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“With this system we have been able to replicate a real football match in real time,” said Senior Producer Carl Bialik. “You can now feel the presence of the ball, the energy of players in combat and the emotions of players on the pitch.”

“For the first time, the AI will react on the pitch,” said Jeff Orsis, Executive Producer. “The vast majority of actions you see in-game are true to the dynamics of a real football match, so you will really feel the speed and strength of the players, the intensity of the tackles and the physicality of the team fights.”

Only the motion capture technology was used to bring these in-game replicas to life. The rest of the game development process is exactly the same as the previous iterations. The player models are made by the game’s animation team based on real-life player measurements and requirements, and the player movements were created with the help of the motion capture tech. Following that is the animation creation process, which adds detail and ensures that everything feels right.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) was modeled after several real-life clubs, including Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The AI team takes input from the gameplay and from gameplay data recorded in motion capture suits that are worn by the players to perform the actions in-game.

In the new FIFA 22 edition, each club will have their unique movement patterns. For example, Manchester United will have more players on the pitch, and Barcelona are much better than in FIFA 17.

The key to FIFA 22’s in-game physics is Control+’s “Powerful Engine.” The engine brings life to the players, enabling them to accelerate, sprint, jump, use their special skills and use different physical weapons at each match.

Real-life Players in Action

During a trial of the new controls on the Test Chamber, test players demonstrated the abilities to use powerful, quick shots and accurate passes and dribbles to create scoring opportunities.

“FIFA 22 offers more ways to play football than any other video game,” added Orsis. “I’ve played games like Madden, FIFA and NBA2K on PC and 360 and this is by far the most realistic football experience I have played. You will really enjoy the amazing gameplay and the rich features that will keep you coming


Features Key:

  • Features new Tactical Defending – Capture spectacular headers, take the ball away from an opponent and create chances. Fall back to prevent opponents getting through and block and tackle to win duels and dribble.
  • New Goalkeeping – Over 20 new goalkeeper movements – from diving saves and big close-range acrobatic saves to more unpredictable reactions and six new save styles – all shot from different angles. Catch balls in the air and move to position for goalkeepers with new strength-based mobility. Start and stop your run from the ground when you need to.
  • Three Defending Stances – Use the new three defender Game Modes – Manual, Sprint, and Tackled.
  • Ground Control – Keep track of every player on the field and view the call-the-plays, setting of the tactics and substitutions etc. You can now also Facecall the play and call the lineup changes.
  • Select Player Shape – Create your preferred player shape. Switch between your Flat, Normal, and Dynamic stance. Make him slimmer or bulkier to suit your style of play.
  • Create-a-Class – Customise your team with eleven new positions at any position on the pitch. There are now four sets of skills, fitness, view and creativity. Work out your ideal classification based on your skills, view and tactics. Make sure there’s a balance in the class between defence and attack.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Create a more competitive FIFA Ultimate Team with three new types of FIFA Ultimate Team packs: a Gold Pack; a Platinum Pack; and a Diamond Pack.


Fifa 22 With License Code Download For Windows

FIFA is the world’s top-selling sports video game. It brings to life the beautiful game and features the official licensed teams and players of more than 200 countries and competitions.

The FIFA Experience

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS Fifa 22 Serial Key brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

Tactical Matchday Experience:

Tactical Matchday Experience is a first-of-its-kind live experience that delivers a truly-feel world tour in which footballers seamlessly transfer between day and night environments, across all matchday conditions, to ensure a more accurate simulation of the real-life experience.

Key Game Features:

Matchday Experience Powered by Football™:

Powered by Football is FIFA’s first global experience that brings to life the beautiful game on the pitch while delivering a truly-feel immersive matchday experience.

Authentic Player Motion:

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 captures the artistry of the great athletes with real-life animations of players using their natural movements as well as improvements made by analyzing crowd noise and player behavior.


Player intelligence and context awareness means players now pass the ball from one of their teammates onside or deeper with more anticipation and wisdom.


Create-A-Player allows players to create a virtual persona based on the player’s own attributes. A full range of options will allow you to capture the player’s appearance, skill set and more.

Ball Control:

Players’ control, awareness and ability to manipulate the ball has been transformed, with varied touch and authentic ball control.


With over 150 licensed players in total, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 introduces many new faces as well as numerous women and youth players. Created entirely in-house by the EA SPORTS Football Department, these players have undergone a rigorous fitting and tuning process before being deployed. Players are stronger, more powerful and react more intelligently with a greatly enhanced focus and anticipation.

