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HyperMotion technology was built from the concept of how feet interact with the ball when making a tackle or an aerial duel. FIFA’s Fouls will be generated dynamically based on the player’s and ball’s movement.

This data has been used to develop the AI of all 96 players in the game. This is the biggest leap in AI technology seen in a FIFA game to date.

Players are more intelligent than ever before: Every player’s intelligence is set individually and is user-friendly, intelligently recognising and reacting to the actions of other players, the ball and the opponent. Players are able to learn new skills and the way a game is played by simply copying their opponent’s actions.

Accelerated Player Ascent – FUE’s “Accelerated Player Ascent”, which is a new, proprietary feature developed for FIFA 22, allows the player to quickly accelerate while running, creating a more fluid and realistic player movement.

“Fastball” – The first time a player pitches the ball using their “slider”, the player’s “Fastball” is activated. The “Fastball” is a special quick pitch-back from the player that takes a second or two to react to, but forces the opposition to choose between tracking the player and the ball, or the pitch. “Fastball” can be the perfect short-pitch solution to bring the ball back to the goal area quickly.

“Triangle Move” – The Triangle Move is a unique manoeuvre where a player crosses the ball from one flank to the other and then quickly makes a volleyed pass to an attacking teammate. “Triangle Move” is a classic quick, fluid pass from one side of the pitch to another.

FIFA 22 also introduces 4 new ball control modes:

Quick – Quick is a quick flicked-ball control that puts the ball into play quickly.

Ball Control – Ball Control is a new and responsive ball control where the ball is in the air and can be controlled in any direction.

Dribbling – Dribbling is a smooth dribble, where the ball is spun and moved side to side. The dribbler can then run into space and pass to one-versus-one.

Defending – Defending is used when the player is pushed back by


Features Key:

  • New generation of AI – Players have new reflexes and a variety of behaviours under pressure.
  • New Superstar affect – See players respond to your instruction and adapted your play styles to use.
  • Rainbow Goal effects – Rain starts or stops the flow of play. Dribbling, passing accuracy improved and match control are more fluid and natural.
  • Unite the leagues – 23 leagues bring an added depth to play that unites the experience of all the main national leagues. New season introduces kids leagues, management, and over 80 major national clubs.
  • Tons of features – From the very best dribblers, to players with their own individual characteristics to ensure a great football experience, to the very latest equipment, boots, formation and tactics.
  • Expand the game world – Become the coach of one of the world’s most important clubs, like Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund or Manchester United, and challenge for the title. Or organize your own team of professional or amateur players, and join a club in one of the 23 major national leagues, including the English Championship.
  • FIFA was first made to take enjoyment and passion for the beautiful game of football.
  • Also includes FIFA 19 and FIFA 20.
  • For action, the ultimate way to use the power of the ball.


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Football (also known as soccer) is a sport played with a spherical ball and an oval-shaped field, in which two teams of eleven players each compete.

Unlike other sports, such as baseball, American football or basketball, football is not played on a fixed pitch, but on an oval field that is 90 metres long and 75 metres wide. Football fields are graded based on their size and the dimensions of the pitch, with larger pitches and fiercer fouls.

The ultimate accolade in football is winning the World Cup. It is currently held by Germany, and won by the country on their first attempt (no country has ever been relegated and no country has ever won the World Cup on their first attempt) – in 2014. The current record for wins is 98 and the record for consecutive wins is six.

An important part of the FIFA world of football is the player: from the celebrity, to the superstar to the bargain basement striker. The differences between footballers is staggering, as are the differences between countries. The teams who rise to challenge the global elite are all driven by strong national identities, and are world class across the board.

The history of football has been a trail of innovation, with the most recent evolution being 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 formations. These changes have been implemented throughout the decades to respond to changing playing philosophies, tactics and styles of play.

In total, 39 countries are represented in the UEFA national team rankings, whose aim is to measure overall performances of the top national teams, and to establish national rankings. The top ranked country is Germany, who have won the World Cup three times.

FIFA is one of the most popular videogames of all time, with a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

How FIFA works

The heart of the game is FIFA Ultimate Team, which takes many familiar features of FIFA into a new age of football. Featuring over 400 officially licensed players, fan-club members will be able to tailor their squads with a vast array of strategic purchases.

Customising your squad is done by purchasing players from your own £32.99 Ultimate Squad through individual or packs of players, then taking these players onto the pitch as you see fit.

The biggest change to FIFA Ultimate Team is in the new approach to deck creation. Previously there was a fixed deck build, which was easy to nail,


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Make your Ultimate Team in FIFA 22; you can use your Club, Pro and Legend status to draft and transfer any player in the entire league. More importantly, earn cards, and use them to build the world’s greatest squad.

It’s the moment of truth in UEFA Champions League FIFA mobile. Two of your fellow teams have a chance to move on to the next stage of this fantastic competition, with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich the favourites. But with the pressure on, you’ll be required to fight harder than ever before to reach the knockout rounds.

You’ll need to be quick and accurate on the ball to unlock the competition’s many rewards. The more carefully you strike the ball, the better chances you have of reaching the next stage of the competition. If you fancy yourself as the next Ronaldo, Suarez, Messi, or Neymar, push through the competition and become a free agent.

Challenge your opponents, collect fantastic new items and award new stickers in the sport’s biggest tournament.

* EUROPEAN PREMIUM PASS: Get exclusive access to the competition in all FIFA mobile games for 24 months.

The Best is the New Normal – Get the latest news, information, and updates on the newest features in FIFA mobile.

Go Pro – With the all-new Go Pro feature, you can view and take professional quality footage in every game that lets you share your love of football with the world.

BODYSHIFT – Meet and greet the latest body shapes to hit your FIFA!

THE CAST OF CHARACTERS – Meet the stars of all the biggest clubs in Europe in the new Club Profile.

PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Get together with your friends to play, chat, and share.

WALK TOWARDS THE GOAL – Swing your hips to beat the keeper.

PLAYER AND LEAGUE CHANGES – With all the major improvements we’ve made in FIFA mobile, we’ve also made some changes to the gameplay experience. We’ve improved face recognition, taken steps to ensure gameplay consistency from week to week and made general improvements that should help players have a more enjoyable experience.

All normal gameplay rewards are now based on a player’s monthly Euro rating instead of overall career rating. That means your skill level is more important in a shorter competition like the Champions League.


What’s new:

  • [FIFA22] Completely new tech
  • [FIFA22] New tactics
  • [FIFA22] Newly added player attributes
  • [FIFA22] FIFA History


Download Fifa 22 [2022]

FIFA (from FIFA Soccer to FIFA and FIFA Live) is one of the world’s best-selling soccer video games. Millions of players have discovered the true meaning of team play with FIFA and now they want more. FIFA Ultimate Team™, FIFA Classic Team™, The Journey™, and Career mode are the fundamental gameplay pillars of the FIFA Experience™.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is the wholly new way to take your career into your own hands by building and managing a real-life team of footballers, then taking that squad to the pitch. Your transfer budget and squad will impact your gameplay – the potential for progression in-match and online is limitless.


Signed players have the skills, positions and attributes that you’ve trained in-game to create the ultimate team. Build your dream team using real players and gain experience on the pitch to improve your skills and unlock special rewards.

There are nine goalkeeping slots available in this mode. Each team can also be structured to contain either three, four or five defenders, or five, six, or seven midfielders. Defenders are especially important, and there are nine specialized defenders to choose from on each team.


Defenders are one of the most important attributes that will affect the outcome of a match. With all the different positions available, choosing the right defender will put you on the road to success.


A goalkeeper is vital to a team. But how you select a goalkeeper can make the difference between a victory and a defeat. Only the best goalkeepers will feature on your team. If you don’t pick a goalkeeper that will excel in your first match, you’re leaving your team susceptible to defeat.


A midfield is the heart of a team. Without a strong, controlled midfield, a team can’t compete. Choose the right positions to make your team more effective.

Attacking Midfield

The first midfielder on the pitch is crucial. He must control the ball, try to score, and gain possession for the full ninety minutes. The attacking midfielder must be able to pick out the right team-mates in the right positions, run at the defenders and compete for every ball.

Centre Midfielder

A good coach makes his team play and move together. The centre midfield needs to move the ball around, control the middle of the


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  • When you are successful in the first FUT 22 installation you must run it as an Administrator in the loading menu as it will not allow your add-ons to be loaded. Video instructions are available on: FIFA website
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  • Now restart the game for further operation.


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, or 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz, dual-core processor or better
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 25 GB available hard disk space
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video card with 1024×768 resolution and 1 GB of dedicated video memory (not available on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7)
DirectX: Version 9.0c or higher
Additional Notes: The more GPU memory, the better.
OS: Windows 10, 8