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“FIFA 20 was an achievement for us, and with FIFA 22, we have laid the groundwork to make the game even more realistic and authentic. We’ve worked closely with the PES team to ensure we can create the most authentic soccer environment and experience possible.

“The new features that FIFA 22 introduces raise the bar even further in terms of accuracy, performance, and overall gameplay immersion.

“The introduction of HyperMotion technology will make playing FIFA more realistic for players, which is our most important goal when creating FIFA titles.”

FIFA development director Marc Behme told us that the HyperMotion Technology data comes from the movements of actual footballers, such as “7km and 20,000 on-field tackles,” as well as “impressive contact with opponents and the ball.”

“To be able to recreate those effects in the game can only be done with this kind of technology. FIFA has a full array of defensive and offensive systems that you can use in any situation, with any type of pass. After playing FIFA 20, we know that players and coaches want more options.

“We saw FIFA 20 as a very important step for where we’re going with FIFA to create a more realistic experience for players and coaches.”

Game Modes

Behem has also revealed the game modes that will be included in FIFA 22. New game modes include Brand New Battles, Standard Defensive & Offensive AI, User Preference, User Experience, Escalation, Team of the Week and Squad Builder.

Brand New Battles

We have a new “brand new battle” mode that allows for defensive and offensive game modes within one match: you can set all eleven players to defend, all eleven players to attack or a balanced team.

Standard Defensive & Offensive AI

For the first time in the franchise, we have standard AI in all 3 game modes that allows the players to maintain their defensive play and to move the ball down the field when they have the ball.

User Preference

You can now set the user preference to start the game with a game mode that you would like to see in the regular competitions.

User Experience

We’re totally focused on the player. This year we’re providing a direct feedback for the player on how they move on the pitch.


At some point in a match you will experience a new mood that will trigger different outcomes. One match could be


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager or player in the FIFA 22 Career Mode.
  • Play as the new reigning World Cup winner – Alex Hunter. Also the FIFA Dream Team, the 2015 World Cup squad, and the FIFA Best XI.
  • Play the final FIFA World Cup Qualifier match in Russia against Uruguay.
  • Play as Alex Hunter for the first time in FIFA. Experience the emotion of the World Cup winner in FIFA 22.
  • Synchronize play across all four major platforms – Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC.
  • Discover the latest moves and strikes for the 11 most-played teams in the world, now including cat-like skills and new hilarious celebrations for Manchester City, Messi, Neymar and much more.
  • All-new Player Impact Engine, smooth animations, faster pace, and more player control than ever before. More unique features further emphasise each player’s individuality with reactions, celebration skills and unique agility, speed, dribbling, and acceleration metrics.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – take command as a manager. Build your dream team, and unveil hyper-realistic tactics in Team of the Year mode.
  • Innovative online features and rewards that showcase your progression. Plus, Offline Friendlies and Capture The Flag, plus make new rivals in multiplayer.
  • Discover how the new in-game match engine works, perfect for clubs around the world.
  • Three new ways to play over 20 classic teams in FIFA Classics 1.0.
  • Face The Game – a feature packed demo of FIFA 20 that both your friends and you can play online.
  • FIFA Training, a new way to boost your FIFA skill in training mode.
  • New MyClub – more ways to customise your Stadium, more player kits, equipment, tactics and more.
  • Brand-new Tackling system: better, bigger, and stronger tackling combinations and moves.
  • New Pass animations, dribbling mechanics and new defensive partnership options.
  • New varieties of free kicks, wide and corner kicks.
  • New variations of dribbling, crossing, and running with the ball – available for both possession


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    FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise. For more than a generation, players have brought the magic of FIFA into their living rooms and given the sport the opportunity it deserves. Now EA SPORTS FIFA brings the game of football into the 21st century with ground-breaking gameplay innovations, unprecedented likeness technology and a host of new features to prove that FIFA, the Official Video Game of the FIFA World Cup™, is the best football game in the world.

    A new feeling

    For FIFA to be the best football game in the world, it needs to capture the essence of what football is all about, and that means creating the most authentic feel of the game. To do this, the team at EA Canada has spent a year studying the world’s best football games and working closely with professional and grassroots football clubs across North America and Europe to implement the most realistic digital athlete in history.

    40 clubs

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features over 40 clubs on all home and away teams. That’s 12 more clubs than FIFA 16 with over 6,300 new audio profiles for each club. In addition, new, more authentic player animations and greater visuals will breathe new life into the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona.

    Player Intelligence 2.0

    This year we have introduced an all-new Player Intelligence 2.0 engine. This is EA Canada’s most powerful engine in the history of the franchise, with a whopping 28,000 new animations. All of this, alongside important improvements to AI and goalkeepers and 3D stadium atmospherics mean that FIFA 22 is the most authentic football game ever made.

