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GedPad Pro is a software solution that was designed to help computer users edit GEDCOM files on their PC units in a quick, effortless manner by providing them with everything needed to do so.
Easy to install
Deploying this program on your computer should be a walk in the park since you don't need to perform any complicated operations or configure any advanced settings during the setup process.
The only things you need to do are launching the installer and following the on-screen instructions provided by the built-in wizard, as the rest of the operation unfolds almost automatically, with minimum assistance required on your side.
View and edit GEDCOMs
As stated above, this application can come in handy for users who need to open and even edit GEDCOM files on their computer without significant efforts. Once you launch the application you'll be prompted to provide it with a valid GED file to process.
It is possible to locate non-standard name and date forms, identify absent files and missing or dead links, find duplicate records, identify family records that come with no parent information as well as copy, cut and paste data as you want.
Simplistic interface
Visually-wise, this application isn't exactly eye-catching, but given that it hasn't received any updates in a while and that its purpose is quite rudimentary, this aspect can be easily overlooked.
Some of the functions it encompasses are easy to understand, but some of them might require some light familiarizing beforehand. The "Options" window lets you choose the fonts and select the name format you like.
Simple GED viewer and editor
All in all, if you're looking for an application that can view and process GEDCOM files without great effort, you might want to give GedPad Pro a try. It's easy to install, comes with a simple interface and gets the job done quickly.







GedPad Pro 2012 Free Download

Take Control of GEDCOM Files
A great way to organize your family tree by importing it into an application that combines the power of online-accessible databases and online searches.
GEDCOM is a file format used to store and present family history information. It works well in conjunction with other genealogy programs such as Legacy, GEDCOM File Organizer, and MyHeritage. GEDCOM XML files are text files that contain a database of information about your family.
GEDCOM files are used primarily to transfer information about families from the past into a living record. For more information, visit the GEDCOM file format website.
Fully Featured Viewer and Editor
With GedPad Pro, you can import, edit and export GEDCOM files from your computer, and manage your history in a seamless fashion.
Import and Export GEDCOM
Do you have hundreds of GEDCOM files on your computer that you are unable to view? GedPad Pro makes it easy to import them into your own personal archive, which you can then make available to your relatives through your own website.
Use GedPad Pro to view and edit GEDCOM files in a safe and non-destructive fashion, without having to open the file in a separate program. You can also create and edit multiple copies at the same time.
Enhanced Data Entry
GedPad Pro allows you to drag and drop multiple copies of a file to the desktop. Once you import files, you can track and edit the details of each new family line.
Search the Web and GEDCOM
You can enter the name of a person in GedPad Pro and search for links to their records and the original GEDCOM files. Click on any entry to view the content of the GEDCOM file that records the information.
Provide links to GEDCOM files for your relatives to view when you are ready to share your ancestor data.

GEDPad is an application that was developed and published by José Luis Ríos Silva and aims at displaying the output of the GedView program, which is a program that was specifically designed for viewing GEDCOM files created by the GEDCOM software, in fact, GedView is a software solution that was developed to read and export GEDCOM files on Windows operating systems, most notably for the Microsoft platform, given that the program is based on that one.

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GEDPad Pro Free Download Full Version

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GedPad Pro 2012 With Full Keygen

• Easy to install
• View and edit GEDCOM files
• Allows for data copy, cut and paste
GedPad Pro User Guide:
How to Use GedPad Pro:
• Launch the application and select a GED file from your computer to process.
• You’ll be prompted to specify the location where GedPad Pro will create its temporary files.
• Select the “Options” button and from the drop-down menu at the top choose the name format you like.
How to Process GedPad Pro:
Step-by-Step Instructions:
• Once the application is launched, you’ll be presented with a list of available options and actions.
• It is possible to mark files to be ignored by the application, import the missing links and even set the global settings.
• After you select the required options, you’ll be asked to select the start and finish dates as well as the starting and ending locations to process the selected GED file.
Main Features:
Data copy
GedPad Pro will allow you to copy data and paste it to your GEDCOM files. This feature is available to all files and the ones that are currently being processed.
The data will be updated and you can modify it to your liking. You can select the specific settings by double-clicking on a specific record and then double-click on the one you want to change or remove.
Data validation
It is possible to validate a GED file by comparing it with the “known good” GED file. You can use this feature to identify the differences and quickly locate the ones you want to process, with the data validated and modified to your liking.
Data copy/paste
Data will be copied and pasted in your GED file if an export and import option is selected in the “Options” dialog box.
Duplicates identification
GedPad Pro will identify duplicates within your GED file and let you know which ones you want to process and which ones you don’t.
Ignore files and missing links
You can select the files that you want to ignore by selecting the “Add” button from the “Options” dialog box.
Family record identification
You can identify family records that have no parent information and would otherwise be processed as a single record.
If you want to process a GED file that isn’t stored in your computer, you can import it.
Global settings
GedPad Pro provides you

What’s New in the?

Spreadsheet Module to work with GEDCOM files

Retrieve data that is available for each GEDCOM file

“Retrieve” command extracts data that is stored in different columns

Compare data in the current GEDCOM file with data contained in another GEDCOM

File Edit Grid with Enhanced Output Tool

Add names to a GEDCOM with new names, change the order

Delete GEDCOM file fields


Create a new GEDCOM file.

Open a GEDCOM file and view information such as the GEDCOM file’s title, the name of the individual you want to work with, the date, place and other information about the individual you wish to work with.

View names of those that are missing.

View all the parts of the tree of a GEDCOM file.

View all the parts of the tree of a GEDCOM file.

“Retrieve” command extracts data that is stored in different columns.

Compare data in the current GEDCOM file with data contained in another GEDCOM

Simple layouts for easy viewing

Modify parts of a GEDCOM file in the following order: date, place, name, ID number, status, natal data, birthplace, gender, descent and activity data.

Delete GEDCOM file fields:

Delete names and parents of a particular individual

Delete parents and children of a particular individual.

Remove an ID number of a particular individual.

Supports different date formats

Support personalization and font options.

Ability to choose a font type.

Support for sorting by date and entry (you can sort entries by order number or group number).

Print out a GED file tree

Supports the creation of a GED file tree and the printing of a GED file tree (you can print out a part of a tree of a GED file or all tree).

Supports the creation of a GED file tree and the printing of a GED file tree (you can print out a part of a tree of a GED file or all tree).

Supports the creation of a GED file tree and the printing of a GED file tree (you can print out a part of a tree of a GED file or all tree).

Access to additional documentation and support resources.


It runs on

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