly way that FIFA has always been, the midfield is a perfect fit for a control-based game like Ultimate Team. “The beauty of the midfield is that, unlike other parts of the pitch, it doesn’t matter as much if your player creates a goal from his possession,” commented Axel Gmeiner, FIFA Creative Producer. “So, in the FIFA universe, it makes a lot of sense that midfielders are the best players to represent in your Ultimate Team.”

Progression is important to most Ultimate Team owners, and we have worked hard to make it simple for you to get the most out of your EA SPORTS FIFA Points. When your player levels up, his statistics are added to that of his favourite club, friends and other teammates on your squad. Players who are part of your squad are highlighted in purple on the team screen and are more likely to receive player packs, which offer a new challenge with a reward at the end.

In this year’s FIFA, you’ll be able to earn FIFA Points by playing on a specific match mode, such as a 50-minute Ultimate Team match or by completing challenges.

Committing to live in the world of FIFA is one of the most rewarding parts of the game. For new players joining the EA SPORTS FIFA community, we have significant FIFA Points rewards, including the FIFA Club World Cup Grand Final, UEFA Champions League, Club World Cup, FIFA World Cup and FIFA 19 Player of the Year rewards.

“As with the FIFA games before it, the FIFA community has been the driving force behind the evolution of the brand and this year, we are looking to make it even better.”


New FIFA World Cup Series™ title, FIFA World Cup™, is back in 2018 and this year the UEFA European Championships™ will get underway. In addition to the live action and high intensity of both competitions, we are also introducing a


Features Key:

  • Intuitive new passing system – turn on and play the ball with a higher boost pressure and smarter first touch to take a single touch passing ability to a new level.
  • Rebalanced control for dribbling – control the ball with more agility and weight to fit your needs.
  • New Ball Physics – physical analysis of the ball has allowed us to create a brand new ball physics model. Players feel like they’re controlling a ball which is more physical and unpredictable, while also enhancing pitch accuracy.
  • New dribbling styles – see a break away dribble, a drift dribble, and of course the classic dribble. It’s a more human and instinctive style of dribbling that’s more refined, according to your playing style.
  • Better free kicks – complete freedom of movement in your favourite area with just the right positions to strike, goalkeepers are more realistically and strategically positioned, and heading finesse is improved.
  • Step up play for the best players in the world – more ways for your top players to step up and influence matches. Higher-level fullbacks, wingbacks, and player-kits aim to stop the fast breaks.


Fifa 22 Full Product Key

FIFA is the best-selling soccer franchise of all time. Over 71 million copies sold. More than 58 million players across all platforms.

Why was FIFA created?

Creating the deepest sports game in the world and leading the industry in innovation since its launch in 1993 is what has made FIFA the global phenomenon it is today. In addition to its spectacular gameplay, FIFA gameplay innovations have included FIFA 10’s revolutionary First Touch Control, FIFA 11’s Highlight Reel and FIFA 12’s All-New Engine.

What has been the biggest evolution in FIFA since the last game?

FIFA 14 was the biggest evolution in FIFA since FIFA 2000. New ways of playing included dribbling, stronger tackling, better defender AI, and even GOAL!

Play the new game

Powered by Football, Fifa 22 Activation Code features an all-new authentic engine that is 10% smaller and more responsive than the previous game engine. Engine improvements will be felt throughout the game with more responsive and reactive gameplay, including increased speed of play and every player on the pitch reacting to a ball touch or a player touch with the correct animation in the right moment. With a new defensive AI system, players track your moves even more closely, defending themselves better, shielding the ball from opponents and challenging for it with more aggression.

At the technical level, FIFA 22 features the first ever NFL GameDay Engine, allowing the game to have more detailed player models, animations and real football stadiums. The first-of-its-kind NFL GameDay Engine builds on the advancements in physics, player and ball movements and has a higher level of fidelity and a more responsive game engine, as players will react to the offensive plays faster and make better decisions and defenders will defend your play more aggressively. This is all accompanied by upgraded graphics, a new animation system and up to 40 All-New Real Player 3D Faces, taking realism to new heights.

These and a host of other features have been added to the game for FIFA 22, and they all are designed to bring the game closer to the experience of real football.

What’s new in the game?

After months of hard work by our development team to bring you a game as close to the real thing as possible, here is what you can look forward to in FIFA 22.

