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* Photoshop CS4 provides faster manipulation than earlier versions because of its _HSL Technology,_ allowing editing to become much easier.

Table 12-1 provides some useful information about your Photoshop version, and I also list a few key features that aren’t available in earlier versions.

Table 12-1 Photoshop Versions and Features

Feature | Photoshop CS3 | Photoshop CS4

— | — | —

What’s New | You can drag | You can drag layers on top of one another to combine them

What’s Missing | No layer styles | The ability to resize the canvas (by modifying its size setting)

Note that the feature list at the end of this chapter also shows features that are available only in Photoshop CS4.

Photoshop has a steep learning curve. This chapter gives you an introduction to the techniques required to get started in Photoshop. No need to be intimidated — it’s not as hard as it may seem.

Exercises to help you understand and practice the basic concepts

The ability to quickly fix problems and deal with common issues is a significant part of being a power user of this type of software. That’s where exercises come in. You can practice most of what you learn from this book by using the exercise files that come with the book. The exercises range from fairly simple to more complex and cover most of the key areas of Photoshop. As you work through the exercises, you can examine your work to help you make improvements.

You can find all the exercise files for the book at `` (but please keep in mind that these files have been updated to reflect the latest release of Photoshop — which in this case is CS4).

Preparing Your Master File

Before you start working with Photoshop, you need to take the time to prepare your image file. The time you spend preparing the image for editing is often the most valuable time of your Photoshop experience. (You may find that, as you get more experienced and proficient, that time spent preparing the images you import is less, but, of course, it’s still valuable.)

In this exercise, you prepare an image called `example1.jpg` (the file is available at the website for this book), which has the following attributes:

* It’s a JPEG file type.
* It’s a regular size

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Adobe Photo-shop X3, the newest version is available for Windows OS. Why is it better than Adobe Photoshop?

This highly advanced version of Adobe Photoshop which is now renamed to Adobe Photoshop x3 is designed to provide work faster.

There are a lot of changes in Photoshop (CS3) and Adobe Photo-shop X3. Most of its attributes, features and functionalities have been maintained, expanded and enhanced and many have been removed from the previous version.

You will require Adobe Photoshop CC to run Photoshop x3 with all the essential functions and features, and a good collection of plug-ins that is essential for a graphic designer.

Adobe Photoshop X3 is mainly designed and developed to be both easy to use and very easy to learn. This new release of Photoshop has everything you need to edit images, manipulate images and change the look of photos.

This software has a variety of features such as face retouching, red-eye removal, image correction, background replacement, photo blend, blur, background erasure and many more.

Check out Photoshop X3 review and tutorial to learn more.


Artistic pictures of different subjects with high resolution and quality. You will get a lifetime subscription which allows you to use all the Photoshop CC features.


If you want to enhance your skills in photo editing and photo retouching, than you need to know the special software for editing your images.

The Digital Eye software is a Photoshop alternative to help you select from a spectrum of digital effects. You will learn about the latest technologies and techniques in photo manipulation.


This software includes amazing features for Photoshop editing. This software is perfect for professional photo editing.

Perfect for graphic designing software.


If you are a web designer and a programmer, this program is essential. It is also used for creating web pages and online applications.

It comes in two versions:

Internet/Windows (Web software)

Windows or Linux (Standard software).

LAYERZ $15.99

This software is used to convert old photos to black and white or sepia images. This software

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System Requirements:

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1 GB available hard drive space
Multimedia Class: Ultra HD/4K/HDR
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