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The “only football game that uses real-life data” also makes use of NVIDIA’s Ansel technology to “create a new level of user-control over the game engine and bring fans deeper into the action,” with both users and developers now able to access the motion capture data captured from the real players.

The gameplay improvements include a “tighter, more natural, and more responsive feel” and the ability to “make more precise actions and reactions.”

FIFA 19 – Motion Capture

The FIFA 19 gameplay engine was created using cutting-edge motion-capture technology that captures real-life human movement to accurately reproduce the motions and actions of world-class athletes. FIFA 19 is the only football game that uses real-life data for the way the player’s body moves.

FIFA 19’s game engine uses motion capture data collected from 22 high-performance players during a full-game match, as well as during post-match analysis, to create the most accurate football experience possible. The game engine is also designed to learn how the player’s body moves to predict changes in speed, body position, and various other factors that can influence the way a player moves.

With each game engine upgrade in successive years, the impact of the engine change is cumulative and palpable. With FIFA 19, the game engine has made remarkable strides toward the goal of providing players with the most realistic football game experience yet.

FIFA 2016 – Football Simulation

The FIFA 2016 gameplay engine was created using cutting-edge motion-capture technology to accurately recreate the movement and actions of world-class athletes. Players can tackle and outwit opponents with unprecedented aggression, and complete a full-scale match in one of the four game modes available.

Reaction speeds have been made faster, and more players can be tracked at once to provide a more realistic football experience.

The motion-capture technology used by the FIFA 16 gameplay engine makes use of a brand-new frame-by-frame scan-based motion tracking system. Every element of the in-game environment is scanned as the player moves around, with computers able to identify the exact location of each player on the pitch and differentiate between them. The result is a more detailed and realistic player movement and more precise ball physics, including a much more responsive feel and the ability to make more precise actions and reactions.

With each game engine


Features Key:

  • FIFA World Cup Japan™ 2018 campaign
  • Dual controller support, now on Xbox One and Xbox One X
  • Multiplayer matches
  • New animations for improved realism
  • New idle animations, licensed players and new goal celebrations
  • New Career Mode
  • New Tournament Mode
  • Director Mode
  • Real Player Motion Technology
  • New Performances
  • New Tutorials
  • New Commentary
  • New Pro-Peaks


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At its core, FIFA puts players in control of their favorite sports teams and makes them champions. Everything from roster management, to tactics, to the match day experience, is rooted in the real-world football. And as players progress and improve, they earn attributes that give their teams an edge. These attributes – from playing style and fitness to skill level and vision – affect the key decision-making skills that drive and determine a game.


Every FIFA game in the series boasts a roster of more than 350 playable players from over 50 countries and 24 historical football leagues, while covering all six divisions in the Football Association’s official football ranking system – from the top tier to the very bottom. The game also features over a thousand official licensed players from 99 different national teams, and 12 clubs.

The new release boosts the match day experience by leveraging a new network of authentic stadiums from all across the globe. These stadiums are featured in all main Career modes and are included for the first time in international friendly player and club matchmaking. Players can now play through the most important clubs around the world, and prove their worth on the national stage by representing their clubs in regular and international friendly matches. Additional stadiums are also included from across all six FIFA World Cups, so players have the chance to play in the most iconic FIFA stadiums ever created.

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Experience the thrill of owning a real-world collection of the biggest stars in world football. Whether you’re building your team using real-world budgets or gathering your squad from The Journey, FIFA Ultimate Team introduces the most dynamic team-building system in franchise history. Whether you’re taking the pitch as a club legend, conquering the opposition as a FIFA Pro, or the manager behind the scenes, you’re always one step ahead thanks to new presentation, gameplay, and dedicated team management features that deliver the most intuitive football experience yet.

Simulation Mode – Play through official, high-quality matches, as well as Classic Training with improved AI, player likeness, and the ability to share the match with your friends. Kick off a career as a club legend, or play as any of the world’s best players in a competitive career mode. Customise your players with new tattoos, haircuts, and unique names.

New Strategic Training System – Manage each match with complete strategic control from the sidelines, and take control of the match with your tactical tactics and substitution options. Master each of the four major aspects of football, play off the ball, defend, attack, and cut through the middle, to unlock a series of tactical attributes that will bolster your team’s effectiveness on the pitch. The game features a variety of tactical training drills that help you improve and master each aspect of football with no restrictions.

Unlocked Pro Clubs – Squad Brawls, slide tackles, fouling, and mass challenges will help you deal with opposition players who try to halt your progress with a trip to the penalty area. Each new challenge and new style of play will challenge the way you think about football, and teach you new ways to beat the defence.

Player Impact Engine – All-new, physics-based Player Impact Engine brings a new level of realism to the series by accurately modelling player attributes, team chemistry, and the dynamics of an on-field encounter. This new engine produces significantly more contextual interactions and visual effects than in previous titles, with off-ball movements, player collisions, finishing, player influence on other players, and more, generating an immersive and challenging environment in which players interact with their opponents on the pitch.

Next Generation Finishing – Take care of the ball at all times to avoid losing possession in a counter-attacking style, or strike a well-timed shot to put your team on the front foot. With more ball control, clever touches, and timing


What’s new: