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FusionDebug  sets new debugging standards in terms of performance, ease of use and integration for todays CF developer.







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FusionDebug is a powerful tool for CF developers to compile and debug, on-the-fly, CFML files and generate HTML or ColdFusion markup based on the results. FusionDebug integrates into the standard ColdFusion development toolsets to deliver the power of a robust development environment without sacrificing any detail.

The lack of documentation during the beta period cost me a lot of time, but I just managed to solve it, so I will make an effort to write down all the things here.


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From the CF Developer’s Technical Brief, this tutorial overviews the different levels of debug trace and how to use them in the application.

How to activate the trace and log levels in FusionDebug Torrent Download:
The FusionDebug Cracked Version package provides a set of four trace levels: Info, Debug, Warn and Error.
The Info level is similar to a normal DEBUG statement.
When an Info level statement is executed the information will be printed to the log.
The Debug level is similar to a TRACE statement.
When an Debug level statement is executed the CF debugger will print all information about the runtime.
The Warn level is similar to a DEBUG statement.
When a Warn level statement is executed, the CF Debugger will print all information about the runtime, including information about the debugging session and session store.
The Error level is similar to a HALT statement.
When an Error level statement is executed the CF debugger will stop the runtime immediately.
1. When to use which trace level?
2. How to debug statements with a higher level than the current trace level?
3. How to debug a problem and find out what was wrong with a debug statement?
In this lecture, you will
1. Learn how to activate Debug statements
2. Learn how to activate Warn and Error statements
3. Learn how to use the log file of the application
4. Learn how to use FusionDebug Cracked Version to debug CF applications
5. Learn about FusionDebug Cracked Accounts overview

FusionDebug : Overview
FusionDebug is an open-source CF debug and performance analysis toolkit used in production for Adobe ColdFusion. FusionDebug integrates with ColdFusion, ColdBox CFML, and other CFML-based products and provides unprecedented performance analysis and debugging capabilities for ColdFusion developers. FusionDebug 1.0 was introduced at the ColdFusion Summit and was immediately endorsed as an Adobe Gold Partner Solution. FusionDebug is available as a

FusionDebug With Keygen (Final 2022)

A set of CF classes to ease debugging during debug and testing.
FusionDebug Features:
– Integration with live debugging and testing.
– Live debugging (experimental) for debugging while the application is running.
– CIE/Actiontec CCU emulation to connect CPE devices for CF
– Interface code with live debugging and testing.
– This is for ACF 7.00 or later, and for CF versions 5.x and earlier.
This component is still developing and there will be more functionality added.
– The idea was taken from
– For feedback and feature requests send an e-mail to fusiondebug@fusionfund.com
Important: This is a work in progress component. Its not supported. You can delete this project and download the FUPDebug_4.0.zip.
Build Status:
– Only fully tested in Fusionfund, but should work in any other CF project.
Obsolete tags:
– FR: FusionDebug
– Unzip and put the library folder in your application.

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What’s New in the?

FusionDebug is a plugin for CFBuilder which provides a detailed, comprehensive log of all of your Actions, Functions and Controls. By default FusionDebug will log every action in the Actions folder and every function in the Functions folder and will display the most recently logged action if multiple identical actions occur within a short timeframe. The most recently logged function is displayed in the Functions folder. Useful for quick bug hunting or integration debugging, FusionDebug can also take the time to log additional information.
FusionDebug is the most comprehensive and feature packed logging system for CFBuilder. FusionDebug logs every control created, event fired, error, function and control that has ever existed with a date/time associated with it. The information can then be exported or copied into your clipboard for quick use in the field.
FusionDebug is fully supported and built into CFBuilder 3.10 and higher.

* Easily Read: FusionDebug enables direct read access to log content. There is no need to search through countless lines of json code. FusionDebug adds a “Visual Debugger” to your action log which enables you to see all of the data that FusionDebug captures.

* Complete Out-of-the-Box: FusionDebug produces detailed, comprehensive, fully formatted logs with an option to download for use later.

* No Compromise To Performance: FusionDebug does not affect CFBuilder performance. Uses no resources outside of your memory and adds little overhead. You can log and view debug information from any function on any page. FusionDebug Logging only uses standard functions and incurs no CPU.

* Plug And Play: FusionDebug works in the background and does not require configuration. FusionDebug is ready for use when you open CFBuilder.

* Design For New Developers: FusionDebug is built to take the guesswork out of debugging. FusionDebug generates a detailed, comprehensive log for you. FusionDebug makes creating CFBuilder code a breeze.

FusionDebug not only creates a way to track down basic bugs, but also gives you tools to make your app fit into your workflow. FusionDebug does not require any command line “setup” or knowledge of JSON. If you like writing JSON, you can do that, too. But FusionDebug does it all for you and provides you with a simple, streamlined way to hook into the process.
FusionDebug Installation:

FusionDebug can be installed from the CFBuilder Plugin store

System Requirements For FusionDebug:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400S (2.6 GHz) or better
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better