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**Introducing the RGB Color Mixing System**

Colors and tonal adjustments are made using a color system that has three components. These components are known as red, green, and blue (RGB).

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Adobe Photoshop Elements

Annotate, edit, and resize your photos

You can find and rotate Elements’ tools using the box on the right side of your screen. The crop tool covers the whole surface, the rotate tool in the center, and the box tools correspond to each area of the screen.

You can see more details in the tutorial.

How to rotate an image

Draw a line from the edge of the photo that you want to keep (denoted by the bottom and left marks). Draw another line from the center of the photo to the edge of the photo you want to keep. Press Spacebar and drag with the mouse.

You can also rotate the image by 90 degrees and start drawing with the left side of the photo.

How to resize an image

Snap the crop tool to the center of the photo, drag to resize it, and snap to the left side.

How to crop an image

Drag to set the position of your crop.

You can also crop from the sides:

1. Place the crop tool to the right edge of the photo and drag it to the left edge.

2. Place the crop tool to the bottom edge of the photo and drag it to the top edge.

How to save a new image

Double-click on the image to open it and save it.

How to navigate in Elements

The main window has a menu on the top right side of the screen.

To go to the new file page: File > New

To go to the edit page: Editor > Edit

To go to the image resize page: Image > Image Size

To go to the layers page: Layers > Layers

By clicking on each tab you can switch between the modes.

The menu options are:



Fill and stroke



Smart guides



New file

Image layout

Image size










Gradient fill






Art history

Plug-in store


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Image copyright AP Image caption One of the missiles landed just 100 yards away from the town’s hospital

North Korea says it has conducted a “perfect” test-firing of a powerful intercontinental ballistic missile.

The launch, from the country’s east coast, was carried out on the anniversary of the birth of the “eternal” leader, Kim Jong-un.

The North’s KCNA news agency said the “the Hwasong-14” missile had reached an altitude of 2,802km (1,735 miles).

The test follows a year of international condemnation over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes.

Pyongyang’s claim of a successful missile test has been previously disputed by international experts.

‘Perfect test’

While North Korea said it was ready to deploy the weapons in any part of the world, the BBC’s David Lee and Hyonhee Shin in Seoul say there is no reason to believe that it has mastered this type of missile.

North Korean KCNA said the test launch was carried out from Tongchang-ri on the north-east coast of the country.

Analysis A successful missile launch is a propaganda coup for the regime but most people say the test launch was of a relatively short-range missile that wouldn’t even get beyond the border with Japan. The regime is playing down the North’s recent progress in its missile and nuclear programmes but this latest test could be interpreted as a sign that Pyongyang is serious about securing leverage ahead of planned negotiations next year. The question is whether the world should believe the North’s desire for a deal is genuine. Time will tell, but given the regime’s obsession with the cult of its leader, it’s hard to believe Pyongyang is ready to end its nuclear programmes just yet.

There are no visible signs that the missile has been successfully recovered after its launch, with KCNA citing the North as saying the launch has hit its target in “a perfect manner”.

The launch took place on the 72nd birthday of Kim Jong-un and just a few months before the end of the year.

Meanwhile South Korean defence officials have told the BBC they are ready to support any military action to stop the North’s weapons programme, if Pyongyang decides to use its nuclear weapons.

The South Korean officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, also indicated that they would not be surprised if the North deployed nuclear weapons, making it clear that they are “ready for

What’s New in the?


Dynamically added input fields not showing value when button is pressed

I’m trying to set the text for a label when a user enters a value into an input field.
Basically I have a form and when each input is typed in a text box and a button is pressed.
The value is then sent to a php script to be stored in the db.
It works in chrome, but in edge it doesn’t seem to work.
Any ideas?
Here’s a jsfiddle, see the edit and delete button.

Rep name


This is because the focus is not working on Edge. To work around this, you can use document.activeElement to get the focused element. The activeElement will give you the element which is currently focused, regardless of where the focus is added. You can use this method of getting the focused element to detect if the button is clicked, if not it’ll work the same as with Chrome. You can find the working code snippet below.

var repList = document.getElementsByClassName(‘rep-list’)[0];
var deleteRep = document.getElementById(‘deleteRep’);
var addRep = document.getElementById(‘addRep’);
var addInput = document.getElementById(‘addRep’);
var editInput = document.getElementById(‘repname’);

var itemCount = repList.children.length;

var deleteBtn = document.getElementById

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