    Unbelievably accurate physics

    Every football move and tackle is performed with increased precision and authenticity to more accurately replicate the way that real players execute the moves.

    True-to-life crowd reactions

    The crowds that fill your stadium will react authentically to every move in a game of soccer. (For a better look at the crowd, enable the 720p mode on Xbox One; Xbox One players may need to wait for the game to load in order to see the crowd reaction.)

    Comprehensive edit suite

    Going beyond on-field features, FIFA 22 now boasts an all-new advanced edit suite. New tools allow players to create and edit their own player faces and teams, and make adjustments to players’ appearance, animations, shouts, and more. Plus we have redesigned the game’s UI for an even easier and more intuitive experience.



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    FUT is a brand new way to create, play, and share your very own Ultimate Team, the deepest, most engaging, most refined way to play the game. Whether you are a seasoned player or a complete noob, you can now build and manage an all-new football team in full-3D, featuring more than 5,000 players, and create and play to your heart’s content.

    IFS 2.0 – FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the tools to balance your FUT team and your club. It was designed to adjust your team’s performance levels in accordance to the level of the team’s squad, or even the cost of your transfer budget.

    *And only one player can be the manager for a single team.

    Take the club experience to new heights with Club Evolution, where you can evolve your club from the start-up level to a well-oiled machine. This new platform for managing your club is more than just a stat update and a way to view your club’s history. It’s the foundation for creating your own franchise and long-term legacy as a club legend.

    LONGER TIME SLOTS – Fans will enjoy the new feature where you can take your time to build up the best possible squad. You can take advantage of all the new depth of the game’s season-long transfer window and fit your squad for life with as much time as you need to collect your prized players.

    GAMECENTER TOURNAMENTS – We’ve heard you, fans want something different! We’ve completely redesigned our competitive event system, allowing you to jump into and compete in from anywhere in the world, with no sign-ups or waiting times.

    *A new tournament is launched every two weeks.

    MULTIPLAYER – It’s finally here – FIFA’s two biggest competitive modes, Seasons and Leagues, are now online and available in multiplayer – the most connected experience in the entire game.

    It’s called FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and it’s one of the most immersive ways to play the game. You’re able to select how many players you want to include in your starting team, and then purchase the players using coins that you’ll earn as you play.

    You can choose to play as a manager or a pro, and the league system puts you through different leagues from


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • EASHL ratings for pro players at 22.
    • LUC Master League ratings for pro players at 22
    • New contracts and birthdays.
    • Player informations and virtual items optimized.
    • All skins updated.
    • New Stadium visuals and atmosphere.


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    FIFA is the best-selling sports video game franchise of all time and is enjoyed by more than 185 million fans around the world.

    Like the sport it represents, FIFA is deeply committed to innovation. FIFA 21 continues the tradition of bringing fans closer to the game than ever before with fundamental gameplay advancements across every mode:

    A New Season Of Innovation

    Powered by Football brings several new innovations to FIFA including:

    FIFA Connected: A new way to discover and share your favorite content and play against friends without ever leaving the game.

    Play MVP MODE as your team in your FIFA Ultimate Team and compete in live matches around the world.

    New responsive match surfaces for stadiums with evolving stadium ambiances and new player animations.

    And much more!

    Play at New Precision: Play with more ball control, more context-sensitive awareness and more accurate passing.

    With every game you play, you will notice improvements to controls and decisions, which help make the game more fluid, tactical, and rewarding.

    FIFA 22 will be released worldwide on September 28, 2019. Check out our FIFA 21 gameplay reveal at E3 to see how the improvements will affect the way you play.

    New Player Passes

    A series of new passing mechanics, including an expanded rollout and timing options, help develop the creativity and explosiveness of your game-changing passes. No longer is it a penalty kick or a poorly judged throw-in to your opponents’ goalkeeper that leads to a chance, it is now an opportunity to make a difference and put your team on the right side of a crucial play.

    New Ways to Score

    While all of your teammates remain in play, there are several options for players who are unable to score or are closing on goal. Take it to the net yourself with a full-length free kick or chip your goalkeeper in the direction of the goal to score a goal kick.

    In the penalty area, a defender standing in the box is now susceptible to being played through to goal or being played directly in front of you if you receive a quick switch of play, allowing you to get the ball in front of the goalkeeper and score.

    And if you can’t find an open shot, don’t worry, the flexibility has never been better. Create open space with a penetrating run and shoot or curl a shot to the top corner or arcing it over the goalkeeper.

    FIFA Connected Features


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