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Rhinoceros 5 Key Crack

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Does coalesce function removes nulls

I have a table with some records where some columns can be null and I have to use the coalesce function in a select to join together the rest of the columns.
This is what I’ve done to join together the rest of the columns:
select id, nombre_completo,…, nombre_pago, nombre_envio
from coj_cab
left join info_usuario u on u.id_usuario = coalesce(coj_cab.id_usuario,u.id_usuario)

Is this a correct usage of the coalesce function? I’m asking this because I saw someone in the place of the double coalesce to put the first value.


Is this a correct usage of the coalesce function?

No. Coalesce is used when you want to return one of two possible values (the first or the second) depending on which one of the two values to “coalesce” is a defined/known/expected value.
But you are using it as a SQL-standard idiom (that is, you don’t really want to return either of the two values. You want to return null, which the coalesce can return for you by either returning the first, the second or both). In that case coalesce might make sense, but it doesn’t sound

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