Player Intelligence

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 allows players to spend less time watching and more time playing, using contextual information to proactively decide on decisions as they occur. Players now react to everything around them, from defenders to teammates to the ball and the crowd, with their understanding of opponents’ and teammates’ positioning and potential movement determining


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FIFA Ultimate Team and Ultimate Team Seasons bring the most immersive in-game FUT experience to the Champions League. The biggest and best in the world of football have come together to form the best squad of players in the game in the clubs of the Champions League. Bring your game face on and play as the world’s best. Face the best players in the world and compete for your place in history in the best football competition on the planet. Play action-packed tournaments across multiple game modes. Earn coins to buy your favourite players and build a squad that can take on the world! Or try out the exciting experience of Ultimate Team Seasons, an all-new format that combines FUT and Seasons to give you four seasons to build a new team and a new legacy that will stand the test of time.

Community features
It’s not just about playing soccer – it’s about being part of a community. And in FIFA 22, you can create your own FIFA world online or in The Journey. Be part of an ever-growing world of gamers, where you can all get together on online servers to trade tips, play matches, and compete in game modes. The Journey is an all-new way to connect with your friends and FIFA community. New features include Clubs to manage, skill challenges to join, and mini-games to enjoy. Be a part of the FIFA community wherever you are, no matter if it’s on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

The Journey –
The Journey has your first-ever look at your clubs future. Set the season and use a simulation engine to predict key players who will leave your club and when. Grow your clubs stadium and make the fans happy. Your reputation around the world is decided by the way you manage your clubs as you compete in their European and worldwide cups and leagues.

YOU, the players –
The all-new Dream Match feature gives you the chance to play matches that are specially created for you, and with a variety of all-new environments, keep the gameplay fresh and give you the edge you need to win.

Player Stories –
Stories of true soccer lives. Players like Xherdan Shaqiri, Andrea Pirlo, Diego Maradona, Neymar, Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah are all true soccer lives. Different for each player, your player will go through all sorts of stories in between the world cups and Champions League.

Play, create


What’s new:

  • 22 is simply the best FIFA ever
  • FIFA 22 Pro Evolution Soccer


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Real football meets real life.

FIFA is the most popular video game series with over 400 million global registered users, making it the largest sports community in the world. It is the only simulation title that offers total control of your favourite players with every touch, pass, and shot, as well as a deep insight into the skills, attributes and attributes of each of the more than 30,000 official players from around the world, with career progression, leading to the ultimate dream of being a FIFA Ultimate Team™ manager.

What is FIFA 22?

An immersive experience with the best ever gameplay innovations.

FIFA 22 introduces the most fundamental and detailed gameplay innovations in the series, with key enhancements across all gameplay modes, creating a deeper connection to the game and creating more tactical options on-the-fly.

And it’s not just about playing football – you can now become a manager to take on the role of head coach, rebuild and develop your team from scratch, with detailed off-field management tools, and take the team on a journey throughout the season to qualify for your country’s World Cup™.

FIFA 22 focuses on the core football experience, building on the elements that fans across the globe and across all platforms and devices have come to know and love, while adding new elements in the form of the best football innovations in the series.

What’s new?

Fans and players alike will appreciate the new attention to detail and the sharpened focus on the game’s core strengths, including:

• The return of Natural Player Movement, which allows you to naturally play every position and use the ball with superior intelligence and understanding of where your team needs to play;
• Improved ball physics, which results in the ball behaving more naturally and less like a sphere;
• A new suite of realistic visuals, including 90 unique stadiums, three new lighting environments, and animated camera angles;
• New Referee Behaviour, which includes more accurate and in-depth referee communication;
• Improved commentary;
• New Gamemodes, including Team Battles, and the return of Ultimate Team; and
• Updated Fantasy Draft.


The Best Gameplay in FIFA History

Get closer to the game with the most subtle, intelligent and connected advances in gameplay in the series.

• New Control Scheme: you can now choose to play with two analog sticks or single stick while picking up on the core game


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System Requirements:

OS: 64 bit Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-4670
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD HD 7970
Storage: 50 GB
Additional Notes:
D3D9 games, Intel HD Graphics 4400, AMD Radeon HD 7750/7850
FULLY tested on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and AMD HD 7970 (quad-core CPU)
Fully tested on Intel Core i5-4670 (quad-core CPU