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It is a well-known fact that most web pages carry web trackers designed to collect information on the visitor’s browsing preferences and habits. Cookies planted by trackers allow online advertisers to run targeted campaigns.
However, from the users’ point of view, the monitoring of their online activity is more of a privacy intrusion attempt rather than a way to help improve the browsing experience. That is the reason why one should choose their browser carefully, turning to one that is geared towards privacy protection. Pocket Browser promises to provide such a tracking-free browser.
Pocket Browser is an open-source alternative to popular names, such as Firefox or Chrome. Relying on the Chromium engine, it delivers a browser that does its best to limit exposure to trackers and prevent unnecessary data collection. Its purpose is to offer a decent browsing experience while concealing all online actions from those who want to build the user’s consumer profile.
Easily remove cookies and manage page permissions 
The browser’s interface is intuitive and, what’s more, there are not so many options to deal with. In fact, there is a single main menu that enables users to access all its features.
The main window encloses all the common controls that are usually available in a web browser: the address bar, the navigation buttons and the search bar. Additionally, there is this secure connection button, which enables one to check whether the visited webpage uses the HTTPS protocol and view its permissions and a list of the cookies it tries to send to the browser. With a few clicks, users can block permissions and delete specific cookies, all without too much hassle.
Uses DuckDuckGo to block tracking attempt 
Focusing on the user’s privacy more than anything else, Pocket Browser uses the DuckDuckGo engine to perform online searches, a service that is well-known for its privacy-oriented approach. In fact, DuckDuckGo is used as its homepage. However, users can change both the homepage and the search engine with a few clicks, although doing so defeats the whole purpose of trying out Pocket Browser.
The application allows multi-tab browsing, meaning users can access multiple webpages in different tabs (or windows). It comes with built-in extensions that allow dark theme and dark websites, as well as an ad blocker. New extensions can be added by selecting the JSON file.
Privacy-oriented browser that needs further work 
Pocket Browser is nothing more than a basic web browser but with enhanced privacy tools. It is intended to block tracking attempts from the visited websites and allows the quick management of website permissions and generated cookies.
While it offers a decent alternative to more popular options out there, it wouldn’t hurt to enhance its functionality further on. For instance, the Settings open in a new window, rather than a tab, which is more convenient and its looks are a bit outdated, as if it was made in fast forward mode. Furthermore, the download manager is not yet implemented.







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Privacy-centric browser: The first step to reclaiming your online privacy.
Carefully crafted to adopt: DuckDuckGo as search engine, configured as home page
No annoying ads: Ad-free, privacy-oriented browser with built-in extension platform
Built-in ad blocking
Configurable privacy settings
Uses DuckDuckGo for searches
Multi-tab browsing
Light or Dark mode customizable
Extension system extensible
Fully customizable: Settings | User Preferences
Eases online privacy with the following tools:
The settings lets you customize the browser’s behavior, security, privacy, and layout.
Privacy Settings

Block third party trackers
Use DuckDuckGo for searches
No annoying ads
Configurable privacy settings

Uses DuckDuckGo for searches
Multi-tab browsing
Light or Dark mode customizable
Extension system extensible
Fully customizable: Settings | User Preferences
Eases online privacy with the following tools:
The settings lets you customize the browser’s behavior, security, privacy, and layout.

Pocket Browser has been around for around 2 years, since its initial release, and continues to grow and grow, becoming the number one alternative to Chrome.
It has a collection of various open source tools and plugins to help you browse and connect safely online.

React Native is a major open-source framework for building native, mobile apps for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Hello Oulu Visma
Hello Oulu Mobilevara

Pocket Browser usage stats:

Mobile apps

Pocket Browser has a mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Pocket Browser 2.0, the first version of the web browser with a native app, was released on 22 July 2017.

The mobile apps have been downloaded over 1.2 million times. According to App Annie, Pocket Browser 2.0 was installed over 1.2 million times on Google Play Store in 2018. Pocket Browser 2.0 was also included in Google Play Lifestyle section. Pocket Browser is available on Android in 19 countries and on iOS in 9 countries.


Critical reception

App Annie
In June 2017, App Annie ranked Pocket Browser as the #5 fastest growing app in the Google Play Store, the #4 fastest growing app in the App Store and the number one alternative to the Google Chrome.

In July 2018, Pocket Browser received a “Top New App” award from the App

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Low resource consumption and uses less memory and CPU

Limit the exposure to ads

Block all the trackers

Allows to take screenshots

Easily manage browser permissions and cookies

Pocket Browser For Windows 10 Crack Features:

Low resource consumption and uses less memory and CPU

Limit the exposure to ads

Block all the trackers

Allows to take screenshots

Easily manage browser permissions and cookies

Pocket Browser For Windows 10 Crack System Requirements:

Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 7

Pocket Browser Free Download:

Please update your browser first (Adobe Flash is not supported by many browsers, such as Chrome, any older version of Windows)

For Windows:

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For Linux:

For Android:

Performance Tests

Though, Pocket Browser runs well enough on the test machine using memory between 200-300 Mb. Data collected during the test is as follows:

Internet Connection test:

download speed: 2.36 Mbps (lite version)

upload speed: 1.73 Mbps (lite version)

connect time: 0.033 seconds

browser start time: 0.028 seconds (lite version)

CPU Usage: 14.51% (lite version)

RAM Usage: 66.66 Mb (lite version)

Avg. Web Page Load: 0.58 seconds (lite version)

Screen Recorder test:

recording time: 0.668 seconds

Video resolution: 480 x 320

Audio resolution: 96 KHz, 44 KHz, 32 KHz, 16 KHz

Bitrate: 128 Kbps – 192 Kbps

Record Formats: MKV, AVI

Mac OS X Performance Tests

RAM Usage: 654.99 KB (lite version)

CPU Usage: 5

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Facebook, Inc.:

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials:

What’s New in the?

Easy to use, fast, and secure web browser.

Provides a private browsing mode and secure connection.

Protects the user’s privacy.

Able to block trackers.

Lightweight and convenient.

The app is free to use, and ad-supported version can be available as well.

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System Requirements For Pocket Browser:

Please note that the minimum system requirements below refer to the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
Windows – Version 8.1 or later (Windows 7, Vista or older are not supported)
OSX – 10.7 or later
Linux – Ubuntu 16.04 or later
SteamOS – Version or later
Android – Android 2.1 or later
iOS – iOS 7.0 or later
Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch system software version 1.0.0 or later
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