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Hello all,
Im trying to use core generator to get hash range in range of 64bit sha256.
But im getting the output of it like this :

So im stuck at the point that im not able to generate 64bit sha256 hash range.
Iam using the following command to get the hash range :
./g3user.core -o -n 35 n -o /home/a/Desktop/new_a.txt

Iam not able to understand the meaning of it.


The -o flag outputs the hash to stdout, not a file. You want
./g3user.core -o -n 35 n -o /home/a/Desktop/new_a.txt

You will get a 40 digit number, and you probably want to pipe it into something that displays it easier on the screen than you will be able to use it to generate the hash values.
Take a look at this command, it might be helpful:
./g3user.core -o -n 35 n -o /home/a/Desktop/new_a.txt | sed -e’s/^/&

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