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* **How the Eye, Brain, and Tools Work** **Figure 3-10:** The tools available in the Layers panel are the same as those found in any image-editing program. | — | — ## The Layers Panel Photoshop’s Layers panel (Figure 3-10) is organized into a series of pop-up menus that enable you to assign various functions to the tools you use, such as brush, vector, and channels. For example, with a brush, a shape is created only on the layer you select, in this case the _Purple_ layer, not in the background. With a vector tool, such as the Bezier tool (Bullet), the shape is drawn on the current layer and will remain there if you move the tool up or down in the Layers panel. If you select a new layer (Layer⇒New) and move it up in the Layers panel, a new layer appears in the stack and the previous layer is no longer selected. This is a better solution for working on a series of layers. Sometimes a dialog box appears when you begin to make changes in the Layers panel. For example, when you select a new layer, a dialog box appears that offers the opportunity to select a different name for the layer (choose Layer⇒Layer Properties) before choosing a layer type and color by clicking OK (Figure 3-11). **Figure 3-11:** Choose which type of layer, whether it’s transparent or regular, and its color in the Layers panel. | — | — ## Using Layers and Multiple Layers When you create an image in Photoshop, you may work on a single layer, or you may create several layers and apply different effects to each layer. This is particularly useful if you want to build an image slowly, layer by layer. To use layers, select the Layers panel, shown in Figure 3-12, and begin by choosing a new layer in the Layers panel, or clear a layer by clicking the Delete button. **Figure 3-12:** Choose a layer in the Layers panel to continue work. | — | — ## Cutting, copying, and pasting layers After you’ve created a series of layers, they’re often confusing.

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most expensive programs to buy. It can cost thousands of dollars. The following tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop for less and improve your skills at the same time. It will work in both the normal and desktop versions of Photoshop. All samples and screenshots in this tutorial have been taken with the following models: Keyboard shortcuts (comma stands for “Cut”, period is shortcut for “Paste”, bold is for “Select”, ctrl is shortcut for “Control”) Option ___________________________________ Command ___________________________________________________________________________ Image: _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | 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_________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________________________ | 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