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Name Elden Ring
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– Elden Ring Free Download, head of the Elden in the Lands Between, has fallen into ruin. He needs the assistance of the heroes of his realm in order to restore his place as the most powerful lord in the Lands Between.
– In order to restore his power, Elden Ring sends the heroes of the Elden to the Hall of the Mountain King in order to revive the power of the holy mountain.
– One of the heroes of the Lands Between, Silver Hawk, has been summoned to restore the faith of the people of his kingdom in a time of crisis. While he settles into the town, a conspiracy stirs in the town, threatening the peace of the Lands Between.
– With his friends acting as reinforcements, Silver Hawk must fight for the preservation of the Lands Between.
– Elden Ring asks the heroes of the Elden to gather in the Great Elden Hall to restore the power of the Elden.
– While in the Great Elden Hall, the heroes will battle the monster King Volturnus, who is plotting to take power over the Lands Between.
– In order to defeat the monster King Volturnus, the heroes of the Elden will have to survive long battles and link their powers, preparing for an epic showdown.
– Elden Ring also sends a hero, Glorfindel, to a lost realm to bring hope back to a place that has long been left to rot, the ruins of the Storm King’s Tower.


Elden Ring has fallen to ruin, but he needs your help to restore his place as the most powerful lord in the Lands Between.

1. Defend the Lands Between

– Elden Ring has been kidnapped by a dark spirit.
– Elden Ring has fallen into a deep slumber.
– Elden Ring is to be used to curse the people of the Lands Between.
– The people of the Lands Between must wait and watch while the dark spirit take over their world.
– The people of the Lands Between have waited long enough.
– Elden Ring has been revived by a dark spirit who wishes for blood.
– Elden Ring must be restrained within the Halls of the Mountain King.
– Use the evil spirits, monsters, and darkness to defend the Lands Between.
– The people of the Lands Between


Features Key:

  • Master Unique Skills with Your Skills Arrays
  • Developed with Quality
  • Top Quality Music and Sound Effects
  • Difficulty of Dungeon Design and Battles adapted to the player’s skill level
  • Fully Customize Your Character
  • Dynamic Events and Reliable Game Management

    Purchase the game and download the “kochikame-client” on your client to be your friends. Create your own character by choosing your appearance, class and class skill, set your own classes and skills, and customize your own weapons and armor. When you meet others on the server and have your skills array, create a party. After the game starts, you and your party will be added to the “Party Council” server side, and the game begins.

    Start Playing As Leader

    In the game, the 0, 1, 2, 3, and “Party Council Leader” characters are automatically created by the server side. As the characters automatically advance, make all allies brave your leadership. You cannot lead others in a cave since that is a dungeon.

    As a leader of a party, perform dialogue with your party when the player animation overlaps your character on the server.

    Kill monsters to receive EXP. Defeat bosses to obtain items and coins. After defeating over 7,000 monsters, the leader will receive a mystery box without the prince’s medal. The mystery box can be opened by amassing coins by defeating monsters. Equip the items and coins from the mystery box to increase your class and class skills.

    After the thrilling adventuring has ended, return to the world. Unique, addictive and exciting of all genres, come and enjoy yourself at Kocyon!

    Elden Ring Install Instructions

    Elden Ring Steam Page:



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    The contents of this game do not contain any sexually explicit, obscene, or violent images. All of the images used are only for the purpose of illustration, and are not used to record or depict minors.

    This app is free to download and play but certain items can be purchased for real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.

    Changes from game version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0:

    Added new action scenes.

    Added new costumes and new items.

    Added a new character, “Dieu.”

    Added support for Android 4.4 KitKat.

    Added a new item “Elden Ring Free Download.”

    Added achievements and special costumes for Deus.

    Added related material such as the main class of Deus.

    Added a fun character nickname.

    Added new audio tracks.

    Added a multiplayer function.

    Added a special story scene.

    Added a new peaceful scene.

    Added a new easy dungeon.

    Added an improved class change screen.

    Added a new music track.

    Added the main class of Deus.

    (Known issue:) The system settings of this game does not support certain languages, such as Thai and Russian.

    (Known issue:) The Labeling of Translations in the Google Play


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    • Battle in Real Time
    Contrary to the prevailing opinion that using a medieval-style MMO while being in real time is impossible, Escape has been developed to seamlessly connect the real time aspect and online game atmosphere.
    • Real-time Battle System
    Carry out attacks without being constrained by the mechanics of an action RPG. Real-time battles where you have to time your attacks and movements by gradually gauging your opponent’s movements is our approach.


    • Asynchronous Online Play
    Even in a real-time game, several characters can play simultaneously, and you can also play with other players through the asynchronous online mode.


    • Various Modes of Operation
    You can enter the battlefield alone, or you can join a battle in progress through the asynchronous online mode. You can then watch others’ battles or join their battles at your own leisure. You can even play a role as a spectating pro.


    • Unlimited Synergies
    In addition to harnessing the power of the Elden Ring, create your own demon and ride it to battle. Demons can be developed and customized to suit your play style. So, make your demon shine by customizing its looks, stats, and abilities.

    We are not just satisfied with our unrivaled game system and strong online environment. We also offer the top-class production services that you’ve been looking for.
    Escape will be released on PS4 under the banner of Square Enix.

    Square Enix, Inc. is a publicly-listed company. The company has more than 590,000 shareholders and it is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Square Enix Co., Ltd. was established in 1982, and the acquisition of Square Enix by Nintendo in December 2013 consolidated its development activity into one company. More than 21,200 people, including game developers, designers, and artists, work in 61 teams in its subsidiary companies across Japan. Its head office is located in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

    Square Enix develops and publishes a variety of popular interactive entertainment content which includes video games, anime, novels, trading card games, concerts and others. It is also the company that publishes the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest anime/movies, which have been enjoyed by over one billion people worldwide. It is also known for its use


    What’s new:

    If you’re thinking of buying this game using a credit card, we suggest you purchase it using the following method.

    In a store: Pick up the game, be careful not to let your purchase slip from your hands, and make sure you have enough money for returning home.

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    It’s time for more information, and be sure to go see what we’ve got!



    Making of the game: 



    Team members:

    Special thanks to:


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    – Features and Improvements

    – The Latest News of ELDEN RING

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    – Game is opened to all of its users

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    – Improving User Interface

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