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Eden Ring is an Fantasy Action RPG game that lets you create your own character in a vast world where you fight fierce monsters. The world you explore is made of a variety of various open fields, where you can easily find many different situations, and huge dungeons where you can fight ferocious monsters and gain a feeling of accomplishment. Explore the world and fight your way to Brandish your Elden Sword.

The Lands Between
The Lands Between are a world of Reality itself. A land teeming with life. A land teeming with the uncertainty and the pain of the passage of time. An ancient fantasy world.

A World of Adventure
The Lands Between is a huge world where you will have a variety of exciting situations happen to you. Whether you are playing in a small village or in a dungeon, your adventure will be filled with a variety of quests, battles, and battles.

Immersive Storyline
With a unique storyline, fully integrated characters, and a variety of situations, Eden Ring is a game full of drama and charm.

Unity of Action & Adventure
Eden Ring features an action-adventure battle system. New Adventurers can enjoy playing together with old friends by using any of their characters, and the action system allows for a seamless play experience.

■Game Features

Play as One of Seven Characters

Possess unique skills in a variety of areas such as magery and melee. A wide variety of exciting situations await.

Fully-Integrated Character System

Create your own character and enjoy a variety of customization options. The body, weapon, and armor can be freely combined with magic, and it is all up to you!

Immersive World Design

A wide variety of dynamic situations await. Each area is designed with a real sense of rhythm and charm.

Asynchronous Play that is Connected to Others

On the multiplayer servers, you can travel together with other players and in parallel to your own story! Your story can unfold while you are away.

New Year’s Eve (U.S. Server)

– New Year’s Eve will be playable on Dec 31 from 10:00AM to 11:59PM Pacific Time (PST).

– New Year’s Eve will start with a three-day countdown and the countdown will end on Jan 1 at 9:59PM (PST).

– From 9:59AM, New


Download ===== DOWNLOAD

Download ===== DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • Brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord to exterminate the monstrous horde of Shadow.
  • Elden Lords go out from your fortress and visit the nearby towns to distribute aid.
  • Fight endlessly in the endless world and challenge others in all types of battles, whether it be single fights or team battles.
  • Battle Alliance, where you can enjoy a common fight with others.
  • Looking for battle partners and constructing a war party.
  • Several rewards for winning battles and completing quests, such as EXP to raise the level of your allied heroes and new treasure chests.
  • Millions of prizes and opportunities to gain powerful new items as you play.
  • Workshop system where you can upgrade your gear with materials and help you develop a stronger arsenal to handle stronger monsters.
  • Extremely rich and varied story, told in fragments and infused with adventure-game and role-playing elements.

  • <Discover the world of the Elden Ring from the top of the world to the depths of the ocean. Your mission is to fight your way to the Blood Earl.>

    • Elden Lords: The great dark force known as the Shadow is threatening the Land Between. With only the sword of the Elden Ring, you must rise and exterminate all of the monsters. The world of the Elden Ring has been threatened by this monster. The destruction of the Elden Lords is the very cause behind the appearance of the shadow army. To save the Elden Ring, only those in the service of the Elden Lords are eligible for the vicious head-to-head battles.
    • Start as a Tarnished Shield: When the Lord of the Elden Ring, the Sun Dragon, passed away, his body rose. Transformed into a black and bloody-red body, the Dark Lord changed into the Tarnished Shield. A being that has lost its purity.
    • Elden Ring Wars: Confront the strongest vampire horde in the Land Between with a large legion of


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      ■ Character

      1.) Vane

      Male. Ages: 16-30.

      Heir to the Ordeley family. Owner of the infamous “Black Wind” sword, the weapon that bears the seal of the Black Wind clan.

      He is a young noble, and is very quick-witted and aloof. He has an air of authority, as if he possesses much experience of life, a single-minded and all-powerful gaze, and a multitude of traits that mark him as a peculiar character.

      Vane is also a fast-tongued swordsman with an unusually deep sword skill.

      ■ Character Models & Portraits

      Vane’s “Physical Stats” have been newly increased.

      ■ Quests

      Quests are both lonely and together adventures.

