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Photoshop was originally developed by John Knoll and John Warnock at Apple Computer in 1987 as a replacement for the company’s own tools for laying out graphical displays (primarily Apple’s custom Lisa LisaWrite application). Despite initially challenging the dominant Microsoft Windows and work of other graphics programs on the market, it was never able to gain a foothold in the market due to Apple’s conservative business practices, lack of high-quality graphics hardware, and dependence on its proprietary operating system.

In 1991, Adobe Systems began offering a free, limited-features version of the software named Photoshop Labs, which had the ability to import and edit still or video images. Adobe Photoshop, Version 1 (PS), originally released in 1992, brought in-place editing (or non-destructive editing), image retouching (also called image manipulation, retouching, or editing), and the ability to import images from scanners.

The interface was a distinctive three-panel toolbox layout with a top panel that provided the tools (layers) and global settings, a lower panel with a bottom toolbox as well as command bar, and a third panel that contained the image with sizing, rotating, cropping, and pixel editing tools.

Today’s Photoshop provides tools for almost every aspect of image processing, from adding color, text, and graphics, to minor manipulations such as resizing, editing, and retouching. Versions of Photoshop released for the personal computer have ranged from Photoshop 1.0 (1992) to Photoshop CS6 (2008), which is the latest version.

Edit Layers

Every element or object in an image, whether it’s text, a logo, a child, or an animal, is an element of an image that can be separately modified, cut, and pasted. Photoshop was the first application that allowed users to make this type of modification or editing to an image.

When you open an image, Photoshop displays a navigation bar on the left of the canvas. At the very top of the navigation bar are the default settings and brush engine.

Below the navigation bar is the Layers palette. Photoshop divides the editing space into individual canvas layers, each of which can be adjusted separately with no fear of ruining the other layers. The three-panel layout that emerged was a hangover from a portion of the old toolbox layout in an earlier version.

The three panels (layers) are

a) Layers Panel, a multi-

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The program comes with 64-bit Intel, Linux and macOS systems. The program is free of charge in both Windows (version 13+) and macOS (version 10.7+).


Does not include all available features

MacOS installation is better with a 32-bit system

Elements is both available for purchase on the Mac App Store and from Adobe’s website.

Intel, Windows, and macOS support

Linux compatibility requires i386 and x86-64 editions of the program.

Check out the user manual to get started, and read our step-by-step installation guide.

Get your free trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements in the Mac App Store.

Program features

Adobe Photoshop Elements is mainly a photo editor. You can edit images by adjusting colors, sharpening or retouching them with different tools.

Let’s take a closer look at the most useful tools. You can customize your toolbars to your liking, so you can quickly access all the tools you will use the most.

Other tools

Use the basics to create your own image; resize, crop, or rotate objects, adjust color contrast, create black and white images, or redeye elimination. You can also replace your images with items such as fireworks, donuts, or a band’s logo.

You can also add a filter to your image, add special effects such as a vignette, Sharpen, Spot Healing, HDR, Remove Noise, Retouch, Straighten, Tonal Contrast, Dodge or Burn, Gaussian Blur or Bloat, and other ways to manipulate colors or sharpen your images.

2. Set your default settings

Every tool includes presets that you can apply to images. However, you can save the settings of these presets on the Image menu (Window > Image > Image Size & Mode > Save Image in) to allow you to quickly apply them to other images.

The Presets menu is divided into categories such as Nature, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, and Artistic.

You can also change the colors used in any color selection tool by accessing the Color menu.

3. Create your own filters

You can use the Filter menu to add and save your own filters to use them in other images. You can create your own filters and then use them for other images by placing them in a Favorites folder.

You can open filters

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How to determine the source of a type in a derived type

I have a derived type (derived from another type)
class Person{


class President : Person {… }

I have two instances of the derived type, one is a person and one is a President.
How can I determine the type of the derived class, and not just the base class?
Person p = new President();

I know I can make a method that determines the base class and returns that
public T BaseType () {
Type t = typeof(T);
return (T)Activator.CreateInstance(t);

And then use BaseType() but I was wondering if there was a simpler way, if I am in the constructor, or if there is some other way?


There isn’t a way to do this.
You will have to code this yourself. By using code like this
Person p = new President();
Person p2 = new President();

T instance;

instance = p; // p is type Person
instance = p2; // p2 is type President

You have to tell which instance was which type.
Here is another option
Person p = new President();
President p2 = new President();

Person p3 = (Person)p2;
President p4 = (President)p2;

Person p5 = (Person)p;
President p6 = (President)p;

Again, you have to tell which is which.
You can also use typeof to determine the type
Person p = new President();
President p2 = new President();

T instance;

if(typeof(Person) == p.GetType())
instance = p;

if(typeof(President) == p2.GetType())
instance = p2;

if(typeof(Person) == p3.GetType())
instance = p3;

if(typeof(President) == p4.GetType())
instance = p4;


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