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Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorial

The below sections of Adobe Photoshop Elements are meant to guide you through the steps required to perform the tasks for a specific task. You can also jump directly to the appropriate section of the user guide.


Welcome to the Photoshop Elements tutorial. Photoshop Elements offers photographers, graphic designers, web designers and other users alike a robust collection of tools for creating, editing and manipulating digital images. To get the most out of Photoshop Elements, you’ll need to know a few things about the basics of the program. This intro tutorial provides you with an introduction to Photoshop Elements.

Select the files to open or open a file to select

To open a file, drag it from your computer into a folder in the Open dialog box.

You can also get to the Open dialog box from any other file type by pressing Enter when you’re in a window like a picture in a frame, Word document, PDF document, or e-mail attachment.

The open file dialog box appears. If you have multiple image files selected, each of them will appear in its own window.

Save a copy

To save a copy of an image, choose File > Save.

You can also press Ctrl+S. If you press Ctrl+S, a dialog box will pop up with File, Save As, and Cancel options. Your choice will be highlighted.

To save the image in a compressed format, you’ll need to change the Save Options.

Choose File > Save As.

Your options vary depending on what you want to save.

Select the destination for your file

Select the location on your computer where you want to save the image file you just opened.

You have several options:

Keep: Your image is moved to the same location, but the original file remains in place.

Overwrite: If a file with the same name exists, it’s deleted and replaced with the new version.

Replace existing: If the image with this name already exists, the new image replaces it.

Name your file

Name your new image file to give it a descriptive name.

Select Save As.

The Save Options dialog box appears.

Choose Save as Type.

Select an options.

Change the save options

Choose the file format to save your image in.

Compressed or uncompressed format?

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System Requirements:

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Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD3850 or Nvidia Geforce GT220
DirectX: Version 9.0
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