      Fight Against Powerful Monsters or Entities for Rewards.

      ◆ Story

      From the land of Chaos, the strongest power was born in the Northern Lands.

      Its name is Elden, and it takes pity for those who have fallen.

      It made the Lands Between a land of hope.

      In the center of the Lands Between is the Tree of Elden, whose leaves are as pure as gold.

      Whoever draws blood from its leaves is reborn.

      ■ Multiplayer

      Connect to others on the same continent and form your own party.

      Join with others to battle powerful monsters and raid mysterious places.

      ■ Dungeons

      With lots of unique features, this dungeon has a very dramatic atmosphere.

      From the inside, it has a 3D-like atmosphere.

      We have also added a few new actions and dialogue.

      You will have trouble understanding everything, so the more you enjoy, the more you’ll love it!

      ■ Battle System

      A completely new battle system!

      Break up into 4 main characters, and then you can select up to 6 other characters to take with you on


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      Unique action RPG where the battle is not determined by skill, but by sheer numbers.
      Action RPG where the fighting environment can be changed at will.
      There are 4 types of weapons that you can use: Axe, Spear, Staff, and Flail
      Depending on your weapon, you can increase your attack power and special skills.
      You can also use different types of armor and magic to protect and enhance your power
      Equip the best weapon, armor, and magic of different types
      Fight cooperatively with other players or fight against them
      Discover the fate of the Lands Between with the winds and shadows of the surrounding landscape.
      Decide the fate of the Lands Between as you choose your next course of action.
      “Fantasy meets Japanese roleplaying”

      A Unique Action RPG Where the Battle is Not Determined by Skill, but by Numbers
      You’ll have to calculate if it will be better to use your skill to kill all enemies or if it is better to use more numbers. This game is not like other RPG, which always forces you to fight to kill.

      Based on the Prediction of Number of Enemies, You’ll Have to Select the Best Course of Action
      You’ll be given opportunities to select the best course of action by using numbers.

      Unique Action RPG Where the Environment Can be Changes at Will
      You can freely change the battlefield environment at any time.

      You Can Equip the Best of Different Types of Armor and Magic to Protect and Enhance Your Power
      As you fight, you’ll be wearing a variety of equipment and will increase your power by combining them.
      You’ll have to keep watch on the enemy’s ability and change your own action as the situation changes.

      Armored or Magic, Select the Right Type of Armor and Magic for You
      You’ll have to select the appropriate type of armor and magic that will be the best for your own fighting style and fighting abilities.

      Player Position and Controls Player Position and Controls
      Each player may have a different objective or interest.

      You’ll have to consider your power and the environment when you choose your next course of action.



      This game has a novel “transmission” system where you’ll be able to communicate with other players during battle, such as “I’m


      What’s new:

      Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
      To start the game, go to the TOEIsoft homepage from to download the game and play the trial.

      26 Jun 2016 05:15:46 +0000
      ATTENTION: Adventurer’s League Season 4 Announced

      If it is not enough to have a good Social Life, why on Earth would you want to play alone? (Hmm, but this is a party game, right?)
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      Does that sound like you?
      Play ALIGNMENT SCREENERS to find and assemble (in the spirit of ALIGNMENT SCREENERS) characters from the Adventurer’s League to go on adventures with!
      As a player, you’ll need to give some thought about what classes make the best fighters (Wizards), wizards (Bards), and warriors (Paladins), then check out the full character class lineup to find a character that will fit in with your party but also work for an independent ranking!
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    More Notes On Elden Ring:

    • Both Single and multiplayer (Matchmaking) can be set to public and private
    • Both Single and multiplayer allows cross save in Public matches
    • All cross saves are stored in the region of the person that saved them
    • The difficulty settings don’t carry over between single and multiplayer modes

    <img src="


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    An Intel i5 quad core CPU
    8GB RAM
    Mac OS X 10.8.3 or later
    Cave Story + Portable Edition: 1.1GB
    An Intel i3 or equivalent CPU
    4GB RAM
    Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
    Cave Story + PS3 Edition: 2.5GB
    An Intel i3 dual core CPU
    Windows XP SP3 (32bit or 64bit)


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