What’s new in the game?

The new FIFA 22 gameplay features


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With over 300 unique players and new ways to build your Ultimate Team, FIFA 22 is the richest, deepest way to put your foot on the pitch. Whether you’re a hardcore or a casual fan, Ultimate Team makes it easy to assemble the best team in the world.

FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons –
In FIFA 22, the new Seasons mode brings FIFA Ultimate Team to a whole new level. Play up to four Seasons each year, featuring two new domestic and two international tournaments with live opposition. Use your rich squad, tactics and formations to dominate the competition and dominate the Leaderboards!

FIFA Challenge – The ultimate in challenge –
Take your favourite, or create a team using a range of new features in FIFA Challenge, the award-winning concept that has helped make FIFA the global phenomenon it is. Enjoy more than 200 official competitions, play mode after mode, and even new ways to play in FUT.

FIFA Ultimate Team Road to Glory –
This game mode gives you multiple ways to reach the top of FUT – our biggest, richest, most playable FUT ever. It’s a place where your dedication can earn you fame, treasure and glory.

Welcome to the beginning of a whole new generation of football. Enjoy a game that no other football game has ever offered you before – or ever will! Play a whole new football experience that no one will ever be able to copy again. FIFA is more than just a game – it’s a lifestyle!

You, the fans, define the game. FIFA 22 will change your perception of football. You will be able to play the most authentic and exciting football game ever!


New Challenges: New locations. New players. New ways to play! Prepare for new challenges as FIFA 22 introduces more than 130 official locations and 180 licensed clubs. Get ready to play in China’s Hunan Province, go to Uruguay and look for hidden gems like South Australia, and check out new stadiums like La Manga in Spain and the San Siro in Italy. All of these cool new locations feature new challenges and new ways to play!

New Player Types: Choose from the fastest, strongest and smartest players – there are new ways to dominate all 32 teams in FIFA 22, with new player types to master and new ways to play. In FIFA 22, you’ll be able to take the best players in the


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Formational Playbook
  • Team of The Week
  • Head-to-Head Tournaments
  • Premier League, Spanish League, Bundesliga and Italian Serie A
  • Manager Tool
  • Team Sizes and Tactics
  • Unique Stadium Systems
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Brand-new way to build your own dream squad of over 28,000 of the world’s best players
  • Weekly Community Tournaments
  • New adidas Ignite & Pro Mesh League Kits
  • Mesh Pro Kit Grants
  • New Glücksspiel Ball Matches
  • Brand-new Massive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Multiplayer Leaderboard


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 revolutionises how the award-winning game is played with a new Story Mode that enhances your game-day experience with dynamic weekly and daily routines; and the introduction of Set-Pulse technology which delivers more realistic, authentic player reactions. In addition to these game-changing features, the most-requested features from fans are also now a reality: your team will play smarter and perform better when you are on the field, including new methods to control your player’s runs, shots and tackles.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is bringing the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. Throughout the game, take a closer look at the new Game Intelligence™ that automatically attributes behaviours to players and tactics to formations. Add in the Magic Bar and Dynamic Tactics, and you can now revolutionise how you approach your game with player intelligence and the tactics available at your fingertips.

And the World Cup will be better this year. Experience the World Cup like never before with the addition of official stadiums, more ways to interact with players and the official branding of the World Cup trophy – alongside an improved, more authentic feeling commentary system.

In summary, FIFA is more fun, more authentic and more personal than ever before.

Every movement of every player is more realistic, authentic and detailed than ever before and you’ll develop a deeper connection to your team through heightened game intelligence, magical moments and unique personal touch points.

A smarter, more intelligent player will find that your game day routine is getting easier to manage. With new schedules, improved player and team intelligence, more dynamic coaching modes, improved match preparation and a more in-depth match engine, the days of waking up at 5am to play a FIFA match are over.

On the pitch, you will now see reactions and celebrations by players, a new pressing mechanic to focus you on the right decisions in the last moments of matches, and improved defensive AI that make battles more interesting, unpredictable and less predictable.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 includes the new FIFA World Cup™ Experience mode – a full, single-player tournament experience that replicates real-life World Cup.


FIFA World Cup™ Experience (FIFAWCX) takes you on a breath-taking journey through four years of the FIFA World Cup™. You’ll have the chance to make


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